Crab Champions: Hidden Random Chests Guide

Some of you may notice random chests on occasion while playing this game, which gives you one random loot item. This guide will showcase all known locations in Crab Champions!



Some of you may have noticed while playing the game that you just stumble across some random chest in one of the many islands. This random chest has a small chance of appearing in a variety of islands in obscure locations, and only one player can claim it. When opened, it gives you a single
item. This guide aims to compile all of these locations into one convenient guide so that next time you play, you might find one of these spawn and give you a little extra advantage!

NOTE: As previously stated, these have a small chance of spawning in set locations on each island. You will not always find a random chest on each island, so keep your eyes peeled, and you might get lucky!

ALSO: You do not need any movement modifiers to be able to reach any of these chests. While they may help, they are not required. I had nothing that affected movement while writing this guide

Shop – Tony’s Garden

This one is easy – it randomly spawns in Tony’s garden in the shop!

Tropical Island – Open Arena

This chest can be found in one of the bush bundles near the center of the island

Ice Island – Enclosed Arena

This one’s another easy one – it randomly spawns right in the open somewhere off to one side

Ice Island – 4 Pillared Arena

This one may be tough to spot, and is even tougher to get to. It’s not that hard to reach, it’s more so actually finding a spot to climb in order to get to it. For this one, i’ll show you how i got it

Where i’m shooting at, is where you wanna start climbing. It should be opposite to where the chest spawns. It’s a bit finicky, but once you get up there, you should be able to scale the wall and reach the top of the edge. From there, it’s just circling around the perimeter until you get to the pillar with the chest. Then climb that and you should be able to get it!

Ice Island – Open Mountainous Arena

This one’s a tricky one, and requires a bit of parkour to reach. I’ll do my best to explain how to reach this location in the following screenshots:

First, you wanna move over to this side of the map and note this specific area. I climbed up on this rock step-by-step. You may need to hug the right a little bit as you climb

Once you get up here, jump on this ledge

You should now be facing this big ol’ rock. This may be a bit tricky to climb up, but you essentially wanna hug the right side of this rock for the extra platforms

Once you’re here, you’re just a double-jump away from reaching the top!

Now once you’re here, just jump right onto that area there, and you should now be able to claim your free chest!

Ice Island – Open Circular Arena

This one’s hard to spot from the ground, and you gotta look for it to see if it’s there. I’ll show you an easy way to get there

First, get on these crystals on this side of the island so you can get on the rocks there

Once you’re up here, you wanna jump on that ledge there

Now you’re just a double-jump away to getting on top

Enjoy your free chest!

Ice Island – Bowl Arena

This one’s both easy to spot and easy to get to. Directly to the left of the chest, you can climb on the rocks to reach it!

Lava Island – Small Arena

This one’s easy to get to, but may be easy to miss

You can easily reach it by climbing up on this side of the rock, then going across the flat top


And that hopefully should be it! Note that this list is not final and may change with each update as new islands are added (or altered). Additionally, finding these locations is a time-consuming and very rng-based endeavor, simply because you never know whether a chest can appear on an island somewhere until you see it. Because of this, there may be random chest locations that are not shown on this guide

If you happen to find any, please let me know so i can keep on the look-out for them in my future runs! I want to avoid posting new locations until i can get proof that a random chest does indeed spawn in a location. This, unfortunately, means that this is a slow and grindy process, but i think it’s worth it for everyone who likes to explore the islands and get something out of it! Hopefully y’all find this guide interesting, and i hope y’all have a great day! 🙂

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