Corruption of Champions II: “World’s Oldest Profession” Achievement Guide

This is a Tutorial to get the achievment World’s Oldest Profession



Hello peoples, Today we gonna tackle a new achievement,
we’re gonna talk about « World’s Oldest Profession » so far the third most rare achievement in the current build of the game, wich as i speak have a rate of only 0,6 % of obtention on steam, here what you need to know about it

Step 1 : Build the temple of Mallach

Without surprise it’s an achievement about prostituting yourself so you will need a Holy brothel of worship to do it, the temple will be unlocked when you finish Cait Storyline, to do so :

-play the story till you reach Oxanna Evergreen and learn about Cait’s Dad.

-Meet Cait’s dad in the Harvest valley.

-Talk to salwah in the frost hound to start the quest « Divine ♥♥♥♥♥ » and follow it.

In the end you will have the temple with an outcome if you have the Wayfort unlock, aswell as the ability to work yourself in the temple.

Step 2 : Pimp my butt !!

If you prostitute yourself in the temple you will notice than you get some terrible pay, like someting around 48 to 52, the whole achievement is about raising that number to the incredible pay of… 60… yay it seem not that much of a gap but it will require a lot of preparation.

See the prostitution in that game is a complex mechanic, i will not explain too you much in details how it work but we will check what we can do to raise that number, for this tutorial i will take the example of a female champion, do note than the achievement is also doable as a male or transgender.

Here what you can do to help it :

-Born Gift
At the beginning of the game is you choose a sexual perk who enhance your sexual skill you will get a point
example : perk like Stretchy, Buxom (fertility induce perk don’t work)

-God’s Born
If in your adventure you end up being a follower of a god and you see your apparance altered you will get a point
example : Kitsune

-Raising Presence
Every point put in presence will give a bonus, so it’s much easier to do that achievement on a charmer classes

-Transformative Items
Items who may give you a sexual perk work as well, for me i drink a lot of succubus milk to get the perk « lubricated ♥♥♥♥♥, bubble butt »
i found than the best place to get a lot of S.Milk in late game is inside the frost forest, you can encounter Imp,Goblin Succubus,Painted demon who can loot some

-Being a Bimbo
Being an Air head bimbo will give a big boost, for that you can drink honey from the bee queen or drink some bimbo brew, you will probably get some will hunting for S.milk

-Being Pure
After all that milk you have drink you may be pretty corrupt, and being corrupt loose point, so go spam the bed and uncorrupt yourself with Zo in the harvest Valley

-Drinking Alcool
What can make the difference is to drink an alcool who raise presence, like the « Lover’s Dry » at the frost hound or the « Vodka » from Rumie back in wayfort

Step 3 : Go for it

When you think you may be ready and than your champion is sexy enough, you can give it a try, go to mallach temple ask Salwha to work and you might get the achievement

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