DIG Deep In Galaxies: Getting past Invisibility Gates without Potions

How to use the grappling hook to skip past laser barriers without having to use an invisibility potion.


Grappling Hook Laser Clip

To clip past laser gates, simply shoot your grappling hook past the laser, onto a ceiling higher than the origin of the laser. Afterwards, reel the grappling hook in (W on Keyboard).

Depending on the angle of the rope, you might either:

  • not clip at all. In this case, simply try again.
  • clip completely.
  • only clip for a few frames. Here it is possible to interrupt the grappling hook with a well timed jump, landing you on the other side. It might take some practice to get the timing down.

This can be done in either direction.

Potential Softlock

Sometimes (with very shallow rope angles) the game can break upon reeling the rope in. Keep in mind to not use too shallow rope angles when attempting this exploit.
As the game doesn’t crash, it is still possible to save and quit through the Pause-Menu and continue your run.

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