Disgaea 2 PC: Auto Grind Script for “Caves of Ordeal 4”

The thing you want for when you’re too lazy to grind from lv1000 to max.


What is an auto script?

TL;DR: You can grind many levels while being AFK.

You’ll need AutoHotKey Downloaded to do this. It’ll be useful in the other Disgaea games. I promise.

You can find the website for it here.[www.autohotkey.com]

Or if you don’t believe me you can just type it into your search engine.

Anyway. Now that that’s out of the way. The guide!

List of things you need:

1. Magichange (And additionally. One monster with access to magichange 2 (So complete Axel mode first)

2. A high amount of SP (Optional but without it you can’t grind for long)

3. Two characters with ATK stats of 10,000-13,000 (Since the 4×2 formation means you can’t do it with one.)

4. Space for items in your warehouse (If it’s full then the timing will be thrown off (Probably. I haven’t tested that part.))

5. Access to the level “Caves of Ordeal 4 (CoO4)”

6. Felonies (Not really required. But it’ll make things up to 3x faster)

7. This specific order at the top of your character list;

Very important notes about the script

1. This script is specific to a generic sword user and Laharl. Because of the way Disgaea 2 handles skills. Skills are ordered in the order that you acquired them (as opposed to generic skills before character specific skills).

2. You need the fastest settings enabled (See below)

3. Be aware that your keyboard binds may differ from the script binds. (Below)
(This assumes you use WASD as your movement binds too)

4. Timings may be off depending on your hardware (More on that later).

How to make a script work:

Making a script:
1. Right click on a folder (Such as “documents”)

2. New -> “AutoHotKey Script”

3. Right click that new file.

4. “Edit script” (Or something along those lines)

5. Copy paste my script onto it.

Executing a script:
1. Take your new script and rename it (Optional, but it’s a good habit)

2. Send your script to:

“Local Disk -> Program Files -> AutoHotKey -> Compiler”

3. Right click -> Run

There’s a guide on Disgaea 1 That explains it better if you still don’t understand.

“Shut up and give me the script”

Copy and paste this entire thing. Use F3 to start the script and p to pause/resume.

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Event ; For science!
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

SetKeyDelay, 65, 65
Send k
Sleep, 3500.0
SetKeyDelay, 95, 95
Send kkkwwwwk
Sleep, 1000.0
Send sssskkkwwwk
Sleep 1000.0
Send ksssskk
Sleep 1500.0
Send sssskkkwwwk
Sleep 1000.0
Send ksssskk
Sleep 1500.0
Send sssskkkwwwwdk
Sleep 1000.0
Send aksskssskk
Sleep 100.0
Send dksskwwwkk1
Sleep, 6000.0
Send kk
Sleep, 1200.0
Send 0
Sleep, 1.0

“How do I edit this?”

Unless the script doesn’t work. Don’t touch the “Sleep” and “SetKeyDelay” lines. They’re very important.

More soon.


It’s probably better not to ask me stuff about this. I pretty much copy-pasted the script for Disgaea 1’s Demonhall mirror and reverse engineered it to fit into CoO4.
By Kong

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