COCOON: Achievement Guide 100%

A little guide for cosmic achievements.


1. Introduction

Hi everyone, in this guide I’ll try to help you unlock all the achievements of Cocoon. Even though they’re generally easy to unlock and you’ll probably get most of them by yourself during your playthrough, they’re all secret (and their description is not very “descriptive” anyway) so I thought it might be helpful to provide some details about where/how to unlock them.

2. General info

Basically, there are two types of achievements:

  • achievements for progressing through to the story of the game;
  • achievements for releasing the moon ancestors.

The former can’t be missed if you aim to finish the game, because you’ll unlock them just by progressing through the story. However, the latter can be missed because the game has little-to-none backtracking and it’s usually not possible to go back to previous areas. Don’t worry though, the game uses a checkpoint system that allows you to replay previous events at any time, so you can just load the desired checkpoint from the main menu or pause menu in case you’re missing something at the end of your playthrough.

That said, I decided to sort the achievements according to the time they are unlocked through the story. For convenience, I also indicated which checkpoint/percentage they’re unlocked at, so you can track your progress and load the correct checkpoint for any missing achievement. Finally, for the ancestor-related achievements, I also provided a screenshot to give you an idea of where to look.

3. Checkpoints 0% – 50%

Off the Beaten Path

Released a Moon Ancestor

14% — Right after getting to the top of the rock wall by using the lifter (that is, by grabbing its spherical end), there is a fork with one road to the left (behind the rocks) and one to the right going upward: the former leads to the moon ancestor.


A gift to guide you

16% — This achievement is unlocked by defeating the first boss of the game, therefore you can’t miss it. To hit the boss, you have to pull the explosive balloons out of the ground (their trails are visible) and then throw the balloons on the ground to detonate them.

Mariner’s Branch

Released a Moon Ancestor

24% — In the green world, right after lowering the column gate thanks to the activator (the little flying companion you free by solving the symbols puzzle, not sure it’s the correct name), you take an orange road that goes north. Behind the rock about halfway, there’s a hidden path that leads to a small area with two ladders: just take the one on the left to reach the moon ancestor. You can make things faster by loading the 25% checkpoint since it’s located right at the end of the aforementioned orange road.

Mesh Network

Released a Moon Ancestor

27% — Right after opening the large door, a floor button allows you to rotate an orange joint nearby. Instead of rotating it to continue north (joint facing west and north), rotate it again so that it is going south (joint facing west and south), this way you’ll go along a secondary path that leads to the moon ancestor.

Fundamental Changes

A choice in the matter

30% — This achievement is unlocked by defeating the second boss of the game, therefore you can’t miss it. To hit the boss, you have to grab an air balloon first, then you have to dodge the boss attacks and wait for the boss to be on the ground: at this point, hover on the boss and throw the balloon as soon as the boss’ coral shield breaks.

End of the Line

Released a Moon Ancestor

32% — At one point, you use the green orb to move a pile of stones along some platforms (with a brief stop in between) to overcome a gap. At the end of the gap, instead of proceeding along the upper path, use the green orb again (two more times) until you get to the lowest platform and access the lower area: the ancestor is located there.

Skin Deep

Released a Moon Ancestor

46% — In the area to the right of the closed gate, you have to activate the walker (the little 4-leg robot that follows you) by using the red orb. Rather than immediately going back to the gate, take the stairs heading south, where there is a clearing with two pressure tiles. Now, lead the walker over a tile, then remove its carried (red) orb to deactivate it (so that it stops, and keeps the tile pressed). To awaken the moon ancestor, just press the remaining tile yourself.

4. Checkpoints 51% – 100%

Different Destinations

Released a Moon Ancestor

52% — Immediately after crossing the bridge that is activated by the two walkers (it’s the second one you come across, if you also consider the one near the big door), go east: there is a hidden road behind the large helical structure, and the moon ancestor is located at the end of it.

From There to Here

It’s (almost) exactly the same

54% — This achievement is unlocked by defeating the third boss of the game, therefore you can’t miss it. To hit the boss, you have to wait for a “dandelion” to appear and then touch it, so that it releases a homing shot. The carried bulb allows you to teleport to the opposite side of the arena, so use it at your advantage.


Released a Moon Ancestor

63% — From the checkpoint (that is, the circular area with the three orb supports), take the southwest path (it’s the one that requires the red orb), and reach the lower area. Once there, go south to find a conduit and enter it: the moon ancestor is located in the small area at the end of it.

This Has Potential

Aim and fire

71% — This achievement is unlocked by defeating the fourth boss of the game, therefore you can’t miss it. To hit the boss, you need to trick the boss into hitting the “launch pad” which has an orange glow (just wait a few seconds if you don’t see any, and a launch pad will eventually start glowing): when the boss hits the glowing pad, the boss leg freezes and you can break it by flying against it (from another launch pad).


Released a Moon Ancestor

81% — At the area where you come across the third dimensional pad (starting from the checkpoint), there’s a short rock wall in the northeast direction, with a small breach in it: the breach takes to the moon ancestor but you need to solve a puzzle first, to awake the ancestor. The puzzle consists of hitting 4 black prisms in a specific order, by using the white orb: the correct sequence is suggested by (1) the sound made by each prism when hit and/or (2) the number of black floating stalagmites surrounding each prism. The correct sequence is “up > down > left > right”.

The Space Between the Stars

Released a Moon Ancestor

84% — In the red world, after activating the floating platform by using the white orb, you come to a vaguely symmetrical area with two low green pillars. Use the green orb to climb up the rock wall and you will eventually find the moon ancestor.

A Perspective on Things

Released a Moon Ancestor

86% — To overcome a gap and proceed west, you leave the white orb on a floating platform and use the large dimensional door to come up again to the red world, at the other side of the gap. After getting off the platform, instead of proceeding west, take the small road between the rocks to the north and you’ll find the moon ancestor.


From now unto the ages of ages

90% — This achievement is unlocked by finishing the last “round” of the battle against the fifth (gigantic) boss of the game, therefore you can’t miss it. At this point in the game, you probably already know how the battle works: you fire an energy ball that keeps moving between you and the boss, faster and faster each time it’s rejected, until one of the contenders misses the ball and gets hit. To defeat the boss, win this last round and you’re done.

Loophole Maneuvers

Released a Moon Ancestor

97% — After lowering the second column gate thanks to the activator (the little flying companion you free by solving the symbols puzzle, not sure it’s the correct name), you come to an area with a green pillar. There’s a pipe hidden behind the rocks to the north: insert the carried (green) orb into the pipe, then make your way back to the last dimensional pad and use it to exit the world. You’ll end up in the same world, at the end of the tube you insert the orb in, and now just go north to find the moon ancestor.

Cosmic Architect

The end is the beginning

100% — This achievement is unlocked by finishing the game, therefore you can’t miss it.

5. Conclusion

Thanks for reading this far, I really appreciate it!

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