CosmicBreak Universal: Mission Rewards

The rewards available for completing missions


Scarlet Moon

3x – Kageuchi Ouraikiri
6x – Ouka Kamuro
15x – Ouka

Eve Awakens!

3x – R Trance Skirt
6x – Lily Eve-Chan
15x – EVE Promotion Alpha

The Archer and the Princess

3x – Elisalotte’s Tiara
6x – Melfi-Chan
15x – Eliza-Chan

Beach Survival!

3x – Goldfish S
6x – Goldfish L
15x – Crim SWIM

Gigandroff’s Finale!

3x – Baller Cap
6x – Cannonballer HL
15x – Jumbo Cannon Baller

Rouche’s Lecture

3x – Rouche Alpha
6x – Baltheon Gold
15x – Rouche-Chan

Missing Freshman

3x – Misty Hollow
6x – Misty Scythe R
15x – Misty-Chan

Scarlet Moon!

3x – Petit Ouraikiri
6x – Dayu’s Hair Ornament
15x – School Ouka Kamuro

Battle of Volcanics

3x – Volca Sword Wing
6x – Volcanics HD
15x – Sol Volca Wing R

VS Nipako – Nipper Fist Fight

3x – Nipako Cannon Baller
6x – Nipako Destructor
15x – Nipako

Girl Without A Name

3x – Hanna-Chan
6x – Lisel-Chan
15x – 131 Promotion

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