Demon Sword Incubus Controls (Keyboard & Controller)

Demon Sword Incubus is a 3D fighter game developed by Brianode. here is a basic controls guide for you.


Demon Sword Incubus Controls

A 3D belt-scrolling action game with battle ero and smooth, fighting game-like controls.
Play as heroine Amiladia, a lord’s daughter who has made a contract with a magical blade,
and use your swordsmanship and magic to pound down your enemies.
Defeat all enemies to proceed.

– Keyboard
R/L Arrow Keys – Movement
Confirm – Z or enter
Cancel – X
Attack – Z
Jump – X or Up key
Magic – A
Menu – S or Esc
Guard – Down Key
Camera control while bound – Mouse

– Gamepad (recommended Xbox controller with XInput)
R/L – Movement
Confirm – B
Cancel – A
Attack – B
Jump – A or Up
Magic – X
Menu – Y
Guard – Down
Camera control while bound – Stick

The game includes special move inputs like in fighting games.
For example: D-R + Z, etc.
They can also be set to empty buttons.

Note: The game includes a “Heaven Mode” that sets all enemies HP and stats to 1 for those that aren’t good at action, but still want to enjoy the game.

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