Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition: All Locations in LAW

A picture guide to the spawning locations of the LAW in unmodded Deus Ex. Please excuse the constant ‘Light activated’ messages.


With 1000 base damage, the largest explosion radius in the game and benefits from levelling the Heavy Weapons skill, there’s little argument that the LAW is Deus Ex’s strongest weapon. The caveat, of course, is that only one can be carried at a time and LAWs are quite uncommon. However, that’s what this guide is for.

Hell’s Kitchen, First Visit
The first LAW of Deus Ex comes a couple hours into the game. In a storeroom in the sewers of Hell’s Kitchen that’s occupied by Majestic 12.

Lebedev’s Airfield
In the unground of Lebedev’s private section of LaGuardia, there’s a control room with a button hidden behind a plant. Pressing the button reveals a secret storeroom with many items inside it, including a LAW.

Further into the airfield, you will happen across a small building with barracks and a kitchen inside. A brick that you can interacted with near the ground floor dart board will reveal another hidden room with a LAW.

In the armory of the MJ12 facility below UNATCO, there’s a LAW hanging on the wall.

Hong Kong
Talking to Maggie Chow when first confronting her will yield the passcode to the Wan Chai police station. Naturally, the law will have a LAW.

In the freezer of the Lucky Money night club, there’s a second LAW.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards
With the overall goal of scuttling a super freighter, this level is full of explosives, LAWs included. One of the first you can find is in the sewer passageway that runs beneath the base.

In the ammo depot, there’s two LAWs. One on top of the interior shack in a crate and another in a crate in a bay.

The final LAW of the level is on top of a shipping container on the PRCS Wall Cloud itself, it’s right next to one of the cranes that you can climb.

Paris, Denfert-Rochereau and Catacombs.
A building with small bunker beneath it in the first map of Paris will house a LAW.
Near the end of the Catacombs, there will be a female MiB who totes a LAW, she will need to be rendered unconscious via the prod of tranquilizer crossbow darts if you want this.

Paris, Champs-Élysées, Chateau DuClare and Knights Templar Cathedral
Exiting the Catacombs sewers into the Paris streets will put you uncomfortable close to a rather large group of MJ12 troops. The trooper who hangs out with the Doberman will be carrying a LAW.

Within the basement of Beth DuClare’s home, there’s a small blocked-off room with a crate containing a LAW.

The vault of the cathedral houses a LAW that is quite useful in the fight against Gunther Hermann.

Outdoors behind the main building of Vandenberg, there’s a scaffolding that a pair of MJ12 goons are using as a sniper nest. There’s also two LAWs you can reach if you climb up the scaffolding and onto a pipe.

Within the submerged section of the tunnels beneath Vandenberg, there’s a crate containing a LAW in the large room.

Ocean Lab and Missile Silo
On top of the on-shore module of the Ocean Lab, there are two MJ12 troopers who patrol the catwalk. On carries a GEP Gun and the other, who has the Assault Rifle equipped also carries a LAW.

Within the MJ12 missile silo, there’s a barracks building, entering a two-digit code will igve you access to its attic, where it contains a LAW in a crate.

Area 51
A shack with a security terminal in the outside portion of Area 51 houses a crate with a LAW.

Also on the outdoors portion of Area 51, the basement bunk of the barracks building will have a LAW within a crate.

Much further down, right before the entrance to Bob Page’s domain, a dead US Marine will have a LAW on the ground beside him.

In Sector 4’s coolant area, nestled in a stairwell, there’s a crate with a LAW.

Also in Sector 4’s coolant area and rather will hidden, the final LAW of Deus Ex can be found in the deep underwater channel. Just follow the unflinching gaze of a dead US Marine.

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