Crypt of the Serpent King: Tips and Tricks

This guide will teach you some movement mechanics and fighting mechanics to easily beat the game 🙂



The movement for this game is very simple, i personally recommend changing the bindings for the game in the boot-up menu.

I change jump to right click and activate to “F

Now you are loaded into the game, WASD are to move around, but to move through levels faster, you simply want to press W and either A or D while turned at a 45 degree angle. this will make you move a little bit faster as you are utilizing the forward and sideways movement.

Don’t be ashamed to look down a little as you jump the gaps to the keys, i do recommend using the sideways movement at all times to assure making these jumps.

Enemy patterns

The enemy in this game are fairly simple but all work slightly different.

For every enemy you want to find the distance you have to be for them to attack and to simply remember that for each enemy type.

To utilize this, you will run up to an enemy, just close enough for them to attack, than run backwards and forward to dodge the attack and get your own hit in.

You can also swing your weapon at the enemy to force them to attack, i wouldn’t suggest this strategy unless you have better attack speed on the later floors.

You can also if you time it right hit the enemy in the upper half, and move the mouse down slightly to hit them again with the second swing. This is easier achieved before floor 3.


All weapons are fine, besides the bows. I highly suggest saving gold for the better melee weapons and ignoring the crossbow and bow in general.

I say this because the bows are slow to use, and not that strong in general.

When opening a chest where you may really need gold, or food (not applicable in hardcore) but you have a bow, it can just spawn arrows. even when holding the max arrows they can still spawn.

I recommend using the hatchet until you can buy the halberd, or just the sword.

loot and perks

Loot is simply found in the chests around each level. If you are playing casually i suggest opening every chest you find and taking the loot, dont eat if you are already in the 80/90’s.

If you are speedrunning, depending on the category i would skip chests in general.

Perks are a play how you want part of the game, but it is suggested to play a glass cannon strategy, just dont get hit and dump points into damage buff, than speed buff. This will just make it easier to kill things as the levels go on, and to get around quicker.

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