Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow – Achievement Guide 100%

A quick guide for those who may have missed an achievement or two on the initial play through.

Covers all 12 achievements, what they are, and how to get them while trying to keep spoilers to a minimum.


Guide Overview

– – – First off, I would highly recommend playing through the game on your own prior to checking out the rest of the guide. There is a chapter select which makes going back for anything you missed super easy. – – –

The purpose of this guide is to quickly highlight what each of the 12 achievements in this game are, as well as what to do to unlock them. I didn’t find anything online so hopefully this will help someone for those that may have missed one or two!

P.S – This is only my 2nd steam guide ever – feedback welcome!

With that – Here we go!

Story Related (unmissable)

7 out of the 12 achievements are story related – and as far as i can tell are unmissable.

To minimize spoilers, i will list those here w/o any other explanation other than the achievement descriptions that unlock when each is earned. I’ve also marked the images as spoilers just in case those who want to skip this section:

Collectibles & Actions (missable)

There are two additional types of achievements in this game:


  • Secret Chests / Outfits: There is a secret chest that contains a new skin/outfit for Cynthia on each level. There are two achievements related to this:
    • This achievement simply requires you to find all 5. They are all relatively easy to find, just take your time and explore each pathway for the less linear parts. There are very few if any spots in the game that lock you out and make it so that you cant go back to an unexplored area.
    • This one simply requires you to change Cynthia’s skin/outfit in the pause menu. There are a few areas where this isn’t possible – like when crouching, climbing, and other animations. Simply get to a spot where the character is standing up and still if you get an error when trying to switch.
  • Journal Entries: There are also hidden journal entries which help build the story located around the world. These are always located at the tents seen around the level but are not required for an achievement

The rest of the achievements are earned by completing specific actions in game.

  • As the description states – simply running away from the AI should net you this achievement. I managed to do this by accident when using the animal mastery / bird distraction skill for the first time. This would be in the 3rd level i believe. This may be trickier as they can & will 1 shot you once spotted.
  • There are several cats around the world and in several levels. Simply walking up to one and interacting with it (X on controller) to pet it will net you this feline favorite.
  • Lastly, and probably the most “difficult” achievement to get is hitting 20 of the targets that are scattered around the world. There are way more than you need, so dont worry if you miss a few along the way. I counted at least 35 on my play through and you only need 20 to earn the achievement.

    It’s worth noting – I don’t know how the counters work through multiple playthroughs or how it works if you use chapter select. If anyone earns this over multiple sessions or in a chapter select, let us know in the comments!

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