DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.


Estimated difficulty: 2/10.

Estimated 100% time: TBD. Probably 3-4 hours if you follow the walkthrough.

Offline/online achievements: 16 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1.

Glitched achievements: 1 possibly. CRYSTAL HUNT!


Walkthrough I
After starting the game, exit the room you’re in. Grab the keys on the table to your right, then enter the open doorway on your left. inside is a picture you can interact with.

SHATTERED Review the photograph.

After looking at the picture, grab the backpack from the chair to the right of the dresser then leave the building. A cutscene will play and then you’ll be placed in a yard, tasked to find a way into the building. Go forward a little and you’ll come to a crossroad with a door ahead of you and one to your right. Enter the door on the right to find a note.

EVIDENCE Review the photograph.

Now enter the door ahead of you. Once you spawn in, you can find another note on the chair to your right. Enter the door ahead of you and you’ll find another note on your right about halfway down the tunnel. Continue forward and you’ll spot an office to your right with yet another note.

Enter the elevator on the left of the hallway (it looks like a room with a bench in it) and hit the button to go down. Once you exit, enter the first door on your right where the red light is and you will die to a trip mine.

UNLUCKY Get killed by the tripwire.

After respawning, you can find a pair of scissors to the top left of the room. Head to the room at the far end and enter the door on your right for a level transition. Once you load in, enter the far left door and go all the way down to find a key. Head back, and highlight the key in your inventory, then open the door in the middle near the hanging bucket to proceed. Enter the door ahead of you, and follow the path through to the door labelled “UGT”.

Proceed through the next set of rooms until you enter an extremely dark maze of halls. Hook an immediate left and pick up the axe you find on your left. Head back to where we started the area and go straight this time until you hit a wall. Use the axe to break the planks on your right. Follow this path to find a valve in the bucket at the end. Finally, head back out and go straight. Enter the first office you see to find a key in the open drawer. Note that entering this room will cause the wolves to start patrolling. Locate them and use the axe to kill them. It takes quite a few swings and combat is pretty bad, so be sure to only kill one at a time. Back up while swinging or run away if you take too many hits to let your health replenish.

SURVIVOR Kill both wolves.

After killing the wolves, locate the locked door you can use the key to open. The easiest way is to backtrack to the office where you got the key, exit and hook a right. It’ll be the first door on your right. Follow the path through and you’ll see an empty bar you can place the valve on to turn off the steam. Once you do, exit back out into the hallway maze and hook a right, followed by another immediate right. At the end is a crowbar. Head back to where we started this area and open the first door on the right with the crowbar to proceed. Grab the fuse from the right and then leave the area from where we first started.

As soon as you pass by the steam a chase scene with a wolf will start. The wolf insta-kills you, but don’t worry, the chase itself lasts all of 3 seconds. Once you’re back in the room with all the wolf x-rays, exit and plug the fuse into the slot on your right. Open the door, then use the crowbar on the fuse box. Hit the switches in this order:

  • Middle middle
  • Top right
  • Bottom left
  • Top left
  • Top middle
  • Middle right
  • Middle left
  • Bottom middle
  • Bottom right

After you’re done, grab the fuse from the wall and head back through the office to find another area we can slot the fuse, then go through the now accessible door. As soon as you spawn in the hall, enter the first door on your left to find another note, then enter the bathroom at the far end of this room to find a cut off finger. Now we can finally head back to where we died to the trip mine to progress.

Once you’re there, equip the wire cutting scissors and press E to cut the wire. Head down and slot the fuse into the door, then equip the finger to bypass the scanner and enter. Hook a right to get your next objective of turning off the lasers. Note that if you walk into them you’ll instantly die. Now, enter the room to the left of the hall and pull one of the boxes off the shelf. Stand on the box and jump to find the too well hidden Elevator Key. Head back to the elevator and head down to Sector X.

Be careful in the hallway as you leave the elevator, there’s another tripwire we need to defuse. Enter the door at the far end of the hall. Head up the staircase and enter the office to find a CD in the open drawer. Next, enter the 2nd door to your right and you’ll enter a room with a medical cabinet that’s jammed. Throw the brick on the shelf at it to pop it open revealing a code. Exit this room and head back down the staircase. Enter the door to your far left to find yourself in some kind of doctors office. Enter the room in the back and throw the mug on the table at the box that says to clean your teeth. Grab the jar inside and smash it open for the Sharp Metal Object. Pull the lid off and climb inside.

