DethKarz: Tips for Better Driving

In this guide we will go through how to get better at DethKarz without cheatcodes (yes there are cheatcodes, but I wouldn’t recommend to use them if you want to experience the joy)


Before you jump to your next race, it would be good to use your keyboard, since gamepads tend to be unstable. Afterall the game was not really made for gamepads but rather these joysticks.

When you start your game, go to Options>Controls>Configure Controller

I wanted to have the keyboard controls to be as intuitive as possible so my hands don’t get strained from the weird keyboard setup.

The method which proved for me very efficient was to change the following keys:

  • Gear up -> E
  • Gear down -> W
  • Fire Gun -> Space
  • Deploy Powerup -> Shift

And leave the rest as it is and get ready to use the traditional arrow keys. And maybe you might wonder why I am mentioning the keys to shift the gear. The answer is, that manual transmission in this game allows you to perform drifts and overall have better controls over your car by a thousand. Trust me, playing this game actually for years I understand how the physics work here.

Now we go over to the second topic

Handling your car

Pick any car you like, or the team and go select your next gamemode. Once you land on the stats page of your car, you want to look for the option called: Transmission. There switch from automatic to manual. And go.

It will take practice and you will need to get used to it. But once you have mastered using manual transmission instead of automatic, you never will switch back to automatic. The same reason why actual race drivers have manual transmission in their racecars. The manual gear allows the driver to perform maneuvers not usually possible on an automatic transmission.

The best tactic to master tight turns without falling off the track is to brake down shortly before the curve, make the turn, release the brake and shift to lower gear. Usually when I have a 5 gear car (exception: Blitzwagens have only 4) I would switch down to third gear. And once I made my turn, shift my gears up accordingly to the speed of the car.

Use Arcade or Time Trial and practice shifting. You won’t regret. It will also help you to stay ahead of your competition a bit.

By Shiro Akata

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