Deviant Anomalies: Interrogation Guide

Here’s a walkthrough/guide (written by nitemarez44) for interrogation of the four sisters for the second half of the Lance of Longinus mission.

New Version: 0.8.5 Part 1


Interrogation Guide

You can interview the girls after you’ve collected all their relevant evidence. Remember to visit Moe twice during the night to collect two pieces that can’t be obtained at the church alone. Also after talking to him one of the time, a phone will appear in Delilah’s(?) dorm room which wasn’t there before.

To get good cop to full meter: offer water, turn on camera, unlock door.
To get bad cop to full meter: turn off camera, lock door.
Touching them as much as your able doesn’t affect the outcome of the interrogation.

Eve : Bad cop (Afternoon church courtyard)
-Meeting with sister Anna outside : Truth
-Her erotic books inside Delilah’s room : Pressure
-Sex Video with sister Anna : Lying (Eve x Anna photo)
Blackmail after interview

Teresa : Good cop (Afternoon church library)
-Sex addiction : Pressure !H-Scene
-Black Pearl of Palazzo : Lying (Black Pearl photo)
-Recommendation letter in Victoria’s office : Truth
Blackmail after interview !H-Scene

Miriam : Good cop (Evening church courtyard)
-She’s Fucking Albert? : Lying (Albert sextape)
-Obsessed with sacremental wine? : Truth
-Secret ingredient : Pressure
Blackmail after interview

Delilah : Bad cop (Evening church library)
-Relationship with sister Anna. Promotion blocked? : Pressure
-Who’s Victoria Vanderbilt? : Truth
-What’s her role in Qanon subreddit? : Lying (Aton gathering photo)
Blackmail after interview !H-Scene

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