DEATHLOOP: How to Change Toggle Aim

An easy way to change your inputs, so you don’t have to hold down the right mouse button to aim down sight.



Currently there is no option ingame to change toggle aim.

So if you are like me and having trouble hitting anything while holding down the right mouse button, here is a little script which will change that.

1. Install Autohotkey Programm

To make the script work, you have to install the programĀ Autohotkey.

You can download it fromĀ the official Autohotkey-Homepage[].

Just download the latest version and install it.

It’s a tiny program and it won’t change anything on your system, so don’t worry.

Autohotkey is a free and open source tool, which allows users to run self-created scripts such as macros or auto-clicking.

2. Create the ToggleAim-Script

After you installed the Autohotkey-Program you need to create your own script.

1. Open Notepad
2. Enter the following text:

WinWait, Deathloop,
;IfWinNotActive, Deathloop, , WinActivate, Deathloop,
;WinWaitActive, Deathloop,
*RButton Up::
If (Toggle := !Toggle){
Send {Click Down Right}
Send {RButton up}

3. Save the file anywhere you want. It’s important that you change the filename-extension from *.txt to *.ahk

It should look like this:

3. Use the script with Autohotkey

To use the script, you just have to doubleclick the *.ahk-file you created in step 2.

If you followed this guide, you now should see the script running in your taskbar:

4. Known “Bugs”

If you want to use Dual-Wielding this script might not be the right thing for you.

When you use two guns at the same time, RMB is used for shooting the second gun. With an active script only every second RMB-click will release a shot from that gun.

There is no solution for this problem… i just don’t use Dual-Wielding.


With this simple solution you now only have to press RMB once, to aim down sights.

The script is running, as long as you don’t stop it.

Since it changes the way, your right mouse button works, stop the script as soon as you finished playing DEATHLOOP.

Just right-click on the AHK-icon in your taskbar and click on “Exit”:

If one right-click doesn’t work, just right-click a second time on the icon. Then the context-menu will pop-up. Thats because, as said above, the script changes the way your RMB works.

Now enjoy playing DEATHLOOP with a working ToggleAim.

And thanks Arkane for not adding a simple ingame-option to change it…

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