Head back to where the elevator was and enter the Computer Central room. Look left for a power box you can open. Flip the switch, then turn on the computer to the right and put in the CD we found. Open the mail app and type in the following (note that it’s cap-sensitive):

Before leaving you can also find the final note in the Computer room. Next, open the door locker app and type in 4785211. Then type in 3785521 and unlock both doors. Exit this room and head back to the room where we got the CD. Here is a door that leads to the Control Room. On the 4th shelf near the cave in is an extra Fuse. You’ll need to jump to grab it. Head back to the elevator hallway and enter the first room in the hall labeled “Power Room”. Once inside, you will see a power box to your left and right. Open them and flip the switches on. Then go behind the central consoles to find 2 more boxes on either side for you to do the same thing. One will be jammed. Just use the crowbar to open it. Don’t forget to grab the Pipe Wheel right next to you. After all 4 switches are set, open the cabinet under the left lever and install the Fuse, then flip both levers. Finally, push the big red button at the back of the room and turn all 4 valves in the area.

Exit this room and enter the 2nd door in the hall labeled “Storage”. Using a box from the shelf, grab the Fuse from the top of the locker, then pull the top right shelf out to reveal a vent you can open with the metal object. Take off the lid and enter. Follow the vent through to the next area and take the service elevator to finally move on.

FAR BELOW Get to the mines.

After arriving in the mines, grab the rope to your immediate right. Make your way through the mines until you come to a crossroad. Go left and enter the doorway for a level transition. Enter the first door on your immediate right. Once inside, grab the Matches off the shelf with all the beer bottles. Enter the room with the entrails and look behind the tipped over shelf to your right to find 1 of 4 Chemicals. Go deeper into the dug out cave and enter the open room. To your right is a wooden shelf you can pull out revealing a vent. Pull the lid off then jump up to climb in. Take the path directly across from the fleshy thing to move on.

Walkthrough II
I hope you’re good at parkouring in ♥♥♥♥♥♥ horror games. Grab a box off the shelf to your right and toss it over the gap. You’re going to need it. Then grab another one and use it for some extra jump height. Jump across the gap to where the wooden beam is, then use the other box to jump over the double lasers. Enter the room on your left and head to the end to find a fuse box that will turn off the blue light. Don’t forget to grab the key directly to the left. Head back and grab the bulb. Now we’ll need to push one of the boulders nearby into the pit to break some boards. For whatever reason they’re too heavy to lift, but we can kick them like a soccer ball. So kick one in then use the rope from earlier on the giant metal rod to climb down. Look into the boards to find a Gas Mask.

Head all the way back to where we got the matches and exit the room to see a lone laser. Parkour over it, then use the key we found to open the door. After jumping over the next laser, push forward until you come to a crossroads. Go right and follow it to a lever you can pull. Head back to the crossroad and take the center path, jumping over the knocked down shelving. Once over it, take the door to your immediate left and turn the 2 valves inside. You’ll need to parkour onto the egg to reach the one in the middle. Exit and grab one of the bricks nearby, then continue forwards into the gate ahead of you. To your right is a medical cabinet you can smash open for an Empty Syringe. Now take the path to the far left and enter the door at the end to reach a black and white section with a bunch of chairs. Grab the key at the top of the room and exit.

Once you exit, there will be a monster patrolling, as well as 3 spiders. I’m not sure if these count towards the achievement, but I killed them anyways. You might need to reload the area for the 3rd to show up. Next, head to the locked door to the left of where we got the syringe and use the key to open it. Inside are 3 metal shutters. Walk up to the left-most one and input 1432 to open it. Once inside, move the metal shelves to get behind them, then move the trash bags and the blood-stained cardboard to find the 2nd of 4 Chemicals. After exiting, it’s time to kill the monster. There’s a lot of objects in the area you can use to get him stuck or stun-lock him. Once he’s dead he’ll drop another key.

Exit this area and head back to where we jumped over the lone laser. At the end of this hall, between the 2 doorways is a vent with a dead body in it. Use the syringe on it to extract some blood. Next, head to the vent that leads to the parkour laser pit. inside is the 4th spider we need to kill. Once you’ve done that, head into the pit where we got the Gas Mask and use the syringe on the toxic barrel. Head back to the vent and use the syringe on the fleshy organism to kill it for our 3rd Chemical.

