DARQ: How to Get “Off Camera” Achievement

Here is the Easiest way to get “Off Camera” achievement in DARQ.



“Solve the rotating camera puzzle before the camera completes the first rotation.”

How to do it (legit)

  • Forget the analog stick
    Use your controller D-Pad or the WASD keys on your keyboard.
  • Focus
    Don’t look at the screen, and turn the volume down (or even mute it completely).
  • If you mess up, wait until you die
    Otherwise you’ll have to restart the whole level.

Now that you’re ready, quickly press:

  • DOWN
  • RIGHT x3
  • DOWN
  • RIGHT x7
  • DOWN
  • RIGHT x3
  • UP
  • RIGHT x3
  • DOWN
  • RIGHT x2
  • DOWN
  • LEFT x7
  • DOWN
  • RIGHT x5
  • DOWN

How to do it (using a macro)

This is definitely not the most rewarding way of getting the achievement.
Only use this method if you’re as old and/or lazy as I am.

  • Install AutoHotkey[www.autohotkey.com]
  • Right-click on your desktop > New > AutoHotkey Script
  • Right-click on the script -> Edit script
  • Replace everything with:
        SetKeyDelay 200, 10
        Send S{D 3}S{D 7}S{D 3}W{D 3}S{D 2}S{A 7}S{D 5}S
  • Save the file & double-click it
  • Back to DARQ, activate the puzzle… and just press F5

How to do it (Extra Lazy Edition™)

  • Download & run this[drive.google.com]
  • Back to DARQ, activate the puzzle & press F5

By Zed-K

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