Dirty Bomb: New Player Settings Guide (V1.0)

Guide for disabling most of the obstructive blur/shake/screen effects. Posting this here so I don’t have to manually type this out every single time I try to introduce friends to the game.



Crosshair (Optional, personal preference)


Screen Effects


I’ve had trouble with Windowed mode adding input lag, but if it works fine on your end, feel free to keep it on.

Feel free to turn down the settings further if you need the frames. This is just the bare minimum you need to remove most of the obstructive blurs and blinding lighting effects.

Dev Console

The Dev console is hidden away in Settings -> Language
If you find the input for long jumping awkward, you can bind it to a single button with
setbind LeftAlt "Duck | Jump" 1

By Moffein

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