BLOODSTAINED Kill the organism.

Remember that original crossroads we were at when we started the mines? Go back there and on the right end will be a metal door you can use the key on. Inside, turn off the light, then unscrew the lightbulb and screw in the one we found earlier (you’ll need night vision on in order to do so). Once done, the blue light will illuminate a code we can put into the keypad at the other end of the hall. Input 402863 for the 4th and final Chemical.

COLLECTOR Collect 4 chemical bottles.

Now head back to the parkour pit once more. Jump over the pit and enter the middle room. on the shelf behind the door is a flask you can plug into the table. Once you do, interact with it, hit the ignite button and input the chemicals in this order: 2-4-1-3.

CHEMIST Create a bomb.

You’ll now need to carefully and painstakingly carry the bomb all the way back to the cave in from earlier in the game. You know, where we got he CD for the computer? Note that in the dug out tunnel section is a spider who will insta-kill you if it hits you. You need to hide and let it pass, unless you’re unlucky like me and had it glitch in place, in which case you’ll need to jump over it and pray it doesn’t hit you. This spider can’t be killed and doesn’t count towards the achievement total. Also be careful hitting level transitions. You can accidentally break the bomb between your body and the wall. Once you’ve made it back, place the bomb, insert the fuse we found, and then light it with the matches. Once you do, take cover and wait for it to detonate.

CLEAR THE WAY Explode the bomb.

After blowing the rocks up, enter the next room and activate the lever on the left, as well as the red button on the right. Exit the room and there will be 2 more spiders in the area. Kill them for the achievement.

EXTERMINATOR Kill all the spiders.

Have your wire cutting scissors ready for the next hall as the mine halfway through is active again. There’s also another spider that spawns in the elevator we need to take, but it couldn’t be killed as far as I was aware. Once you’ve disarmed the mine, take the elevator up and head back to the area where all the lasers were earlier in the game.

SIRENS Get back to the top.

As soon as you pass the laser wall, enter the first door on your left. Grab the key next to the office chair on the shelf, and then get ready for a difficult trip mine defuse. Continue forward and use the key we just found to open the locked door. After entering your camera will die. Look down to your right near the radiator to find a dropped cellphone. Now we need to backtrack to the elevator and take it up to the floor where we pretty much started the game. As soon as you exit the elevator go left into the room to find the Box Key on the floor. Also plug the cellphone into the charger.

The backtracking isn’t done yet. While that’s charging, take the elevator back down and head back to that maintenance tunnel like area just before the wolf maze section. Take the left staircase and as soon as you enter the door look right to spot a lockbox. Use the Box Key to find…a lever? Pull it, then head to the keypad near the elevator. Enter 58731 to open the door. Enter and follow the path until you enter a room with a sink and a locker. On the shelf to your left is a key.

Exit the room from the way you came in to trigger a nauseating section in the hallway. Keep walking back and forth trying to leave the hall to progress the event.

DEVIL HIMSELF Hear the devils voice.
Walkthrough III
Now head back to the laser wall and enter that left room again. Instead of going left, look right to find a conveniently placed new camera! Then head back to where our old camera died, but you’ll be interrupted by another migraine.

During this section it doesn’t matter whether you inject yourself for not, the outcome is the same and you’ll earn the achievement either way. Keep walking through the hallway until a heart flashes on screen. This indicates you’re now in the chase scene. Run all the way to the end of the hall where the blue flicking light is, but you’ll be stuck. Once the monster catches you, turn around and run to the other end of the hall where an open door is. On the shelf will be a key. once again the monster will catch you. Finally, run to the blue light again and aim at the doorknob of the metal gate to unlock it, then run to the far end of the hall and spam left click to open the door, ending the chase. The timing here is a little tight so be careful.

MY WEAKNESS Inject yourself with drugs.

The next hallway is another disorienting, but thankfully linear chase. Keep walking straight and opening the metal door by aiming at the knob as necessary, as you try to decipher shapes through your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ vision. After passing the vision of a wolf, you’ll quickly come to what seems to be a dead end but it’s actually a door. Aim to the right of it and spam click the knob to end the chase scene.

