Clicker Heroes: Rubies Earning Guide

This guide will help you to get the most rubies possible without spending any money!



You can get a rubie quest by using mercenaries which can get you over 25 rubies per quest! (if you have a high-level mercenary of course) but with the Christmas season, you can get the “Gift” quest, that can give you even more rubies!

Grinding the immortals.

With the new clan update, we can now defeat the “Immortals” I highly recommend this if you are in an active clan, you get more rubies the more higher the immortal level is. It isn’t easy, this is why you need an active clan to defeat the immortals together.


Every 10 minutes or so, a “fish” appears in your screen, clicking it can get you gold or rubies! The chance of getting a rubie out of that is kinda low. But we can use the “Revolc” ancient to have more chances of getting rubies!


That was every Rubie farming method i could find, here’s a code for 50 rubies. Might not be working at the time you see *open your setting menu, click the redeem button and paste it in*


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