DCS World Steam Edition: F-15C Xbox Controller for Newbies


simple/easy non-messy controls to get yourself started and in the air with a xbox controller if you don’t want to spend the money on a HOTAS yet but Keyboard and Mouse isn’t the way to fly.

buddy was looking for some, everything I found seemed to be to complex for him as a beginner and had binds for canopy which isn’t something I feel needed on the controller so I made these basic ones for him … obviously since these are simple binds keyboard and mouse are still required.



Put file you just downloaded into C:\Users(YOURNAME)\Saved Games\DCS

Then go to DCS game (you don’t have to restart game but if you can’t find or it makes you feel better you can restart it)

Inside DCS

Go to Options and get ready to set your Controls

Left click once one of the areas the Xbox controls would be in (the green space) to highlight that column in blue activating the “Load Profile” button, which then click on “Load Profile” option

This will bring up the file browser where you need to select the file you just downloaded and put into your DCS folder. Sometimes it appears immediately (green underline) but usually you have to then click the folder icon (red circle) to open the DCS folder.

Scoll down to the bottom and find your F-15C for dummies file, select it and click okay, sometimes it takes a moment to update.

Finally if you want to see the plane motion controls use the drop down and choose “Axis Commands” (green), to search pick the search option and begin typing (purple) and to go back to regular command list pick “All but Axis Commands” (orange).


Feel free to customise and adjust, this is just for a base level so you can progress from there

Happy Flying


Link above is a tutorial mod made by one fantastic individual to get you started, install instructions for that are on the page of that link, same same as what you just did but different as you are putting the “mod” (mission files) in DCS/Missions folder.

Grim Reapers on YT make some fantastic informative videos as well.

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