Destiny Warriors Walkthrough (All Achievement Guide)

This guide aims to progress through the game as efficiently as possible with minimal sidetracking. There’s other stuff to do and lots of other people to talk to (like all the people who give quizzes), but I won’t go into detail about any of that.
Equipment suggestions are largely based off Gorgoth’s suggestions. I didn’t have any trouble beating the game, but feel free to buy more stuff when needed. You’ll have more than enough gold to do so.This guide covers all the achievements as well. As far as I know only 1 is missable (Brother Fight), the rest will unlock during for progressing through the story.

Chapter 1

Start a new game. For your own sanity, play on easy.

Tree Leaf Village
  • Wake up, leave the house and go to the Ninja Academy (building with a book at the north end of the village).
  • Talk to the teacher to begin.
Tree Leaf Forest
  • Collect the 5 bells scattered around the forest.
    • Left for 2 bells and 8 chests.
    • Right for 3 bells and 5 chests.
  • Return to Zane.

        • Found all the bells in the forest

    BOSS: Zane
    Easy battle. Just attack.

Chapter 2

Tree Leaf Village
  • Wake up. Leave your house.
  • Go southeast to the Weapon/Armor Shop. Purchase:
    • 2x Common Short Sword (J.C and Spark) – 100Ryo
    • 2x Adventurer’s Garb (Spark and Max) – 1000Ryo
    • 1x Bronze Plate (J.C) – 500Ryo
    • 4x Leather Bandana (All) – 800Ryo
  • Talk to the Grave Keeper inside the Abandoned House in the northeast and listen to his story for 500Ryo.
  • Go to Kage’s Place (building with statues outside in the northwest corner of the village).
Sticky Swamps
  • This area is very linear. Collect all the mushrooms, herbs, and chests.
    • First screen – 10 chests, 4 shrooms
    • Second screen – 4 chests, 14 herbs
    • Third screen – 5 chests, 3 herbs, 2 shrooms
  • Heal and save before proceeding. Last screen is a two phase battle against Gekko.

    BOSS: Gekko
    BOSS: Gekko(Injured)

Tree Leaf Village
  • Welcome home. Grab 100Ryo from the chest before leaving.
  • Next door is Spark’s House, grab Large Hp Pill and 100Ryo inside.
  • Go to the Weapon/Armor Shop. Purchase:
    • 1x Iron Staff (Maddie) – 100Ryo
    • 1x Fire Hand Axe (Max) – 150Ryo
  • Go to the Items Shop. Purchase:
    • 2x Powerful Chye Gem (J.C and Spark) – 1000Ryo
    • 1x Mindful Chye Gem (Maddie) – 500Ryo
  • Go to Kage’s Place.
Sticky Swamps: Deeper
  • Another very linear area. First area has 9 chests, 5 shrooms and 3 herbs.
  • In the second area, save Farmer Brown and buy the Grass Clippers for 500Ryo to continue. There’s 3 chests and 6 herbs to collect.
  • Third area has 6 chests, and 4 herbs. Heal and save before entering Hades’s Base.

    BOSS: Gekko
    Use an X-Tu that attacks all enemies with all characters once to clear out the mobs. Then just regular attacks are enough to deal with Gekko. Heal poison with Maddie when needed.

  • The game is kind enough to let you heal and save before the next battle.

    BOSS: Hades(Hooded)
    He’s weak against water and resists fire/dark. Use regular attacks with J.C/Spark/Max and the strongest water X-Tu with Maddie.

  • Leave your house and enjoy the cutscene.

