Cortex Command: How to Unlock “These Guys Are Awesome” Achievement 2021

Are you tired of subscribing to 40 mods and not having any of them trigger that last achievement you need to get 100%? Well you’re in luck, at least for now. As of 20 minutes ago, someone found out how to make the game appear to have 5 mods downloaded in your Cortex Command game files. This might not work for very long, so try to get this achievement as soon as you see this guide, just in case it stops working in the near future!


Here’s all you need to do:

Make sure that Cortex Command is CLOSED.
Then head over to Steam, right-click on Cortex Command, hover your cursor over Manage, and click on “Browse local files”.
This image is here just in case you couldn’t understand the first set of instructions for some reason.

After that, you’re gonna wanna follow this path: Contents > Resources > Base.rte > Settings.ini
Do note that if you’re on Mac, before Contents you’ll have to right-click the Cortex Command game icon and click “Show Package Contents”, and then follow the path I set above.

Now that you’re here, open “Settings.ini” with any text editing software you like, on Windows use Notepad/Notepad++ and on Mac use TextEdit or whatever you want, it doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s a text editing tool like the aforementioned ones.

Open up Settings.ini and scroll down until you find “MusicVolume = x” where x is the volume of the music you set in-game, if you couldn’t already tell lmao. Make a new line right under that by literally just pressing Enter on your keyboard after the volume number, and copy-paste these exact lines.

SteamWorkshopMod = peepee
SteamWorkshopMod = peepoo
SteamWorkshopMod = poopee
SteamWorkshopMod = poopoo
SteamWorkshopMod = peepeepoopoo
SteamWorkshopMod = peepee1
SteamWorkshopMod = peepoo2
SteamWorkshopMod = poopee3
SteamWorkshopMod = poopoo4
SteamWorkshopMod = peepeepoopoo5

Just in case you need to see it in action, here you go:

Now that’s done, don’t forget to save the file’s changes before you close it, and launch Cortex Command.
Congrats, now you got that pesky achievement and can safely uninstall the game.

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