Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I. – Ghost Relic Locations

In this guide, I’ll show all the relic-locations from the ghosts. This guide contains many spoilers! Each relic has 2 possible spawn spots in the map. In case you are asking yourself why the item is at this specific location, you can use the comment section to ask about it or join us on the discord server. I do not want to force people to go through all the lore-parts in case they just want to see where the items are located!

Hope it can help you find the locations!

Happy relic hunting!


First Steps

To be able to find the relic, you need to have full evidence bars for the progress on the ghost. During gathering the evidence (audio and photo) you’ll notice a small window popping up on the left of your screen. There you can track your progress on the ghost. When you got a certain amount of audio and at least 1 picture, sometimes even 2, the relic will be unlocked. To get it in your map, you need to go back to the office shortly (so that the relic can spawn) and get back into it.

If you didn’t pick up the relic, it will give you emf 5 and emf data evidence during your investigation. It will only work as long as you didn’t pick it up. After you picked it up, it loses the ability. To get the relic to your museum, you’ll need to have the item in your inventory belt, on spot 1-5. It will be on display in your museum after you left the map with it in your inventory.

Evergreen Lane

Elizabeth Carter (The Skipping Child)

If you are looking for Liz’ relic, you should keep an eye open for crayons. The spawn points are both upstairs – either in the nursery in front of the bed next to the plushy rabbit or in the corner in the upstairs kitchen.

William Carter (The Shadowy Screamer)

The relic for William is a flask. You can find it either in front of the main door or in the basement in the backroom on a workbench close to paint cans.

The Poltergeist (Ghost in the kitchen)

Would you like some coffee? – should be in your mind while you are looking for the relic from the poltergeist on evergreen. It’s a coffee cup. You can either find it next to the sink in the downstairs kitchen or on the counter you’re facing when you’re coming from the living room at the entrance.

Robert Connor (G.I. Ghost)

Robert Connor has a small patch as his relic which is showing his military rank. Since he died by hanging, you can find his patch laying next to the cars in the garage where it could have happened. The first spawn point is next to the car in the entrance on the left, the 2nd possible spawn point is next to the 2nd entrance, next to the other car. If you’re standing behind the cars, it’s on their right side laying on the ground.

Polk Street

Harold Wagner (The perpetual presence)

We know a bit of Harold Wagner, but the fact that he was happily married was the most memorable fact about him. Based on his lore, his relic is his wedding ring. You can either find it in the kitchen next to the fridge or downstairs close to the gramophone.

Deborah Allen (Grieving Shadow)

Deborah was depressed and based on her notes in the pc, a danger for herself and other. Her relic can be found in the bathroom, close to the kitchen and the stairs leading to the basement. The razor blades are laying either on the edge of the bathtub or on the sink next to the toilet.

David Allen (Little Boy Blue)

Based on David’s lore, we know that he is very talented in art and sculpturing. His relic is a self-made boat he did during his childhood. The boat can either be found in the basement on the workbench or in his bedroom (the one closest to the bathroom) laying on the bed.

The Poltergeist (Ghost in the Garage)

The relic from the poltergeist on Polk Street is laying in the garage. It can be found laying in front of the garbage can next to the shelf on the ground or a bit further to the right laying next to the grill.

The Church on Spruce Street

Pastor Jacob Johnson (Lost Reverend)

The church is the spot to go when you are looking for the relic of the lost reverend, Jacob Johnson. His relic (a chalice) can be found in the back of the church at the altar or next to the book on the pulpit.

Alice and Timothy Williams (Woman in White) + (William’s Boy)

Alice and Timothy Williams share their relic spots. It doesn’t mean that they spawn both at the same spot in the same moment, tho. One of the spots is in the active area of timothy, the southwest area of the crypt. There is a huge statue close to the entrance on that side, there you’ll be able to find one of the spots. If you’re walking from the entrance at the mausoleum side, you can walk just straight forward, and you might find it quicker. In case the relics won’t be there, position yourself in front of the entrance at the mausoleum. You should have the angel statue on your left side. Turn right then, so that the statue is in your back, and follow the road. Follow it til almost the end of it, close to the southwest entrance of the crypt. There you’ll notice some gravestones, one of the graves seems to be forcefully opened and broken. On that grave is their 2nd possible spawn point. The relic from Timothy is a blanket, while the one for Alice is a doll. Even tho Alice and her son aren’t able to be seen in that position, the spot by the road is quite common for the relic spawn. My theory at this point is that this might be the grave from her son, while Alice is still trying to find him in the crypt.

