Deus Ex Invisible War: Unique Weapons Guide

A guide to all the unique weapons in Deus Ex: Invisible War



Unique to the series (until Mankind Divided at least), Invisible War features a number of one of a kind weapons not found anywhere else. Some of the weapons may be of questionable usefulness, but this guide will show you where to find all of them regardless.

Toxin Blade

Weapon Description- As the name implies, the Toxin Blade is a Combat Knife that injects a poison every time it hits an enemy. The poison will inflict damage for a short time after the strike is made, and the poison effect is cumulative.

Emerald Suites, the location of our first unique weapon

How to Find the Toxin Blade- Head over to Emerald Suites, which is the same place where Dr. Nassif’s apartment is located. Your target is the apartment next to her’s, press the intercom and if you hear “I’m not expecting any visitors; go away before I call SSC, or deal with you myself” from the other side, you’re at the right apartment.

The apartment in question

From here you have a few options, such as using multitools or the master code you bought off the Janitor. The easiest way is to go to the stairway and crawl through the vents. When you drop into the apartment a man will shoot at you with his pistol, so deal with him as you see fit. Got to the bedroom, and underneath the pillow should be the Toxin Blade

Before and after your prize has been revealed

Red Greasel Hunter

Weapon Description- The Red Greasel Hunter is your standard pistol, but with an infrared flashlight. Useful for stealth players as no one else but the player can see this flashlight

How to Find the Red Greasel Hunter- To grab this prize, first go down to the Lower Seattle Slums.

The door out of the Inclinator Facility to the Lower Seattle Slums

As soon as you step outside the Inclinator Facility, there will be a Sewer Grate

Prepare yourself to fight the two Karkians that live inside, and once they are dealt with you can claim your new pistol from the body of an Omar. The other loot around him is probably more valuable than the pistol itself, the Energy Blade especially

Clearly the previous owner tried to hunt more than Greasels

Hellfire Boltcaster

Weapon Description- The Hellfire Boltcaster is similar to the regular version, but is very much lethal. It shoot incendiary bolts that set enemies on fire, damaging them until they finally die. Just watch out, as they will start running around screaming when they’re on fire, potentially injuring you in the process.

How to Find the Hellfire Boltcaster-
First, make your way over to the Nassif Greenhouse in Cairo. Make your way over to the control room, the one overlooking the crops

A Medical bot controls the hallway, letting you know you’re in the right place

Walk down the hallway until you come to a door that leads out onto a balcony

Walk to the edge and look over to the right, that vent is your target

Use the planks sticking out of the wall to jump over to the other balcony. Legs upgrade are very useful here

Once you’ve made it to the vent, the hard part is over.

All you have to do is climb into the vent, down the ladder and collect your prize

The Hellfire Boltcaster is just at the other side of the room, amongst some other junk

Assassin Pistol

Weapon Description- The assasin pistol is much like the standard pistol, except with better damage and a scope instead of a flashlight. Note however that the weapon is VERY loud, so use a silencer if you intend to be anything resembling stealthy.

How to Find the Assassin Pistol- Once you land in Trier, make your way over to the Nine Worlds Tavern

Once through the security, head towards the stairs. You’ll want to go upstairs, past the locked door. It requires two multitools

Once you’re through, simply wander over to the corner and grab the pistol out from under a pile of junk.

This is also the place where the Omar will set up shop after you make contact with their agent, so that may be something to keep in mind if you like buying from them

Dragon Tooth Sword

Weapon Description- While the other weapons may have been underwhelming, this one will not disappoint any melee players out there. The Dragon Tooth Sword, as fans of the original game will know, is hands down the best melee weapon in the game. It doesn’t look nearly as cool as the original, instead sharing an appearance with the other energy swords.. but it’s still just as deadly as the original

How to Find the Dragon Tooth Sword-
As you are going through JC’s Sanctuary, you’ll find yourself in the ‘Hong Kong’ room, which resembles Maggie Chow’s apartment.

The sword is on top of the bookshelf, right in front of you as soon as you appear in the room. Just jump up and grab it

Right in front of your face, but easy to miss

Widowmaker SMG

Weapon Description- The last of our unique weapons, the Widowmaker is an interesting one. Instead of it’s secondary attack lobbing Flashbang Grenades, it deploys Spiderbots. Apparently the weapon is also a little bit more accurate than it’s common counterpart

How to Find the Widowmaker SMG- On your return to Cairo, head over to Archology 107-108 and walk over to the ramp named ‘maintenance’. If you cured the plague, you’ll be familiar.

Do down the ramp and hang a left, you’re looking for a hole in the wall

Once you’ve located the wall simply crawl through it and keep going until you find a room with an unfortunate guard inside

Simply move the junk out of the way, crawl in and claim your prize, being careful to avoid the steam

The sixth and final unique weapon is now all yours

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