DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide I will give you advice and instructions to complete every single achievement in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition.



The 100% has two parts which have almost no connection with each other. Offline modes and Online modes. The ranks you achieve offline, have no bearing on your online rank, for example. As the online part is the most important for this group of course, I will start with that.

DLC REQUIRED: YOU NEED ACESS TO THE STORY MODE FOR THE 100%. Standard as well as Deluxe Edition contain it.

BEWARE: I recommend playing the tutorial before anything, to understand not only the controls, but the general mechanics of Bravery & HP and how to move around.

A big shoutout to Rantsi and Zenilla from the Achievement hunting Discord 100Pals, we suffered together through this and figured some specifics out as a team.

Do you love achievements?

Well, you are not alone! There is a great community with lots of support, guides and shoulders to cry on, if those pesky achievements won’t unlock or you just need some support. Join the 100Pals Discord[achievementhunting.com] and find more like you 🙂

Online Mode

Thanks to the game being dead, this is played in the Online mode, but you are just fighting bots anyway.
Online Modes -> Solo Queue -> Wait for 4 minutes (yes, 4 minutes) -> Bots fill up both sides

Step 1 – A++ grading the 28 basic characters

The reason we want to do this first: Your online rank will increase in online modes, making your bots as well as enemy bots stronger. So it will only get harder and harder to A++ them. The AI is mostly ready to just take your Bravery / HP attacks straight in the face, so its not as hard as it sounds.

To get an A++ grade after winning the game, you want to one-shot and kill the enemy team all by yourself, meaning you get the killing blow every time. To do that, only use Bravery Attacks until you get to ~4000+ Bravery and then one-shot an enemy using your HP-attack. While waiting for the bots to join, use the time to look at your Move List (SELECT on controller, Space on PC) and find out what range your attacks seem to have, to be prepared in the match.

Your bravery will look like this normally.

Once it looks like this (ignore my negative HP) and the font turns purple, you are definitely ready to one-shot your targeted enemy, which does not have enough HP to survive your HP-attack. In high numbers like this, you will definitely one-shot anyone. If your font turns purple although the number is quite low, it means your target has low HP and could be one-shot by you.

The biggest problem will be your own teammates being as aggressive as you and also getting killing blows. If that happens, you are unlucky and probably won’t get an A++ this match. Do this 3 times with everyone of the basic 28 characters and we already have 28 achievements done. Nice, right? (Check the bold text under the list to see what you can look out for while doing this!)

So you don’t have to google around, here is the list of the original characters, in case you bought the Deluxe Edition / DLC and have more available:
Warrior of Light – Garland – Firion – Emperor – Onion Knight – Cloud of Darkness – Cecil Harvey – Kain Highwind – Golbez – Bartz Klauser – Exdeath – Terra Branford – Kefka Palazzo – Cloud Strife – Sephiroth – Squall Leonhart – Ultimecia – Zidane Tribal – Kuja – Tidus – Jecht – Shantotto – Vaan – Lightning – Y’shtola – Noctic Lucis Caelum – Ramza Beoulve – Ace

While doing this, go for the following stuff as well:
(Check out the “Titles” section as well, to know what you are aiming for over time!)

This should come naturally, as this is our approach to A++ grading anyway.

This will also come naturally, more often than not you will one-shot someone at full HP doing our method.

This will most likely come over the course of the 28 characters, depending on how often your enemies use HP attacks and hit you. Nothing to focus on really, it will happen over time, when you are aggressive enough and lucky / skillful enough to not get hit.

Step 2 – 300 matches and cleanup

This one is tricky and would be the best achievement to do with a partner. You need to interrupt someone’s attack with your own attack, while that enemy is attacking someone else. When you interrupt someone attacking you, it does not count. Doing this 5 times in a match nets you 60 points in the Allies saved category. You can check this at the end of the match, by looking at the details of the score. The good news of this achievement: You don’t need to win the match for this to count, so excellent for boosting it together. A quick attacker like Ace and characters with quick AoE attacks are great for this.
tl,dr: Soloable, but takes effort and may cost you a lot of wins along the road to 300.

