Clustertruck: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide for getting 100% in Clustertruck, since all the other guides are very scattered in their helpfulness in my opinion.



Leader Of The Pack

Get the best time out of your friends on a level!

All you need to do for this is go to the workshop and get any random level that none of your friends have completed. Beat it and after beating it wait until the leaderboard pops up. Once the leaderboard appears your achievement should also pop.

Ghost Busters

Beat a ghost!

For this, you will want to go to any level and beat it. After doing that, go to the main menu and click on the leaderboards sections. From there, click on “Top”, then click on “Me” and select whatever level you beat beforehand. Now click on your name and click race ghost on the bottom right. Beat your ghost and the achievement is yours.


Aced 10 levels!

This only requires you to complete 10 levels (or the same level 10 times) on the first try. This does not need to be done in a row, or in the same session. To get it to work on the same level over and over, you need to restart the game in between each time completing the same level.

Truck Or Treat?

Beat the Halloween seasonal levels! (Secret)

This only requires beating all 10 Halloween levels. This is pretty self explanatory and won’t get any extra guidance.


Beat the game without using any abilities!

I personally would recommend doing this achievement from the get-go as to avoid having to play everything twice. This achievement actually has an exploit that makes it much easier than if you weren’t to use it.

The exploit is very simple. All you need to do is beat every world up to and including 9-9 without using any abilities, you can have them equipped if you want, but just be careful not to use them (clicking the ability buttons with nothing equipped will not effect the achievement). Once you’ve beaten everything up to and including 9-9, simply beat any workshop level without using any abilities and this achievement will be yours.

Naties Lieh

Beat the hell world!

This is the unarguably the hardest achievement in the game (unless you want to count Pure, which is normally combined with this achievement if you don’t use exploits), but this has an exploit, just like Pure, that can help you get it if you are having trouble (for the very final, and by far the hardest level in the game).

To do this exploit, all you need to do is do the first 9 levels of the final world normally. After those are done, start level 9 – 10. Do it normally by following the trucks until the boss slams his hand down so you can start to climb him. Once you’ve climbed him, jump on the button on his head. After jumping on the button, fall directly back where the button was so your body is directly above the button, on the cover it has over it now.

All you need to do from here is wait. The level is still playing in the background even though you died, and your body still has physics and collision with the world, including the button. After waiting for a short while, the button cover will go away again and your body will fall onto the button, and you will have beaten the final level according to the game. The credits will start rolling and your achievements will pop.

It’s Over

Beat the game!

Refer to Naties Lieh

Point Farm

All achievements in this section will assume you’re using this level as it is the best and fastest way to get these achievements.
Fully Loaded

Unlock all abilities!

Using the workshop level above, you can just idle until you have all the points necessary to buy every ability. This will require 530,000 points if doing this at the beginning of your journey with this game.

If you do this, you will also get Filthy Rich and Big Air.

Filthy Rich

Get 10 000 points in one level!

Refer to Fully Loaded

Big Air

10 second of air time!

Refer to Fully Loaded


These achievements will be earned naturally in a normal playthrough and won’t get any explanation. All levels contained within these are much, much easier than the levels in the final world, so try your best to enjoy yourself before you get to that point.

Deck the trucks!

Happy Holidays!

The Rude

Beat the desert world

King of The Forest

Beat the forest world!

Below Freezing

Beat the winter world!

Rave On

Beat the lazer world!

Old School

Beat the medieval world!

Raiders Of The Lost Truck

Beat the ancient world!

Truck To The Future

Beat the Sci-Fi world!

Rising Pressure

Beat the steampunk world!

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