Combots: How to play Control Points Effectively

This(surprise surprise) is a guide on how to play the control points mode. The only one so far.


Quick Notes Before we Start
Firstly, I want to mention that most of these tactics I haven’t tested due to most of them requiring coordinating teammates, which as we all know, are in short supply these days.

So if you’re playing with some friends, test some of these out and tell me how well they work and why so I can improve on them.

And I’ll explain some terms I use in the guide.
Spawnpoint: The point closest to a teams spawn.
Midpoint: The point in the middl(ish) area of the map.

Now let’s begin.

General Strategy
You’ll always want at least two control points at all times. The Midpoint is the one you should be fighting over, as the enemies Spawnpoint usually wont hold for long.

If you’re Spawnpoint is being capped than one of you’re lighter/faster classes(DRONE and GEAR) should go and check it out. If they die they’ll just respawn and finish the enemy so don’t try and help, focus on capping that Midpoint.

And always remember: you should be playing the objective. If you want to go for kills than play deathmatch.

At the start of the round, send a lighter class to cap the Spawinpoint, as they’ll be able to return to the Midfight quickly.

In the Midfight, don’t run straight to the point under enemy fire. You may be able to cap the point, but you’ll die soon after, you and your team won’t have the health needed to fight 3/4 bots. Instead, fight the enemy while gradually moving towards the point. If a single bots slips past your fire and starts capping, send that light class who was capping the Spawnpoint. If things go right you’ll have two points while the enemy only has one.

I don’t recommend trying to cap the enemies Spwanpoint unless they really can’t leftclick.

Defending the Midpoint/Techspheres
Defending the Midpoint can be pretty difficult. A smart team will use flanks and other tactics to make you’re life a living nightmare… okay I MAY be exaggerating just a little bit, but it is hard.

To make it easier, at least one of your teammates should have a Tesla because that thing heals QUICK. Just make sure it doesn’t get sniped. A Turret also works pretty well, along with Walls, which work best next to Teslas, and in the city to block flank routs.

A DRONE and/or an AXEL should be up above, alerting the team if a push is starting.

Overtaking the Midpoint
Firstly, A Tesla should be placed a close distance away from the point, so your team can retreat a minimal distance for health and return to the fight as soon as possible. try and keep an eye on it at all times so it doesn’t get destroyed by a flanking bot. If the enemy is being super aggressive then move it back a bit.

Now as far as fighting goes, destroy the Tesla quickly(If they have one). If they replace it than you know who has the Techsphere, and thus, who to focus. Once they’re destroyed you can proceed to fight the enemies there. Just be quick or else the Tesla carrier will return and replace it.

When the enemies are all destroyed, move the Tesla up to the point as soon as you start capping.

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