Dead Estate: All Achievements Guide

A complete guide to get all the achievements in this little roquelike with a bit of personal advice. SPOILER ALERT!!!



The guide is split in two main parts: Spoiler-free achievements and achievements that ties with the lore of the game and may spoil some things. Similar achievements will be put in groups. My comments will be in italic font. In spoiler-free section some shiets and giggles will be covered by black rectangles like this =>Vanya Nakalyuzhniy lox. In the spoiler zone i will be covering spoiler-y content with this. Let’s proceed to the guide:

Spoiler-free floor

Here is a guide to all spoiler-free achievements:

Unclassified achievements


Kill 6+ enemies with less than a second gap between each kill.
Really easy to compete in a challenge room or on Omega Clot with Jules.

Spree killer
Clear a challenge room in 15 seconds or less.
Pretty easy to complete with Fuji. You need to max strength early and get a little bit lucky.

Knock out Chunks. Friendly little mouse 🙂
I find it easier to complete with Jules or Fuji if you are using the base weapon. It is pretty easy to do as any character though, it just takes a little bit of practice, but after that you should consider knocking him every time if he shows up for that hefty chunk of money.

Secret Secret
Visit 10 secret rooms in a single run.
Keep in mind that only real secret rooms count, item or weapon chest room hidden as a secret room on higher difficulties do not count, so you shoud consider looping.

Hope She Notices You
Purchase Cordelia’s entire stock on the first floor.
You need to either play the easiest difficulty and get lucky or buy her entire stock on the first floor after looping the run.

Complete a run in 15 minutes or less.
Easier to complete with Fuji. Play the easiest difficulty, max out strength and crush everything in your way.

Fill My Pockets
Carry over $1,000 at once.

Fill My Wallet
Carry over $2,000 at once.

Fill My Vault
Carry over $3,000 at once.
Shemets B)

Another Go-round
Leap off the balcony and loop your run.
On the fifth balcony floor don’t go up the elevator, go to the opposite side and leap off.

Loop twice in a single run.

Mouse Trap
Get a Crusher in the Laboratory to land on Chunks.
Wait for Chunks to spawn, lure him under the spiky crusher on the fourth floor.

Homerun Hitter!
Kill a Moth using a melee weapon as it’s coming at you.
For some reason, Fuji’s gloves do not count.

Collect 15+ items in a single run.
Weapons do not count, only passive items.

Collect 25+ items in a single run.
Weapons do not count, only passive items.

Collect 35+ items in a single run.
Weapons do not count, only passive items.

Window Shopper
Complete a run without ever visiting a shopkeeper.
I completed it with Fuji, because i have got the hang of this character. Hope for jelly beans or any heart drop increasing item for easy heals. In the run where i completed it i haven’t even gone in the room with Witch/Gunslinger/Doctor Cordelia. Too bad, cause she has a new pose each floor.

Roided Out
Max out all your stats with Dr. Cordelia.
Dr. Cordelia is hot.

Scrap Metal
Destroy 5+ weapons in a single run.
Hold weapon change key to destroy weapons, in case you didn’t know.

Happy Halloween!
Play the game on October 31st. You can change the date on your computer.

Outta the Park!
As Digby, get a 20+ kill combo.

Destroy a full ammo Golden Gun as Luis.
Pure luck. Just find a golden gun and don’t forget to not shoot with it.

Nothing Comes Free
Get 10+ reward items in a single run as Lydia.
Loop ’til you get it.

Mama’s Girl
Purchase a shop’s entire stock as Cordelia.
Roselia is really cute… and also kinda hot.

Heavyweight Champ
As Fuji, kill a boss in under 30 seconds.
I don’t know how not to complete this achievement on the first boss.

Mumba Shoot Mumba…
Obtain a Mumba Launcher as Mumba.
Pure luck. I have completed this achievement last, so your fate is up to rng gods. Also, Mumba is a chad.

Ol’ Reliable
Clear a run without using a single weapon besides your Shotgun as Jules.
Not a hard achievement, but you should keep in mind to not even pick up a gun, cause it may ruin the achievement. Jules’ shotgun is one of the strongest starter weapons, so you just have to get used to enemies attacks.

Too Old for This
As Jeff, clear a run without any items.
Pretty hard achievement, not picking up items means no map and no ambrosia, so you should leave red pots till you need to heal up. Weapons are obviously allowed.

