Darkwood: Boss Barricading for Babies Guide

The best fool proof barricading methods for every hideout, complete with screenshots and annotation. Blocking enemy pathing with the unbreakable, unmovable furniture barricades for those who want to keep their peachy meats intact.



There comes a point when you’ve shid  the bed enough times when you realise you can’t handle Darkwood at night. So through lots of palpitations, love and bed linen I have devised the most fool proof barricading method for each base.

Complete with crappy annotation because sometimes you just want a nice secure, lit base to come back to after a long day of stepping in bear traps.

Remember with all hideouts, the key is to stay quiet – don’t move, and don’t let any light leak out to the outside. Always keep flares and bear traps in your hot bars at night for safety. Also please test your barricades, keep running and pushing into them at different angles to make sure nothing moves. If you can push the barricades out of the way then so can the monsters.

Also, chairs are your best friend, they catch on door frames and entrances, use them, they are unbreakable like lamps and crates.


Dry Meadow Hideout

This is probably overkill – but I’m a baby so this is my set up.

You don’t have to barricade all the doors leading out to the well, since you might want to respond quickly to the “knocks” for the Wedding invite and other goodies.

What I do want to point out is that the wardrobe and light placement is pivotal for keeping light from attracting attention. The light wedged up next to the wardrobe casts a shadow over the window on the other side. Keeping it dark 🙂

Silent Forest Hideout

This hideout was the one which really gave me the most grief as I always left one door without any barricading furniture, completely forgetting about the non destructible furniture in the generator area / garage *facepalm.

Drag the large sofa and the small container from the garage, and along with the other barricade on the other side your doors are now COMPLETELY impenetrable.

If you’re feeling extra infant you can put a bear trap in the gap between the edge of the large sofa and the wall.

One thing I haven’t really gone into, but don’t be afraid of shadowy areas anywhere in your hideout. Remember the oven gas keeps you safe, and you can ambush enemies using this to your advantage because they can’t spot you straight away.

If something does break in through the windows from lack of bear traps, hide in the shadows, then pounce!

Old Woods Hideout (Set Up 1 – With Workbench)

This is my favourite one, I struggled with the hideout for ages until I was reading up on how else to barricade up with furniture dragged from other locations, and found that you can drag ALL SIX crates from the Wolfman’s hideout!

Click this link to see how you can tease the last three crates out, thanks to Reddit user CumboJumbo for this:

It’s a bit finicky, and takes a bit of time but in baby’s opinion, totally worth doing – sucks all the fun out of it like all this sort of barricading, but do you want clean sheets in the morning?

Top Tip: Set the Old Woods hideout up before you officially move in, takes a few days but then you’re not overwhelmed by all the set up.

You will be UNTOUCHABLE, the pair of crates in the gap to the outside are a bit of a pain to manoeuvre at an angle, so as to get stuck in the hallway similarly like the crate and chair on the opposite side nearest the destroyed generator/oven room. Chairs are your best friend in this game, they catch on door frames and get stuck NICE.

Lol how do you get out in the morning? Anything you push out your way you have to put back later on, personally I like going down the hallway towards the rug. To get out down the hallway my preferred way, the door barricaded with the chair and crate you have to jank around with as it only opens outwardly and you have the crate and chair pulled up against it.

Keep your direction held left whilst opening the door and you glitch through the door to the rest of the hallway. Bit nasty I know but works a treat.

If you want to be really crafty – why not? Place a bear trap inside the window closest to your hidey room and then slide the two crates back over the top. IF the monsters manage to get past the first pair of bear traps outside, they’ll fall in through the window, push the crates apart and get stuck in yet another trap, enclosed within the 5 furni obstacle, giving you more time to prepare yourself if you get really unlucky – but this is a highly unlikely scenario, it’s just in case you’re one of those embryos like me who likes to double up your diapers.

I’d aim to get back at around 6pm each day since you probably had to move some furni around to get out, so you’ll need to put them back in position.

Old Woods Hideout (Set Up 2 Easier Alternative – Without Workbench)

So my preference would be to have access to my workbench so you can craft some stuff whilst enjoying the horrifying soundscape and chompers garbling and stomping around in the dark.

But, if you don’t care about the workbench and are low on bear traps / can’t be bothered with them or the first set up then this is for you!

Sorry you still need all the crates from the Wolfman’s hideout.

You can also drag tables/wardrobes into this section if you like in the room with optional barricading. You could also barricade the south window but it’s up to you, I like not to because this is the only hideout set up where you can put two little chubby fingers up at the windows since there are no access points from them.

This set up is far easier than the first one, and the monsters literally will be stuck pushing against unbreakable, impenetrable crate+chairs blockades. Please pay special attention to the chairs and their orientation, you can always test the barricades yourself by running/pushing at them from various angles. I strongly advise you always do this!

There’s also no doors to worry about in this set up as you’ve blocked the door entries with crates. To get out, pull the small wardrobe back into the little room you see the stranger standing in, and push the crate down and you’re out! Just do the reverse to barricade yourself in at night, untoouuchhaaabblleeee.

I just want to add quickly that If you’re feeling creative and have already dragged the crates from the Wolfman’s hideout, feel free to experiment! You can block up most areas effectively with them.

Swamp Hideout

Yes, I stupidly didn’t screenshot my last play through before getting to the epilogue, but you’ll get the swing of it if you’ve been using chairs as the god blockades they are!

A really big point I want to make is that you really need that big wardrobe in there and lamp placed just so, you’re counting on the wardrobe throwing that shadow to keep the other window in the dark.

This hideout you also really NEED bear traps to keep yourself safe, as all the other hideouts if you’re feeling full foetus you can barricade other doors and windows to fool the monsters and keep them away.

This barricading set up means your only access to and from this room is vaulting out of the window opposite the floor container, close to where the horrible eye things are. So just remember to deactivate the bear traps and set them up again when coming and going.

It’s great you can set bear traps on the outside when you’re on the inside!

I’d also use bear traps around the table in the oven room – monsters are extra hostile here and they’ll just break it for fun sometimes 🙁 Also use two bear traps around the chairs to the room open to the elements, just in case!

Also very important: ALWAYS THROW A GLASS BOTTLE DOWN WHERE YOU ARE STANDING, and those centipedes  are no bother, they die instantly.

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