Chapter 3

Tree Leaf Village
  • Find the rest of your team:
    • Maddie in Punk’s Inn.
    • Max up north between Kage’s and the Academy.
    • Kitt at his place, centre of the five houses in the village.
  • Go to the Weapon/Armor Shop. Purchase:
    • 1x Bronze Long Sword (J.C) – 400Ryo
    • 1x Bronze Claw (Kitt) – 300Ryo
    • 1x Bronze Staff (Maddie) – 500Ryo
    • 1x Fire Battle Axe (Max) – 350Ryo
    • 1x Adventurer’s Garb (Kitt) – 500Ryo
    • 1x Iron Plate (J.C) – 750Ryo
    • 1x Sturdy Robe (Maddie) – 1000Ryo
    • 3x Feather Cap (J.C, Max, Kitt) – 1500Ryo
    • 1x Iron Hairpin (Maddie) – 550Ryo
  • Go to the Items Shop. Purchase:
    • 2x Lucky Chye Gem (Max, Kitt) – 1000Ryo
  • Talk to the Grave Keeper inside the Abandoned House and listen to his story for 1000Ryo.
  • Talk to the guard on the east side of town and exit.
Stone Valley
  • Work your way around the map to the northwest corner. Collect 13 chests and 39 herbs along the way.
Magma Rocks Village
  • As J.C, enter the Kage’s Place in the northwest corner.
  • As Max, save then enter the Ninja Academy in the north.

    BOSS: ???
    Spam Shadow Blade.

  • Watch the ensuing cutscene with Blake. Wake up at Magma Rocks Inn.
  • Talk to Kitt, Maddie, then Max to have them join you.
  • Exit south.
World Map
  • Go to Thunder Cloud Village in the northeast corner.
Thunder Cloud Village
  • Enter Mike’s House in the northeast.
    Wanna meet that dad

        • Meet Spark’s Dad

Chapter 4

Tree Leaf Village
  • Wake up.
  • Find Fire Hand Axe and Iron Bar in Spark’s House.
  • Find 100Ryo and Cure Pill in Villager’s House #1.
  • Find 200Ryo and Lightning Claw in Villager’s House #2.
  • Go to the Weapon/Armor Shop. Purchase:
    • 1x Lightning Armour (J.C) – 1500Ryo
  • Feel free to explore the world and other villages. Not that there’s much interesting there.

    Buy what you can afford of the following at Blake’s House in Magma Rocks Village:

    • 1x Eyepatch of Fury (J.C) – 2000Ryo
    • 1x Shining Sword (J.C) – 7000Ryo
    • 1x Sun Staff (Maddie) – 5000Ryo
    • 1x Lucky Coin (Maddie) – 5000Ryo

    I’d prioritise the Shining Sword and Lucky Coin first. Buy the rest later. The Shining Sword is useful for the upcoming battles, and you won’t need to upgrade J.C’s weapon again until much later.

  • Go to Kage’s Place. Get sent to Outside Death’s Forest.
Death’s Forest
  • Switch Zane out for Shizuney. No idea why Zane is so weak.
  • Head north, examine the rocks in your way to learn Rock Breaker X-tu. There are 6 chests and 6 herbs here.
  • Continue north to a riddle puzzle. The wrong answers only lead to a forced battle each.
    • Q: J.C is in love with which character?
      A: Maddie
    • Q: Blake is the famous blacksmith from the Land of Fire and is also the uncle of?
      A: J.C & Zane.
    • Q: 2+2=?
      A: 4
  • Grab all the chests (there are 20), save and continue north.
  • Battle 4 groups of mobs, then Ikibo himself.

    BOSS: 4x Rogue Ninjas
    Since it’s just J.C and Max for these battles, you’ll need to rely on the pills you’ve picked up until now.
    At the start of each battle, use Fire Wall with J.C and Shadow Blade with Max. Switch to regular attacks when there’s only one or two left. J.C will be the main damage dealer, so use Max to heal when needed.

    BOSS: Ikibo
    Like before, keep using use Fire Wall with J.C until one of them dies. Ikibo resists dark, so have Max focus on the Elite-Rouge Ninja Swordsmen with Shadow Blade. This battle is actually easier than the previous ones since there’s only two of them.

    Defeated Ikibo

        • Defeated Ikibo, next is Kuramaroo

    BOSS: Kuramaroo
    Don’t bother. This one’s impossible to win.