Break 5+ golden pots in a single run.
Try to complete, if not completed – loop. Search for secred rooms, there are a layout where you can find 2 golden pots. I think that on the lower difficulties the chance of one spawning is higher. Shemets B)

Witchout a Hitch
Complete a run without taking any damage.
The hardest achievement in the game, Mumba is an ideal character for this achievement. His only weakness, low hp, is irrelevant and his high agility, awesome starter weapon and increased fire rate will benefit you greatly in the no-damage run. Like i said, Mumba is a chad

…if you want to live.


On any difficulty above “Normal” Chunks will spawn faster, item chest and weapon chests room will become hidden like secret room. On the hardest difficulty the map won’t work and Chunks will spawn the second you leave the spawn room. Also, the harder the difficulty the less money you will get. So knocking out Chunks is really necessary on the later difficulties.

Dead Estate
Clear the game once.

Deader Estate
Clear the game on ‘Painful’ difficulty.
Do not try completing this mode unless you are comfortable with finding secret rooms. In general, not a hard difficulty.

Deadest Estate
Clear the game on ‘Nightmare’ difficulty.
Almost no differences compared to Painful, just a little less resourses.

Deaderest Estate
Clear the game on ‘X Must Die’ difficulty.
The most fun difficulty, money drops are incredibly low and you are forced to deal with Chunks that moves a lot faster, because on this mode:
…if you want to live.

Character unlocks

Dead Estate has 8 playable characters, but only 2 are unlocked from the start. Here’s how to unlock them:

The Witch
Unlock Cordelia.
Cory is unlocked by beating the game as two starter characters, Jeff and Jules.

The Boyscout
Unlock Digby.
Шкет is unlocked for buying a map on every floor you can.

The Chad Experiment
Unlock Mumba.
The King is unlocked after you randomly find him in a test-tube on the 4th floor, The Laboratory.All girls love Mumba. Not just girls. Everyone loves Mumba.
Y̵̛̬̞̱̫̻̾ò̶̻͐̓̓u̵̡̝̙̤̓͐̐̄ ̵͕̭͖͊́s̸͇̠̬̜͖̊́͘h̵͙̑̂͘o̵͔̣͘ṷ̶͇͕͎́͋̈́̈́͋l̵̞̪̖̟͙̾͑̑̆͑d̴̛̖̜̭̻̐͋̀ ̷̢̛̦̎̇̚͠c̴̱̳̣͙̣͌̕ơ̶̡̧͜n̶̛̗̘̪̳̫̊͂ș̷͌̒̈́̃̕ì̵̥͔͎̜̇͑͐͝d̵̼̻͖̝͛̄e̸̤͊ŗ̴̫͈̯͑ ̵̲͒l̵͉̼̻̅̍̇͠ǫ̶̣͉͂v̷̺̘̠̥̔̽̾͛ì̷͎͔͕̒͜͝ͅń̷̨̮͇̘̈́͒g̷̡͘ ̷̦̭͔̭̂͒M̶͇͊̈́u̵͖̗͗̈̃͝m̸̖̆͝b̵̻̮͇̥̪͒̍̀̐ḁ̸̠̙̰̈́͛͂̚ ̴̢̧̨̀̽ẗ̷̻̠̙̟́̂̋ǫ̷͇͙̮̐̄͝ô̶͙ͅ.̵͚̲͗̐̒̓͝

The Realtor
Unlock Lydia.
The Real Estate lady is unlocked for beating the game with a $1000 in your pocket.Also, her outfit is fire!

The Ex-Officer
Unlock Luis.
This man is unlocked for ruthlessly jumping off the balcony(looping a run).

The Fighter
Unlock Fuji.
The muscle lady is unlocked for having 12 max hp as any character.
Her muscles intimidate me. Yes. I am a little bit jealous.

The Gang’s All Here!
Unlock every character in the game.
You can now look at complete and awesomely drawn character selection screen.

Floor achievements

Achievements for completing a stage. You are probably already have them. But the guide is called “All achievements” for a reason.

Clear the Ground Floor.

Clear the Second Story.

Clear the Ground Floor.
One of if not the worst floor. Yes, i am looking at you, “gross guy” and “creepy bloody lady”, you are the worst enemies. Oh, and the boss here is utterly annoying.

Evil Genius
Clear the Laboratory.

