Contraband Police: Achievement Guide 100% (Endless Mode Updated)

The Road to 100%

*This Guide is in date as of 5/28/23 and is subject to change as the Endless Mode update may change how certain Achievements are Obtained and could possibly add more Achievements.


Campaign Achievements

These Achievements are associated with the main campaign of the game. You will have to commit time for 2 full playthroughs of the game in order to get all of them therefore I highly recommend you focus these Achievements first.

Ready to Work

Complete the Tutorial
Steadfast and Long Live the Party

Both of these Achievements can be gotten together by siding with the Party for every single mission (If you do not side with the party for a single mission you will only get Long live the Party)
Revolutionary and Double Agent

Both Achievements can be gained together by siding with the rebels for every mission(if you do not side with the rebels for a single mission you will not get Double Agent)

Lose the game by having negative cash for 2 days straight this can only be done after the tutorial and the easiest way to do this is by killing all newcomers then sleeping on Day 6 and 7.
Not on my watch

Not on my watch 3 can be completed in 2 full play-throughs it is not possible to cheese as the game will save after completing a border post defense and progress is awarded after the save. There is 1 outpost attack in each chapter.

Interventions happen once per chapter but if needed they can be cheesed by reseting the day after receiving the money for an interventions as they do not save after completion like Story missions.

Main Achievements

These Achievements should be paired with the Campaign Achievements.Most of these Achievements are Specific requiring you to do certain task or adopt certain play styles.


This Achievement Requires you to let in 7 individuals that would usually be denied due to not having proper papers. Caution: These Individuals can be scared off by attacks on the outpost, Data listed can also be incorrect though from my testing the names are the same but the dates could possibly be random.
General rule to follow is that there will be one individual begging to be let it per chapter. (Excluding the Tutorial)
Pavel Zubkov – April 24
Jonas Volk – April 27
Julijus Zake – May 1
Orest Smitov – May 3
Tadeus Saar – May 8
Zeon Gajda – May 11
Andriej Wysocki – May 15

Secret Agent and Treasure Hunter

Find all 14 Secret Documents and 8 Treasures which are scattered around the map.
For a More In Depth Guide id recommend Consulting
Lego’s All KGP Files and Oberankov Cash
Credit to Lego


Requires you to destroy all 6 Road obstructions
I would Consult
Unstoppable Achievement
Credit to Marko Gaccio


Do not use the Document Inspector tool. Get used to not using the tool and use your own perception skills to sort documents. If you follow this you’ll most likely have the Achievement in a single play-through.

Everyone On Duty

Hire all officers (Best done on the same play-through that Treasure Hunter and Secret Agent was completed due to the extra income provided)

Perfect Border Post and Whiff of Luxury

Whiff of Luxury will be attained upon fully upgrading Lodging, You will need to fully upgrade the Prison and Warehouse to attain Perfect Border Post on top of this.

Armed to the Teeth

Requires you to buy all weapons, keep in mind that you need max rank before Vlad will sell you the Sniper Rifle which is the last unlockable weapon. (Including the Grenade and Excluding the Pistol)*This is known to glitch so you may have to buy the pistol as well)

Full Garage

Contraband Buster

If you need to cheese you can get a day where the first newcomer in a smuggler and reset the day after confiscating all the contraband in his vehicle as upon reset the first newcomer will always be a smuggler.

Dirty Cop

Can be cheesed by resetting the day after taking a bribe as the same smuggler will always offer a bribe after resetting.

Perfect Inspector

Achieve a Perfect grading on all inspections on a single day this is easiest to achieve on Day 6 *Tutorial days do not apply to this achievement*

Gift for two

Kill two enemies with a Grenade the easiest way to do this is to get ambushed and throw the Grenade as enemies spawn bunched up in a single area.


Id recommend to Buy Vodka and Cigarettes for below 20$ and Selling them for above 40$ to get these achievements as they are the most valuable items to trade.

Give me a Ride

Outside the outpost you can stand on the main roads to stop an NPC and hop into their vehicle as a passenger you will obtain the achievement once they start driving. *This is known the glitch*

No one Runs Away

Can be Cheesed by resetting a day with an escapee as the the smuggler will always be an escapee on that specific day

Mr. Cushy

You can only order a Police transport at Rank 3 and you can cheese the Achievement upon resetting the day after ordering a transport.

Background Achievements

These Achievements will be gained by playing the game normally and you will most likely attain them on the path to collect other achievements therefore I would advise not focusing on these at the start.

Guard of the Homeland

Guard of the Homeland 3 may not be completed after getting all of the other achievements to cheese this achievement you can just repeat the tutorial until you have completed 100 days.

You Shall Not Pass


At The Wheel

Use the Zaved to cheese this achievement as it is the fastest car when fully upgraded

Money is Money


First Investment

Labor Leader

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