Tree Leaf Village
  • Wake up. Grab 100Ryo in the chest.
  • Find Large Hp Pill and Casual Clothes in Spark’s House.
  • Find 50Ryo and Small Hp Pill in Villager’s House #1.
  • Find Fire Long Sword in Villager’s House #2.
  • Talk to the Grave Keeper inside the Abandoned House and listen to his story for 1500Ryo.
  • Go to the Ninja Academy and buy the Tournament Pass for 500Ryo.
  • Go to the Items Shop. Purchase:
    • 2x Mega Powerful Chye Gem (J.C, Spark) – 3000Ryo
    • 1x Mega Mindful Chye Gem (Maddie) – 1500Ryo
    • 1x Mega Lucky Chye Gem (Shizuney) – 3000Ryo
  • Take a detour to Magma Rocks Village or go to Thunder Cloud Village to continue the story.
Magma Rocks Village
  • Open all the chests. There are seven outside Blake’s House, two behind Blake’s House, and four by Magma Rocks Inn.
  • There are two more chests inside Magma Rocks Inn.

    Buy more optional stuff at Blake’s House in Magma Rocks Village:

    • 1x Death Scythe (Maddie when not using magic) – 5000Ryo
    • 1x Venom Kunia (Spark) – 5000Ryo
    • 1x Poseidon’s Trident (Shizuney) – 10000Ryo

    The Venom Kunia is kinda pitiful for the price, but it’s better than nothing. The Poseidon’s Trident is probably the only weapon you’ll ever need for Shizuney, but she stay in your party pernamently until later.

Thunder Cloud Village
  • There are 9 chests up north.
  • Go to Mike’s House and talk to Spark.
  • Return to Tree Leaf Village.
Tree Leaf Village
  • Go to the Training Shed in the southeast corner and start training. Save before going inside.
  • Fight Zane. Must win for an achievement.

    BOSS: Zane
    Zane resists fire so your X-Tu are useless. Use regular attacks until you have enough TP for V-Slash and/or Aura Blade. Don’t use Double/Triple/Strong Attack, they do less damage than regular attacks.

    Brother Fight

        • Defeat Zane in training

Chapter 5

Ninja Tournament
  • Heal up at the innkeeper (bottom right).
  • Talk to Spark, Max, then Maddie. The choices don’t matter except for some different dialogue.
  • Talk to the guard to enter the tournament. Time for consecutive 1v1 battles.

    BOSS: Karra
    Impossible to win.

    BOSS: Lea
    Tidal Wave is your best bet. Use Tp Boost to recover Tp if needed and Restore to recover Chi. Lea can freeze you, but she doesn’t hit hard.

    BOSS: Xavier
    X-Zap Blade seems to deal the most damage and it can paralyse/stun. Switch to regular attacks when low on Chi as you might need it for Fast Healing. Zap Storm is useless.

    BOSS: Jenji
    Fire Wall or regular attacks and V-Slash/Aura Blade. Jenji loves to drain your HP so this battle might actually be tighter than the others.

    BOSS: Akimbo
    Shadow Blade is all you’ll need.

    BOSS: Yuniko
    If you bought the Poseidon’s Trident, this won’t even be a challenge. The Poseidon’s Trident attacks three times per turn and you’ll be done in two or three turns. Otherwise Zap Blade seems to deal the most damage.

  • Day 2 of the tournament. Three more 1v1 battles.

    BOSS: Shizuney
    Impossible to win, but you need to survive 18 turns. Just do whatever and heal when you can. Shizuney can easily put you in an stun/paralyse loop, so heal early and frequently.

    BOSS: Karra
    Shadow Blade is all you’ll need… again.

    BOSS: Spark
    Hopefully you still have that Lightning Armour. Keep using regular attacks and watch Spark deal pitiful amounts of damage on you.

The Outskirts of Tree Leaf
  • Grab the 2 chests, 11 shrooms, and 9 herbs. Heal up, save and prepare for a boss battle.

    BOSS: Karra
    You don’t need to conserver health or chi for this battle so go all out with Fire Wall, Judgement, and Thunder. Have Max/Spark use Shadow Blade/X-Zap Blade against the Golems afterwards. Karra himself is pretty harmless and will die to the Fire Walls and Thunders.

