Contagion: “Boomstick From Hell” Achievement Guide

This guide will explain the various steps needed to get this achievement, all the tools needed and where to get the “collectibles” to finally get your hands on the Boomstick from Hell. Let’s hop right into it!



You need to play Camp Whitner almost to its end for this, can be any difficulty with any lobby modification and it can be either solo or coop.

You’ll need a bunch of items to progress through the level just as if you were playing it normally, But make sure you hold onto a set of keys. You’ll need them to open 2 doors that are needed for this achievement.

Other than that just play through the level following the tasks: you’ll need a red keycard, then a blue one, bolt cutters and finally a fire extinguisher.


You need to gather a bunch of “collectibles”: 3 candles and a diary scattered around the camp in order to progress, just press ‘E’ on each of these and you’ll see them disappear. As you collect them, they will automatically re-appear on the table you can find in the main building, at the centre of the area you unlock after activating the generator.

Candle #1

The first candle is relatively close to the summoning table. In the tight corridor with 3 doors close to each other there will be a locked iron one.

Open it with your keys, but hold onto them, there’s another door you need the keys for. Once inside you’ll find the candle in the corner to your immediate left.

Candle #2

For the second candle, you’ll need to walk where the gate for the garage is, the one you’d reach if you were about to complete the level. To its left sits a pickup truck, and infront of it there’s a big inaccessible gate.

The candle will be sitting in its back. Hop onto the truck and grab it.

Candle #3

For this one you need to go all the way to the cabins after the red keycard door. In here, you need to move to the cabin at the opposite end of the generator following the road. It’ll have a cop car right infront of it.
Make your way through the room, the candle is inside the foot locker on the far right.


After making your way through the rest of the level, you’ll be tasked to eventually reach the roof and use the radio to call for help. After surviving a horde, you’ll get a message that will prompt you to reach the person at the attic who’s been helping you all this time.

This is where you’ll need the keys for the last time. Open the door after the guy closes it with the keys (it might take a bit for the prompt to pop up), kill the guy inside (which will give you the “It wasn’t an infection” achievement in case you didn’t have it already), and grab the diary from the couch.


After having done all of this, head back down to the summoning table, which now should look like this.

Hold ‘E’ at the centre of the table and you’ll get a “summoning” propt, at the end of which you’ll spawn the Boomstick you were looking for.

Congratulations! You’ve got your well deserved achievement!

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