Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils – All Artifacts Guide

Having some difficulty with the game? Having a lot of difficulty with the game? Want an item that can help you without disappearing after being used once? Here’s how to find them.



You might have noticed the overworld map has an area above Belle’s house that you can visit, where there are different items that will be unlocked once you’ve done certain actions, some of which are easier to obtain than others, and some of which have quest paths that overlap.

WARNING: There are slight spoilers ahead.

Mourn Suit

“Aid a child of Mournless to recieve her gift.”

Let’s start with an easy one, the Mourn Suit. This item allows you to run normally underwater, stops you from dropping coins when you die, and allows you to do a really high jump, even while you’re still in mid-air after jumping once.

The child of Mournless in question is Kailani, who can be found in 2-4:

Once you’ve rescued her, she’ll appear in Grevenfel on the lower floor.

Talk to her, then leave the area and come back. There should now be a message from her in the mailbox. Go and talk to her again and she’ll ask you to find her some drums. If you’ve been looking around, you’ll know that there’s a shop nearby where you can buy the drum set from. You might need to save up for it.

After you’ve bought it, talk to Kailani again and that should unlock the Mourn Suit.

Forge Armor

“Assist a son of Cradleforge in their craft to recieve her gift.”

This item will protect you from damage in exchange for 100 coins, and also lets you charge through enemies and blocks really fast (though you’ll have to be careful not to fall into anything).

To unlock it, you’ll need to have rescued Coal (we’ll get to that soon) and defeated the second boss of World 3. After doing that, talk to Elinore, and she’ll tell you to go and see Trenton in Grevenfel. So do that, and you’ll have to complete a special stage to find some ore. There’s a lot of platforming to do at the start of this one, but it can easily be cheesed with other items.

After that, go to a mailbox for a letter to read, and then talk to Trenton again. Then go to Elinore and she’ll tell you that the sword is for Genevive, so go and talk to her. Then go and see Elinore one more time, and that should unlock the armor.

Hearth Boots

“Try to aid a wild daughter of Hearthlove to recieve her gift.”

This item allows you to run faster, and to easily make long jumps. You’ll need to have freed Coal first in order for this quest to be available (that will be covered next).

When you’ve completed World 3, you can visit the Hearthinn, where you’ll meet Genevive upstairs (she also has a chance of showing up at the bridge which, yes, you can visit). Talk to her until she mentions wanting to become a Knight. She’ll ask you to talk to Coal, so go and do that.

After that, talk to Genevive again. Leave and come back (or go to a different area), and there should be a new letter in the mailbox. Then talk to Sariah and do a special stage. After that, go to a mailbox again and read the letter, and that should unlock the boots.

Oath Wrap

“Earn the approval of a daughter of Oathbind to recieve her gift.”

This item has a chance of healing you when defeating enemies by sliding into them.

The daughter of Oathbind in question is Coal, who can be found in 1-4. As mentioned above, you’ll need to find her to open other quests.

After freeing Coal, you can talk to her at Grevenfel on the upper level, in the building at the right. She’ll eventually tell you that in order to earn her approval, you’ll need approvals from 3 other Knights.

You’ll have to talk to Trenton, Lyle, and Barax, who can all be found throughout Grevenfel, and not too far from each other. Trenton and Lyle will involve you going back and forth between them and Coal before they tell you to earn 10 Target and Speed medals respectively (Lyle will say 5 at first, but then change it to 10 once you’ve gotten 5).

Below is an example of what one of the Target medal rooms looks like:

For Barax, he’ll ask you to talk to at least 3 NPCs for dating advice. You’re not limited to Grevenfel; you can ask people anywhere that’s available on the map. When you’ve done that, talk to Barax again. Leave the area and then find a mailbox for a letter from him. Go and talk to him once more and you’ll be given a special stage to complete (I would recommend using the Mourn Suit for this one). You should get another letter from Barax after this.

After you’ve done all 3 of the Knight’s quests, talk to Coal again and she’ll ask you to find an Oath Blade. Chances are you’ve already found one at this point, but if not, there are other guides that can help with that. This should get you her approval, and unlock the Oath Wrap.

Gaze Ring

“Aid a daughter of Blindgaze to see the stars to recieve her gift.”

The Gaze Ring is another easy item to get, but you’ll need to have made it through most of World 4 first. It allows you to see through most fake walls when you get near enough to them, helping you find hidden areas more easily.