    BOSS: Karra(BS Mode)
    This battle was bugged for me. Every attack/skill (except Dragon’s Roar) would only do 1 damage.

    • J.C: Every turn, use Dragon’s Flame until Karra is burned, and then hit him with Dragon’s Roar to confuse. Guard if Karra is burned and confused.
    • Spark: Only Guard until someone falls below ~2000 and then use a Small Hp Pill to heal.

    The only decent damage I could deal was from burn and Karra hitting himself in confusion. With a bit of luck, this battle isn’t too tough.

  • Enjoy the dialogue until you regain control of J.C.

Chapter 6

Tree Leaf Village
  • Find your party:
    • Spark is in his house.
    • Maddie is in Punk’s Inn.
    • Kitt is in his house.
  • Find 200Ryo, X-Hp Pill, and X-Tp Pill in Villager’s House #1.
  • Find X-Chi Pill in Villager’s House #2.
  • Talk to the Grave Keeper inside the Abandoned House and listen to his story for 2000Ryo.
  • Travel to Thunder Cloud Village.
Thunder Cloud Village
  • 7 chests up north.
  • Go to the Thunder Cloud Village Mall in the northwest corner. Purchase:
    • 1x *Steel Short Sword* (Spark) – 720Ryo
    • 1x *Steel Staff* (Maddie) – 600Ryo
    • 1x Steel Kunai (Kitt) – 650Ryo
    • 1x Steel Armour (J.C) – 1500Ryo
    • 1x Iron Robe (Maddie) – 1500Ryo
    • 2x Leather Chain Mail (Spark, Kitt) – 4000Ryo
    • 2x Omega Powerful Chye Gem (J.C, Spark) – 5000Ryo
    • 1x Omega Mindful Chye Gem (Maddie) – 2500Ryo
    • 1x Omega Lucky Chye Gem (Kitt) – 2500Ryo
      * – Unnecessary if you bought weapons from Blake.
  • Travel to Magma Rocks Village.
Magma Rocks Village
  • 3 chests by Magma Rocks Inn.
  • Go to Blake’s House and talk to Blake.
  • Return to the World Map and enter Death’s Forest.
Death’s Forest
  • Travel north grabbing 23 herbs.
  • On the second screen there are 8 chests. You’ll be forced into a battle if you choose to not pay Gekko 1000Ryo.

    BOSS: Gekko
    J.C’s Shining Sword will make short work of Gekko himself as he’s weak against holy. The Elite-Rouge Ninjas can be dealt with using the standard strategies.

  • 8 chests, 6 shrooms, and 14 herbs on the third screen. Heal and save before examining either door.

    BOSS: Charlotte, Dogma
    Charlotte loves putting your party to sleep. Use Maddie’s Bubble Storm to wipe off 2/3 of their health in one move. Kitt can just whittle them down with regular attacks.

    BOSS: Brain, Zak
    They’re both weak against holy, so a combination of regular attacks from JC and X-Zap Blade from Spark will take care of them easily.

    BOSS: Brain, Charlotte, Dogma, Vince, Zak
    Their numbers make little difference. Firewall/Thunder II and especially Bubble Storm will take care of them quickly. Kitt can restore the team’s chi with a combination of Tp Boost and Restore if needed.