Normal endings

Achievements for getting your standard normal ending:

The College Dropout
Beat the game as Jules.
A little flex: i’ve got this achievement on my first run on normal, before the “Die” achievement B) (i know, nobody cares)

Orange County Lumber Truck
Beat the game as Jeff.

A Wizard
Beat the game as Cordelia.

Silence Kid
Beat the game as Digby.

Muh Muh, Hey Hey
Beat the game as Mumba.

Mansion on the Hill
Beat the game as Lydia.
God, her outfit is awesome.

Old and Unprofessional
Beat the game as Luis.

Hit to Death
Beat the game as Fuji.
Her muscles still intimidate me.

Spoiler zone

You are now entering: spoiler zone! If you haven’t beat the game with Cordelia yet and do not know about any other ending except normal do not proceed further, because you may ruin the fun for yourself. Now this black rectangles => Boo! I am a scary and spooky spoiler! won’t cover any gugas and gagas (maybe), but will cover kinda spoiler-ish content. Let’s proceed to the second part of the guide:

Alt floors achievements

Complete true ending once, and they are all yours:

Clear Dark Mood Woods.

Tomb Raider
Clear the Foresaken Crypt.
Awful rats and annoying ghost, but still a really cool floor.

You may know how to knock out Chunks, but IT WILL NOT HELP NOW WHEN HE IS CAPTURED BY DOGMA FROM ISAAC.

Clear the Abandoned Set.

Deep Diver
Clear the Sunken Ship.
Really annoying floor, but at least it looks cool.

Clear Exit Realm.
Get ready.

Character costumes

Here’s a guide how to unlock cool and not-so-cool costumes for our characters:

The First Daughter
Unlock Jules’s B costume.
Kill Chunks on the final normal ending floor in under one minute as Jules. Just use some normal weapons and you’ll easily get this

The Dwarf
Unlock Jeff’s B costume.
Complete the first alt path, Dark Mood Woods, as Jeff on painful difficulty

The Scholar
Unlock Cordelia’s B costume.
Get the true ending as all characters.
This skin… It does something illegal… You should go and see for yourself…

The Funkhead
Unlock Digby’s B costume.
Break the arcade machine in the third floor, Attic Sanctum, as Digby.

The Abomination
Unlock Mumba’s B costume.
Reach the Exit Realm, last alt path as Mumba on painful difficulty.
Chad Normal Mumba > Virgin Kakovskii Abomimation.

The Assassin
Unlock Lydia’s B costume.
Complete a run without ever breaking a pot.
Not Lydia standard style = 0/10 skin. Formal style is awesome.

The Nightmare Cop
Unlock Luis’s B costume.
My most frustrating experience in this game. Complete a looped run without ever picking up a heart. You can heal using jelly beans item, heal with ambrosia or use any other healing method. Sounds easy, until you accidenty pick up a heart from the enemy that you kiled in a 1 nanometre distance from yourself. And here goes your long-ass looped run down the drain…

The Candidate
Unlock Fuji’s B costume.
Knock out Chunks on every floor you visit. Don’t know how it works after the patch that made glitchy Chunks from old set invincible, so i would recommend to just stick with normal path for this achievement. Also, formal style = 10/10 skin.

Costume Party!
Unlock the B costume for every character.

True ending achievements

Here we are on the finishing line of our guide, only the true ending achievements are standing between me and my long awaited sleep, so lets cut the crap and proceed to this achievements:

Assemble all four parts of the Silver Key.
Complete all the alt pathes and get a key piece from each one.

What’s Inside?
Open the coffin.

Speed Demon
Press all 3 buttons in the Exit Realm within 5 minutes.
It’s luck dependant, but compass makes this achievement incrediby easy.

This is It
Reach Diavola.
Get ready.

Kill Diavola.
Defeat a really dope boss! Also, her scream is nasty.

Get the true ending as Jules.

Refuge of the Roads
Get the true ending as Jeff.

A True Star
Get the true ending as Cordelia.

Get the true ending as Digby.

Hey Hey, Muh Muh
Get the true ending as Mumba.
I love Mumba.

A New Career in a New Town
Get the true ending as Lydia.
Formal style is unbeatable.

Dirty Work
Get the true ending as Luis.

Get the true ending as Fuji.

The End

My guide is finally coming to an end, this is a really fun game and i hope my guide will help at least someone. Time to move on to the final achievement:

Milkbar Lads #1 Fan!
Unlock EVERY medal.
By PopandopulusS

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