John Ulrich (Mysterious Shadows)

The relic from the grave robber John Ulrich is at the graveyard in front of the church or next to your van. It’s the gun that got used to shot his son (seemingly), so keep your eyes open for a revolver. It is either in the middle of the graveyard, close to the back of it. You’ll notice 2 small spruce trees, almost growing like a cross. Down on the ground, you can find the gun. If it isn’t there, position yourself at the Segerstein house. Count the 3rd line of graves on your right side and you’ll notice one huge tombstone on your right. Walk in that line and you’ll see a gravestone which has the gun laying on its bottom line.

Pierre Lefebre (Angel of the Mausoleum)

Pierre is a fine gentleman. So ofc he is wearing a cylinder. His relic can be found in the beginning of the mausoleum, either next to his marble tomb or in the back of it at the wall next to the statue.

Ezra Segerstein (Mr. Segerstein)

The relic from Mr. Segerstein is his lantern, which he probably used while he was working on the church grounds. You can find his lantern either at this house on a dresser or outside his house at the porch.

Red Eyes (Red Eyes)

Since Red Eyes and Wintekowa are connected (you can tell by his voice lines), one of the possible spawn locations for red eyes’ relict (which is a staff) is at the summoning spot from the wintekowa. In case it isn’t there, follow the road (coming from the mausoleum side) on the left side (at the woods), follow it almost until the end of it. You’ll end up close to a lantern on your right side. Turn left there, and you’ll notice a small path which will lead you into the forest between the tombstones. On the small pathway is the 2nd possible spawn point for the staff.

Jefferson St.

Kathy DaFoe (Mother Homemaker)

Kathys relic is a small pendant. You can find it by entering the first bedroom on the right side, where it is laying next to the bed in front of the backpacks. In case that isn’t the spot, walk one room further in the other bedroom. There is the 2nd possible spawn point, next to the bed on the ground.

Rhonda DaFoe (Rhonda’s Shadow)

When you are entering the house, walk straight towards the backroom! Don’t get scared, the room might wait for you. 🙂 At the end of the bed you might find the planchette for an ouija-board which Rhonda supposedly used to summon a demon back then. In case you won’t find it in that position, go down the stairs, enter the basement, go in the room in front of you, turn right and there you’ll find another door. Open it and check on the floor. There you might be able to find it also, since I can imagine.. summoning a demon would also work quite well in the basement!

Barr Harbor Lighthouse

Douglas Murdoch (Mr. Murdoch)

In case you’re wondering what the Admiral used to get Douglas’ an early end: Keep an eye open for a rope! Since this is the relic from Mr. Douglas Murdoch. It can be upstairs in the keeper’s quarters in front of his bed or outside close to the shore at the railing behind the lighthouse next to a lantern.


Maybe you’ve heard of the slave George who was in duty to serve Douglas. His shackle can be found at the housings (or the cabins) in the woods at the west or in front of the keeper’s quaters where it is laying since Murdoch was beating him in front of the quarters.

Eli Hurley (Fleeting Shadow)

Eli Hurley found his tragic end in the lighthouse at a really young age. His relic, an old compass, has one of its spawn points on the highest level of the lighthouse or in one of the bedrooms in the Hurley house. Walk up the stairs, turn right when you’re at the end of it and enter the first bedroom on that side. It will be between the beds on the ground.

Deirdre Hurley (Deirdre Hurley)

Deirdre died during childbirth. Her relic is a clock, since she was watching the time passing by while she was slowly fading away. Her bedroom is upstairs on the opposite side from the stairwell on the right side. You can find the tiny clock on the chimney surrounded by lilies or next to the bed on a small bedside table.

The poltergeist (Ghost in the parlor)

The relic from the poltergeist on the lighthouse map is a book which can be found in the hurley house. It is either laying in front of a bookshelf or next to the tables in the same room. You can find the room when you’re entering the hurley’ house, turn immediately left and walk inside the room there.

Doctor Arthur Gideon (Dr. Bonesaw)

Dr. Bonesaw is the ghost that patrols in the barn on the lighthouse map. Before the barn was turned into a barn it was a field hospital where Dr. Bonesaw was working during the war. Since he was amputating limbs from his patients, his relic is a saw. You can find it by walking inside the barn and between the sheep and the pig, should it lay on the floor. In case you can’t find it there, walk to the back of the barn, there should be a pile of hay bales. Move a bit to the front and keep focused on the left side, in the corner of this passage is hay laying on the floor. Between this hay you should be able to find the 2nd possible spot.

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