    Part Two

        • Reached Part Two

Chapter 7

Tree Leaf Village
  • Grab the X-Hp Pill. Go outside.
  • Talk to Zane who’s standing outside Kage’s Place.
  • Find your party.
    • Spark is in his house. Also 100Ryo and X-Tp Pill.
    • Maddie is in Punk’s Inn.
    • Kitt is in his house.
  • Find Steel Staff and Leather Mail in Villager’s House #1.
  • Find 5x Huge Hp Pill and Lightning Armour Villager’s House #2.
  • Go to the Weapon/Armor Shop. Purchase:
    • 3x Chye Circlet (Spark, Maddie, Kitt) – 4500Ryo
    • 1x Chye Cap (J.C) – 2000Ryo
  • Back to Zane.
  • On the World Map, go north to Wind-Up Village.
Wind-Up Village
  • Talk to Brown Cow Kid south of the shops for 5x Chocolate Moo-Moo Milk.
  • Talk to White Cow Kid on the east side of the village for 5x Moo-Moo Milk.
  • Around the village are 5 chests.
  • Go to the Wind-Up Village Item/Equipment Shop. Purchase:
    • 1x Golden Claw (Kitt) – 1250Ryo
    • 1x Golden Battle Axe (Zane) – 2500Ryo
    • 1x Golden Short Sword (Spark) – 1500Ryo
    • 1x Golden Long Sword (J.C) – 2500Ryo
  • Also have at least 20x X-Hp Pill, 20x X-Chi Pill, and 20x X-Tp Pill.
  • Enter to Ruxes’s House in the northwest.
Wind Temple
  • The mobs here are really annoying since we only have Maddie and Kitt.
  • Maddie should use Bubble Storm every turn and Big Bubble when there’s only one enemy left. For the Jelly Fish, use Ice Brigade on those.
    Kitt should use X-Tp Boost then Restore (II) when low on chi, or Clone Storm to attack. Switch to attacking with Deadly Sweep Kick! when available.
  • First area has 10 chests, 27 shrooms, and 34 herbs.
  • Second area has 1 chest, 15 shrooms, and 14 herbs.
  • Save before exiting the second area.

    BOSS: Gekko
    This guy’s easier than the mobs you face here. Follow the strat above.

  • Head inside.
  • Pull the right lever first to access the chest.
  • The left one grants access further in.
  • The third lever is inaccessible.
  • The fourth lever opens access to the third lever.
  • Loop back round to exit to the next screen.
  • The lever left the save point raises bridges to two chests in the northeast.
  • The lever right the save point raises bridges to two chests in the northeast and to a chest near the save point.
  • The lever furthest right raises the other bridge to a chest near the save point.
  • Then start from the bottom left and go counter-clockwise around the room flipping levers. You’ll need to loop back round to the bottom left and flip the three along the bottom once more before being able to reach the exit.
  • Heal and save before entering.

    BOSS: Phantom(Maddie), Phantom(Kitt)
    Again keep using the same Bubble Storm/X-Tp Boost+Deadly Sweep Kick! strategy.

    BOSS: Phantom(Maddie), Phantom(Kitt), Phantom
    More of the same. Bubble Storm and X-Tp Boost+Deadly Sweep Kick! are the only viable moves. The Phantom can revive his party, but since your attacks hit everyone it’s not much of a problem.

Thunder Cloud Village
  • There’s 10 chests along the northern edge this time.
  • Go to Mike’s House in the northeast.
  • Go to the Thunder Cloud Village Mall in the northwest corner. Purchase:
    • 1x *Golden Spear* (Shizuney) – 1350Ryo
    • 1x Leather Chain Mail (Shizuney) – 2000Ryo
    • 1x Winged Boots (Shizuney) – 2000Ryo
    • 1x Omega Magical Chye Gem (Mike) – 2500Ryo
    • 2x Omega Mindful Chye Gem (Spark, Shizuney) – 5000Ryo
      * – Unnecessary if you have the Poseidon’s Trident from Blake.
  • Go to Thunder Cloud: Kage’s Place in the southeast.
Cloudy Caves
  • This part sucks more than the last. Your entire party is weak and regular attacks are the only reliable method to get through battles. Thunder II is powerful, but Spark doesn’t have enough chi. Mike is completely useless. Shizuney is going to be needed for healing a lot of the time. Prepare for long drawn out fights.
  • Grab the four bars and head inside.
  • First area two bars and three gems. There are also three holes: the left one leads to the next screen; the other two to eight chests.
  • Ugh. More levers. The first one opens the way to the exit.
  • Cross the first bridge to heal and to find the door locked.
  • Work your way around the room to the Red Lizard Men on the field and defeat them for the key. There are 15 chests and 19 gems around the area, though 2 chests and 2 gems are unreachable.
  • In the Main Mining Area:
    • at the first fork, left leads to four chests; right to the second fork
    • at the second fork go right to the next screen
    • go down and back to the left screen to reach lever #1
    • go back right and follow the linear path pulling all levers #2-5 and switches #1-2
    • after pulling the lever #5 return to lever #1 to find switch #3
    • then go to the first fork to find lever #6
    • and left from the second fork to find the switch #4 and three chests
    • return to the second screen and to the exit
  • Heal and save before continuing.

