Country Bumpkin Yutaka: DLC Endings Guide

Guide for various endings of Country Bumpkin Yutaka’s DLC



The game is split into 3 stages, differ by Yutaka’s growth.

Stage 1
– Not many choice here. Only stat that matter now is boyish
– If you end the stage with low boyish you will start Stage 2 as girlish form
else you will start stage 2 as boyish form.
– Only different between girlish and boyish form is starting boyish stat value (20 for girl, 60 for boy)
– Be sure to grab at least 1 old coin in this stage.
– Below is hide and seek location if anyone care.


Stage 2
Split save before advance 2nd phase.
– You can collect CGs in this stage. Also, your status at the end of the day will determine which route you will take. (The day end when talking with MC in front of your house)
[Optional] Collect 10 Old Coins and trade them with grandma to unlock cheat/CGs room and use items inside to adjust status as you want.

– 1st choice : if choose Ultimate Sex Bible. It will replace normal and boyish route with slut route.
– 2nd choice : if MC’s friend stat > 80, you will have option to select “I like you too” to become MC’s gf and get “true ending” of that route.

Routes & Endings

There’re total of 6 routes and 13 endings. Each route have 2 endings depend on if you become MC’s girlfriend or not. Pure Route have 3rd ending if Yutaka answer “There’s someone else”

1. Gloomy Route ( Boyish ANY, Cheerful < 20, Town’s Friend < 20)
2. Normal Route ( Boyish 20 – 80, Cheerful 20 – 60, Town’s Friend 20 – 60)
3. Boyish Route ( Boyish > 80, Cheerful > 60, Town’s Friend > 60)
4. Pure Route ( Boyish < 20, Cheerful > 60, Town’s Friend > 60)
5. Brat Route ( Boyish 20 – 80, Cheerful 20 – 60, Town’s Friend < 20)
6. Slut Route ( Boyish > 20, Cheerful > 20, Town’s Friend > 60)

Here’s the list of ending name and my short synopsis if you don’t want to go through them all

1. Gloomy
Validation from Impregnation
Gloomy girl Blackmail Mind break
2. Gloomy (GF)
Aya Approves! An Innocent Couple
Teenager dating
3. Normal
To Be Continued in Country Bumpkin Yutaka!
Canon route in main game
4. Normal (GF)
To Be Continued in Country Bumpkin Yutaka!
Same as normal ending just with extra text how it not work out.
5. Boyish
Friends Aplenty
Tomboy girl and the whole village
6. Boyish (GF)
Busty Happiness
Tomboy gf
7. Pure
Pure and Friendly
Responsible girl
8. Pure (GF)
A Responsible Relationship
Responsible gf
9. Pure (“Someone else”)
My Friend is Nowhere to be Found
Corrupted + (light?) NTR
10. Brat
Broken, Pregnant ♥♥♥♥♥
Brat Blackmailed Mind break
11. Brat (GF)
Happiness for Two
Cheeky tsundere gf
12. Slut
Full-Power Slut
Thirsty slut
13. Slut (GF)
Slut in Love
Thirsty girl with her bf

Old Coin

– There are total of 11 Old Coins. 2 in first stage and 9 in second stage. (If you miss both coins in the first stage, it will disappear and you won’t be able to unlock CGs room.)
– After trading 10 Old Coins with any item from grandma, you will be able to enter cheat/CGs room.

Stage 1

1. Right map, Upper left
2. Left map, Lower left

Stage 2

3. In Yutaka’s house
4. Forest behind Yutaka’s house
5. In bathhouse
6. Right map, Upper left

7. Left map, In the shed
8. Left map, In the hideout
9. In MC’s house
10. Left map, Lower left

11. Left map, Topmost house
12. Cheat/CGs room.


Info in this guide is taken from some folk at f95 (which in turn taken from someone in official discord).
So, thanks you to all of you informants and you that read my guide till the end.

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