Depanneur Nocturne: All Coins Guide

A photo guide detailing where to find all the coins in the shop. This guide will also help you get the achievements “Collection,” “Pétiller,” and “Aaaah…” along the way.


A quick disclaimer and how to get “Collection”

If you’re using this guide to find coins to use for the “Collection” achievement, you don’t actually need to find all of them. There are 15 coins total, and only 8 orchard dolls. However, this guide will go over where to find every coin. In the process, you’ll have opportunities to also get the “Pétiller” and “Aaaah…” achievements. I’ll detail how to get those as well, since they’re easy to get along the way.

For “Collection,” once you have the coins, you’ll just need to get the dolls and have them bagged at the checkout counter. I recommend doing this process one doll at a time so you don’t have to drop them all over the floor and pick them up again: Put a coin into the machine, turn the handle, take the doll out, and bring it to the shopkeeper. Ask her to bag it up for you. (You don’t need to listen to her tell you about them every time.) Once the last doll has been bagged, the achievement should pop. You shouldn’t need to check out to receive the achievement.

With that said, let’s start gathering coins.

Coin 1

Starting from the front door of the store, take a left until you’re by the coffee machine. The coin is on the ground next to the trash can.

Coin 2

From the trash can, head towards the center of the store, taking your first right (towards the ATM). The second coin is on the shelf to the right of the ATM.

Coin 3

The third coin is on the bottom shelf to the left of the ATM.

Coin 4

From coin three, if you turn around, coin four should be on the shelf directly behind you.

Coin 5

Coin five is in the fridge section of the store, which is behind you from where you picked up coin four, through the glass freezer-style door. Once you’re in the fridge section, it’s to your left, on the floor next to a caution sign.

Basement coins

Coins 1 – 5 are all you can get in the regular store sections. The rest of the coins are found in the basement, which you can access by repeatedly asking the shopkeeper to use the bathroom. If you insist enough times, she will give you the key to the door that is next to the radio in the main store area, allowing you to enter the basement.

Coin 6

Once you’ve entered the basement, go down two flights of stairs and it will open up into several rooms. From the bottom of the stairs, take a left. You should see the coin sitting on the arm of a couch.

Coin 7

From the couch where you picked up coin 6, back up a little bit and go through the doorway on your right. You should see a pile of trash bags, and then a doorway that leads into a room with a computer. On the filing cabinet, before you reach the computer, is coin seven.

Coin 8

Go back to the couch where you found coin six, turn to face away from it, and head forward. The staircase you entered this area from is to your left from this orientation, and instead of turning there and going up the stairs, turn right. You’ll end up in a little dead-end hallway. Coin eight is on the floor in the corner.

Coin 9

Head back to that couch one more time, and then, facing it, turn left. You should find that once you are able to turn left again, there is a ramp for you to go down further into the basement, followed immediately by more stairs taking you further down, and then another small ramp. Once the final ramp opens up into an area where you can turn left or right, turn left. Coin nine is on a stack of wood planks low to the ground.

Coin 10

Continue forward from where you found coin nine. There will be a bricked up wall at the end of the hall, and a small, closet-like area you can turn in to on the right. Coin ten is on the bottom of the cabinet in this area. If you want to be able to progress further into the basement and get the other coins, “Pétiller,” and “Aaaah…,” you’ll need to take the key that’s hanging here, too.

Entering the next section of the basement and “Pétiller”

To keep going further into the basement, you’ll need to get through the boarded-up doorway that’s down the hall in the opposite direction from where you picked up coin ten. If you know how to do that, go ahead and skip this section. If you’re not sure how to get in there, here’s how:

– Take the key hanging in the cabinet above coin ten.
– Go back up the hall from where you picked up coin ten, going up the ramps and stairs to get back into the initial basement area, where you found coins six through eight.
– From the top of the ramp, go forward and then take a right. You should be back in the room with the computer in it, where you found coin seven.
– On your right should be a locked toolbox on top of some cardboard boxes. Since you have the key, you can open it. Take the crowbar that’s inside.
– Retrace your steps to the boarded-up door, and use your crowbar on each board to tear them down.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the lowest level of the basement!

Once you’ve torn the boards down and entered the lower level of the basement, you’ll notice a vending machine directly in front of you. For the cost of two coins, you can buy a drink from it, and if you hold the drink in your hand and right click to sip it, you’ll unlock the “Pétiller” achievement. Remember that you don’t need every coin to collect every doll for the “Collector” achievement, so you can get both achievements in one go.

Coin 11

From the doorway you tore the boards off of, coin eleven is on a bench to your left.

Coin 12

Continue heading in the direction of the bench coin eleven was on, towards the barred gate. Coin twelve will be on the counter to your right once you’ve gone far enough. You will be able to see coin fourteen from here as well, but will need to be in a different area to pick it up.

Coin 13

You can’t continue forward, so turn around and start heading in the opposite direction. Once you reach the doorway that looks like it leads into a hallway at the opposite end of the area with the vending machine, look to your right. Coin thirteen will be on a cardboard box on the floor.

Coin 14

Take a left into this hallway and follow it down – there are no more turns you can take in this direction so just keep heading forward. Once you reach the end of the hall, you’ll find yourself in the room you could see coin fourteen in earlier. Pick it up off the desk.

If you want to continue into the basement to get coin fifteen and reach the bathroom for the “Aaaah…” achievement, pull the big lever on the wall that’s behind you when you’re standing at the desk coin fourteen is on. This will open the metal bar gate we saw earlier when getting coin twelve. Head back down the hall and to that gate.

Coin 15 and “Aaaah…”

From where you got coin twelve, head through the now-open gate and take a right. You’ve made it to the bathroom! Coin fifteen is on a small ledge to your right. To get the “Aaaah…” achievement, interact with the toilet in this room.

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