    BOSS: Phantom, Phantom(Shizueny), Phantom(Spark), Phantom(Mike)
    Spam Thunder II with everyone until everything dies. Have Shizueny start with Healing Rain and use Recovery to heal your party. This battle is probably easier than the rest of the area.

Magma Rocks Village
  • Grab the chests around the village. There are five by the inn and two behind Blake’s.
  • Stock up on pills. Get a few First Aid Kits too.
  • Go to Magma Rocks: Kage’s Place in the northwest.
Magma Caves
  • Not sure who’s idea it was to send the fire characters to the area where everything resists fire. Zane is also useless since he’s level 10.
  • Give J.C the Blazing Armour if you have it. Avoid as many battles as possible, but there’s some system in place where eventually you can’t keep avoiding random encounters.
  • Follow the linear path flipping levers #1 and #2 as you alternate between F1 and BF1.
  • When you reach BF1 again, there will be three chests to the left and two paths on the right.
  • Take the upper path first. This leads to two more staircases on F1.
  • The south staircase leads to a dead end with two chests.
  • The north staircase leads to a dead end with four chests, two gems and a lever that opens everything.
  • Finally, loop back to the north side of BF1 and take the lower path to reach BF2.

    BOSS: Max, Gekko, Ikibo
    This battle can’t be won.

    BOSS: Elite-Rouge Ninja Spearsmen, Max, Gekko, Ikibo
    Spam Hell’s Fire with J.C/Zane and Meteor Shower with Karra. Don’t bother reviving Zane if he dies and switch to regular attacks when Karra runs out of chi.

  • Grab everything in BF3 and BF4. There are 9 chests on each screen. Save before entering the Sacred Item Room.

    BOSS: Phantom, Phantom(Zane), Phantom(J.C), Phantom(Max)
    Same strategy as above.

Wind-Up Village
  • Two chests behind Ruxes’ House. Enter it to finish the chapter.

Chapter 8

World Map

Travel from beacon to beacon answering questions.

Beacon 1

  • Q: Beast Spirits are?
    A: Chi made into a life form.
  • Q: What element type does J.C and Zane use mostly.
    A: Fire
  • Q: What did Zane promise J.C if he kept quiet about the “Game Maker”?
    A: Ramen

Beacon 2

  • Q: What were the Beast Spirits originally designed for?
    A: A Weapon of War
  • Q: Who was responsible for the attack on Tree Leaf 13 years ago?
    A: Nunez
  • Q: What is the name of the team that Akimbo, Lea and Xavier are in?
    A: Team Sunrise

Beacon 3

  • Q: What item allows you to cut grass?
    A: Grass Clippers
  • Q: What is the name of Spark’s father?
    A: Mike
  • Q: Who is Alex?
    A: The 2nd Kage of Tree Leaf
  • Q: What was the prize of the annual ninja tournament?
    A: 10,000 Ryo

Beacon 4

  • Q: Ikibo is a disciple of?
    A: Kuramaroo
  • Q: Who is Yuniko in love with?
    A: Kitt
  • Q: Why was Kitt distracting Lola during the Ninja Finals?
    A: Because J.C was running late.
  • Q: The six different lands are?
    A: Grass, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Steel
  • Q: What X-tu is used to break gray rocks?
    A: None. Gray rocks are unbreakable