To get it, you’ll need to find Astrid in 4-4:

After that, you can find her at the campsite, where she’ll talk about wanting to build an observatory, and ask for money. So you’ll have to go and get enough coins to pay her, and do it a few more times until the observatory is built (no, you can’t go inside). Once it’s completed, the ring should be available to use.


“For me to be found we must both be lost.”

The scythe lets you play as Bonnie, although there is a much more lengthy quest involved if you want to start a new save file with Bonnie, or play as her in Arcade Mode. But here, we’ll just cover how to unlock the Scythe and ability to play as her for the current save file.

To unlock this item, you need to defeat the last boss of World 5. After the credits, load your save file, go to any area and read the letter in the mailbox. Then go to the Hearthinn and go upstairs into the third room and talk to Bonnie. Then go and talk to Sariah and you’ll have a special stage to complete to find Bonnie’s locket. This is probably the most difficult special stage yet. Talk to Bonnie again after this, and then leave and read another letter. The Scythe should now be unlocked.

Lore Book

“Aid a son of Lorebright to earn her gift.”

The Lore Book will translate ancient texts, and also functions as a glider.

The way to unkock it is quite straightforward. All you have to do is find all the Lore Tomes, then talk to Jess at the library in Grevenfel. The locations of the Lore Tomes are covered in other guides.

Golden Bandage

“Learn of the one who seeks blooms to earn Armadel’s gift.”

This item is one of the easier ones to get, but you’re required to have unlocked World 5 first. It will allow you to heal at any time for 100 coins, which can be useful against bosses.

When you arrive through the portal, there’s an NPC to the left of it named Fione. She’ll stand out from the others as the only one there not wearing a hood. Talk to her until she decides to leave through the portal.

Fione will appear in several more areas. These are, in order, are: Hearthinn, Bridge, Campsite, Grevenfel (you’ll need to jump really high), School, Elinore’s shop, and Belle’s house. After talking to her in all these places, the Golden Bandage should be available to use.

Grave Mask

“Aid an outcast to recieve Colorgrave’s gift.”

This item is probably the hardest or second hardest to get, as it requires a load of steps. You will have had to have freed Coal for this, but that doesn’t have to be the very first thing you do.

In Grevenfel, go and talk to Yana until she mentions her birthday. Then talk to Ema and let her play with Chime, then win the dodgeball minigame.

For the next step, you’ll need to have defeated the second boss of World 3, and freed Coal if you haven’t already. The next time you visit a mailbox after this, there will be a letter. Go and talk to Claire (she’ll be in Grevenfel or the Hearthinn depending on if you’ve completed another quest or not), and she’ll ask you to find her honey and milk.

For the milk, just talk to Sariah. For the honey, talk to Elinore, and you’ll have a special stage to complete, the first part of which has an auto-scrolling section. Go and see Claire again, and then talk to Barax. Leave the area and read the letter in the mailbox. Then go to the Hearthinn for a cutscene. After that, read the new letter in the mailbox and the Grave Mask should be unlocked.

Spark Bangle

“Completion’s gift.”

There is one more artifact that is found elsewhere. It’s the Spark Bangle, which allows you to make really fast and long jumps, useful for speedruns and getting across areas really quickly.

To find it, you’ll need to buy Elinore’s key and use it to access the locked room at the back of the school.

The way to get it is very straightforward: You need a save file with 100%. That’s all Oath Blades, Lore Tomes, Roses, and all Medals. Every single one. The reward is worth it, though, because this item is the only one that’s automatically unlocked on all save files once you’ve achieved it.

Other items of note

There are two more items that are readily available for you to use once you’ve gained access to the areas they’re found in. They are the Cursed Skull, and the Stopwatch.

The Cursed Skull is available at Elinore’s shop in World 1, for 1 coin. It does exactly as she tells: tripling the amount of coins you collect in a level, but turning all damage into one-hit kills. It’s useful for if you want to earn coins faster, or would like to challenge yourself.

The Stopwatch can be found at the School in World 2, and is free to use. It temporaily stops the timer of levels whenever you defeat an enemy, which is useful when trying to get Speed medals, and can also freeze you for 100 coins, making you immune to attacks even while mid-jump.


Hopefully this guide helped you to unlock any items you were having trouble figuring out how to unlock. If you’re really struggling with some of the steps, a few of these items are available to unlock with cactus codes after you’ve completed World 5, but those are covered in a different guide.

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