Deceit: “Mine” and “Double Trouble” Achievement Guide

A guide covering a few achievements affected by 2021 updates.


Mine has been affected by the March 27, 2021 update. There is now a 7.5s timer on an objective where only the person who completes the objective can collect it. This means you will either need to request to pick up an objective, do this achievement with a friend, or down a player and pick up their objective. There is the rare occasion that someone walks away from an objective leaving it for others as well.

Leftovers is a perk that can help you with this achievement. It was added to the game on February 27, 2022 and will give you a way point to any objectives that have not been collected. This is a great way to passively get this achievement especially if you’re playing solo so look for it in the labyrinth!

Double Trouble
Double Trouble was affected by the January 22, 2021 update and the July 1, 2021. The January 22, 2021 update made it so that executions are no longer on a timer instead executions can be accrued as you move up floors. The July 1, 2021 update made it to where the infected now share the blood they drink. A full blood bar is not required to transform into a terror anymore, but is needed for an execution.

The optimal strategy for this it to not attach at all on the first night. Save your execution for the second night and accrue two executions. Once you have both executions you can wreak some havoc.

You can also get an execution if your partner dies so if you have saved enough blood on the first night and your infected buddy has been caught drinking blood you can do it on the first night.

Bonus (Exterminator)
As said by Raptvre this achievement is completed by killing 10 infected with the lethal injection as an innocent. The lethal injection spawns on the third night before you escape. The extra tip I have for this is there is a perk called “Lethal Vision” released on February 22, 2022 that will show you the way point for the lethal injection objective. This will help you track down the objective and obtain the lethal injection for the achievement.

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