Beacon 5

  • Q: What is Maddie’s last name?
    A: Punk
  • Q: What are phantoms?
    A: Guardians of rare objects
  • Q: What is the name of Lea’s brother?
    A: Jenji
  • Q: What activity did Zane make the gang do after they passed their finals.
    A: Treasure Hunt
  • Q: Long ago the ninja faction was fighting the?
    A: Samurai Faction
  • Q: 2+3=?
    A: 5
Sandy Sands Village
  • There are 8 chests scattered around the village.
  • Go to the Sandy Sands:Item/Equipment Shop in the east side. Purchase:
    • 1x Platinum Long Sword (Zane) – 4000Ryo
    • 1x Platinum Claw (Kitt) – 2500Ryo
    • 1x Poseidon’s Trident (Shizuney) – 10000Ryo
    • 2x Chye Chain Mail (Kitt, Shizuney) – 7800Ryo
    • 1x Dragon Armour (Zane) – 1000Ryo
    • 1x Dragon Cap (Zane) – 3000Ryo
    • 1x X-Powerful Chye Gem (Kitt) – 5000Ryo
    • 2x X-Mindful Chye Gem (Zane, Shizuney) – 10000Ryo
  • Go to Sandy Sands: Kage’s Place in the north.
  • Talk to the guard in the south to go to the next area.
Dry Sands
  • Again, avoid all the enemies on the field. The (unescapable) random encounters will probably be enough to get all your characters to level 50.
  • The only useful attacks for each character:
    • Zane: Hell’s Fire, Radiant Blade
    • Kitt: VXAP-Tp Boost, Restore II, Deadly Sweep Kick!
    • Shizuney: Thunder II, Xero Blast
  • Anything not listed is generally useless. Chests are also useless at this stage, and too many of them have unavoidable battles. If you want to open them, be sure to save before doing so.
  • This area quite linear.
    • Start at the south and work clockwise around the area pulling 4 levers.
    • Continue west past a large two-tile tall gap (the exit) to lever #5.
    • South of lever #5 is #6, which leads to switch #1 left of it.
    • Backtrack to the large gap to find lever #7.
    • Return past lever #6 (ignore the gap south), go right and loop back north to lever #8 and switch #2.
    • South of #8 is another path, which leads back to the gap near lever #6.
    • Backtrack to lever #7 to find lever #9 north of that.
    • Return south of lever #6 to find a bridge back to the entrance. In the southeast corner is switch #3.
    • Finally, return to lever #9 and talk to Vince.

    BOSS: Brain, Charlotte, Dogma, Vince, Zak
    Use the same strategy as you do for all the mobs. If you are inflicted with too many stuns/sleeps restart the battle and try again. It’s faster to just restart than to juggle healing/curing/attacking all at the same time.

Chapter 9

Tree Leaf Village
  • Go to Punk’s Inn.
  • Go to the Weapon/Armor Shop. Purchase:
    • 1x Platinum Short Sword (Spark) – 2100Ryo
    • 1x Platinum Robe (Maddie) – 4500Ryo
    • 1x Chye Chain Mail (Spark) – 3900Ryo
    • 1x Dragon Armour (J.C) – 1000Ryo
    • 1x Dragon Cap (J.C) – 3000Ryo
  • Talk to the guard in the east.
Tree Leaf Village (Destroyed)
  • No random encounters here!
  • When you reach the fork, go east to chests. South to continue.
  • Next fork, east to chests; west to continue.
  • Head south.

    BOSS: Ruxes, Archi, Laki

    • Turn 1: Hell’s Fire, Thunder II, Bubble Storm, VXAP-Tp Boost
    • Turn 2: Radiant Blade, Thunder II, Bubble Storm, Deadly Sweep Kick!

    Reset if Kitt or J.C is paralysed/stunned. The Radiant Blade deals massive damage since they’re all weak against holy. If nobody is paralysed/stunned, this battle will be over in 2 turns.

    BOSS: Creator

    • Turn 1: Hell’s Fire, Thunder II, Big Bubble, VXAP-Tp Boost
    • Turn 2: Radiant Blade, Thunder II, Big Bubble, Deadly Sweep Kick!
    • Turn 3+: Hell’s Fire, Thunder II, Big Bubble, Deadly Sweep Kick!

    Basically the same strategy as above except Deadly Sweep Kick! is the main damage dealer. It’s probably faster to reset if Kitt is taken out.