ESCAPE Escape from the monster.

In the next area, continue straight until you reach a lone laser. There’s a bucket on the shelf nearby you can use to safely jump over it. Press forward until you enter a control room.

Starting from the left of the board, activate the switches in this order: 3-6-5-2. Leave 1 and 4 deactivated. Hit the red button on the wall to the left to confirm.

Next, head to the 3rd console (technically the 2nd and you should see 2 bars on either side you can adjust. Set the left side to 12.5 and the right side to 20.0 . On the console to the left, set the left dial to the right and the right dial to the left. Head back to the 3rd console and press the red button to confirm.

For the levers you want to set them in a specific order, then turn them off in another order.

  • Set the lever on the control panel (AA1) up.
  • Then on the wall set power (lightning bolt) up.
  • Cooling (wind) up,
  • Generator down.
  • Main power (plug) up.
  • And the knob on the wall should be vertical (|)

Now activate them in this EXACT order:

  • Power (lightning bolt) down.
  • Cooling (wind) down.
  • lever on control console (AA1) down.
  • Generator up.
  • Main power (plug) down.
  • Knob on the wall should be horizontal (-)

Hit the red button on the opposite side of the door to finish up this annoying room. Take the Fuse near the phone, then plug it into the wall just outside. Drop into the room below and interact with the door for a level transition. Finally, follow the linear hallway to the end of the game. Congrats.

BLOODY END Finish the game.

Review the photograph.

At the start of the game, exit the room you’re in and enter the open doorway on your left. The picture is on the dresser. Press V to interact with it for the achievement.


Pick up first note.

There are 6 notes in the game, but you can get this as soon as you left your house. Once you spawn in, move forward to a crossroads. Enter the door on your right to find the note. The 6 locations are as follows:

  • 1 can be found before entering the main building. After leaving your car you’ll find 2 doors. Enter the slightly open one to the right.
  • 1 can be found immediately to the right as you enter the main building.
  • 2 notes can be found in the hallway with the main elevator.
  • One can be found in the area where the Cut Off Finger is.
  • In the Computer room where you use the computer to unlock 2 doors.

Get killed by the tripwire.

There are multiple tripwires in the game you can kill yourself on for the achievement. The earliest you can get it is near the beginning of the game. After entering the building and taking the elevator down, enter the first hall on your right to instantly die to a trip mine.


Kill both wolves.

After making your way into the dark maze with the wolves, you’ll find an axe and a key to progress the story. Grabbing the key will wake the wolves up. once they do, use the axe to kill them. Combat in this game is rough, so attack them while backing up and run away if you need to regen health.


Get to the mines.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after powering the service elevator and descending into the mines.


Kill the organism.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after filling the empty syringe and killing the organism with it.


Collect 4 chemical bottles.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after collecting all 4 Chemicals in the Mines section.


Create a bomb.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after successfully creating the bomb with the chemicals.



Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after destroying the cave in with the bomb.


Get back to the top.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after re-powering the main elevator and heading out from the Mines / Power sections.


Hear the devils voice.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after the disorienting hall scene with the Devil.


Inject yourself with drugs.

Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this after the first chase scene with the Monster. Whether you choose to take the drugs or not doesn’t matter. You’ll earn the achievement regardless.


Escape from the monster.

Story related, cannot be missed. You’ll earn this after completing the second chase scene with the Monster.


Finish the game.

Story related, cannot be missed. You’ll earn this after seeing the final cutscene.


Kill all the spiders.

This achievement is a little confusing as there are multiple spiders you can’t kill. There’s only 6 you actually need to, and you can find them in the following areas:

  • 3x can be found in the gas area after acquiring the key from the black and white chair section. I had to kill the first 2, then reload the area to find the 3rd.
  • 1x can be found in the vent leading to the parkour pit as you progress the story.
  • 2x can be found after blowing up the cave in and deactivating the lasers. They’ll be in the area where you find the CD.

The spider that spawns in the cave when you’re escorting the bomb can’t be killed, and the spider that spawns in the elevator after you deactivate the lasers can’t be killed. They don’t count towards this achievement.



Only 1 person has unlocked this achievement and it was hacked. I’m currently re-playing the game and scouring it in hopes of figuring this one out, but it may be glitched and impossible to earn.

By Stef

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