Chapter 10

Tree Leaf Village
  • Talk to Zane who’s standing outside Kage’s Place.
World Map
  • Head to Sandy Sands Village to continue the story.
  • Enter Kage’s Place, then talk to the guard in the south.
Endless Desert
  • Avoid all the field monsters. Just head straight north and you shouldn’t need to fight anything.

    BOSS: Phantom, Phantom(J.C)
    Give J.C the Shining Sword. Keep using regular attacks and then Aura Blade whenever you have 50+ Tp. Deal with the Phantom first so he can’t revive Phantom(J.C).
    Heal with Healing Blaze whenever you fall below ~3500HP, because Phantom(J.C) can use Fire Clone Storm which hits for ~3000HP even with the Dragon Armour’s resistance.
    Alternatively, instead of using regular attacks to build Tp just use all those Tp Pills you probably have saved up in your inventory.

Max’s Room
  • Grab the two chests. Equip the strongest kunai you can. Save and exit.

    BOSS: Ikibo
    Even though you can, you don’t need to win this battle.
    If you want to win, pop an X-Tp Pill and use Ninja’s Edge twice. Repeat three times and you should win.

Sandy Sands Village
  • Go to the Sandy Sands:Item/Equipment Shop. Purchase:
    • 1x Platinum Kunai – 2250Ryo
    • 1x Chye Chain Mail – 3900Ryo
    • 1x X-Healthy Chye Gem – 5000Ryo
  • Make sure you have a bunch of X-Hp Pills and X-Tp Pills.
  • Exit south to the Endless Desert.
Endless Desert
  • Go straight north. You can escape from the random encounters here.

    BOSS: Phantom, Phantom(Max)
    Again, the only viable method to win is the same as against Ikibo. Pop an X-Tp Pill and use Ninja’s Edge twice against the Phantom. Use an X-Hp Pill whenever you fall below ~4000HP as Phantom(Max) has Clone Storm which hits four times at ~1000HP. When the Phantom dies, switch to using Valiant Edge so you can kill Phantom(Max) faster.
    Even with this strategy this fight needs a bit of luck. You can get paralysed/stunned and have Clone Storm hit you at the worst timing.

Chapter 11

Tree Leaf Village: Carnival
  • After the scene, enter the Equipment/Item Shop (upper left tent). Purchase:
    • 1x X-Healthy Chye Gem (J.C) – 5000Ryo
    • 10x Half X-Pill – 15000Ryo
    • 10x Full X-Pill – 20000Ryo
  • Go to the Game Center (upper right tent). Purchase:
    • 1x Candy Cane Staff (Maddie) – 50000Ryo
    • 1x Serpent’s Blade (J.C) – 50000Ryo
    • 1x Heaven Blade (Spark) – 70000Ryo
    • 4x Ninja Santa’s Coat (All) – 200000Ryo
  • You won’t be needing gold for the rest of the game. This is the only chance to buy the Game Center items, so buy whatever else you want.
  • Enter the Tunnel of Love (lower left tent) when ready.

    BOSS: Gekko
    Spam Eruption. It has a 50% chance burning everyone for additional damage. Whenever you are below 50% health use a Half X-Pill to fully recover.

Tree Leaf Village
  • Go to Kage’s Place.

    BOSS: Lola, Gutt, Mike, Zane
    Swap out Shizuney for Kitt, and make sure Kitt has the Ninja Santa’s Coat. Give Spark anything to boost agility.

    • Turn 1: Eruption, Full X-Pill, Bubble Storm, VXAP-Tp Boost
    • Turn 2: Radiant Blade, Full X-Pill, Bubble Storm, Deadly Sweep Kick!
    • Turn 3+: Eruption, Full X-Pill, Bubble Storm, Deadly Sweep Kick!

    Reset if Spark is paralysed/stunned early on. The enemy will always be faster than you but as long as Spark is faster than the rest of your party they will be healed with the Full X-Pill. You can switch to X-Sword Dance and regular attacks when a couple of them are stunned or dead.

  • The final achievement unlocks before the narrator’s dialogue.
    Til Next Time

        • Completed Ninja training…for now

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