These summoning cores spawn during the matches and can be attacked by anyone. For this achievement to count up, you need to be the only one doing damage to the core until its gone, including your teammates. The AI tends to IMMEDIATELY go for the core, making this hard to do with bots. Over the course of 300 ranked matches with you focusing on it, you will get it eventually.

This is of course the longest online achievement. Easily done with bots, but the queuing time of 4 minutes between each match takes a while. If you have a full group of 6 people playing at the same time, you can cut down the waiting time a lot, but you would also need to lose 300 times on top of winning 300 times. So without a full group of 6 AND good coordination, it would not be faster.

Personally I enjoyed playing Golbez for this, but during the 3 A++ ranking of each character you will get an insight into what character / playstyle is for you.

Potentially quicker approach: Instead of sticking with one character to get comfortable with, you can also switch your characters out before they reach the next rank. Example: Silver E, D, C, B, A. Once you reach Silver A, you switch that character out and play someone else. Doing that, the enemies will stay easy and you won’t have any kind of challenge winning. It can cut down the match-time quite a bit.


Before we get to the offline mode stuff (the vast majority of the game actually), let’s talk about titles.

As you can see, you need 50 total. I will give you a list of the ones you can do on the way to the hundred percent without going out of your way too much. The numbers in the brackets show you the minimum amount of titles you will get with the lowest effort as well as the total titles in order.

– Reach C. Lv. 10 with a character (28+ titles – 28 total)
When you do the offline grind, you will keep swapping out your AI party members once they reach C. Lv. 10. With all standard characters, that’s already 28 titles. Depending on the purchase of the Deluxe Edition and DLC, you can get even more easy titles.

– Offline Rank of Crystal A with a character (1 title – 29 total)
Y’shtola will get this quickly, once you start the offline grind.

– Win 100 ranked matches with a character (1 title – 30 total)
Theoretically you can get this 3 times while going for 300 ranked wins. Personally I preferred sticking with one, because of the next title as well. Also, I had fun playing as Golbez and fun is hard to come by in this game, so allow yourself a bit.

– Win 150 ranked matches with [Character type] characters (1 title – 31 total)
Character types are Vanguard, Assassins, Specialists and Marksmen. Sticking with one character, you will get one title guaranteed.

– Win 100 ranked matches in which [summon] was chosen (2 titles – 33 total)
The available summons are Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Odin, Leviathan, Alexander and Bahamut. The choice is more or less irrelevant, they won’t help you with the fights too much. Ideally you eliminate 3 opponents before a summon even occurs. If you don’t fall asleep on the wheel like I did, you can absolutely get 3 of those during the 300 ranked matches, but I only got 2 of them, as I didn’t notice getting the title quickly enough.

– Story titles (7 titles – 40 total)
By clearing the whole story mode, you will inevitably get 7 titles.

– Playtime (3 titles – 43 total)
You will get titles for 10 hours, 50 hours and 100 hours. Yes, you will get over 100 hours, unfortunately. There is another one for 500 hours. Please, don’t do this to yourself.

– Consecutive days played (1 title – 44 total)
You can get titles for 7 /15 / 30 / 60 days in a row. 15 is reasonable, but my mind could not take it, so I only had one title for 7 days in a row.

– Obtained Gil (3 titles – 47 total)
You can get titles for collecting 1,000 / 10,000 / 100,000 and 1,000,000 gil respectively. I am not sure if I had the 1 million, but I definitely had the 100k, so lets go with 3 inevitable titles.

– Obtained items (4 titles – 51 total)
You can get titles for collecting 10 / 50 / 100 / 500 items as treasure or from the shops (where you can invest your Gil into, if bored)

– Ranks (3 titles – 54 total)
You can get titles for reaching Silver / Gold / Platinum / Mythril / Diamond / Adamant / Crystal rank in Online ranked mode. My Golbez reached Mythril E, which means its kind of close. So lets go with 3 titles minimum.

– Gauntled mode (1 title– 55 total)
All the offline gauntlet modes have a certain highscore you can reach to get another title. You don’t want to bother with Story Trial (Hard) and especially not Summon Trial (Hard). I only got the Basic Trial score over 43,000 points total. It happens incidentally at some point, when you try to get through the offline grind as quickly as possible.

As you can see, the minimal effort will get you more than the 50 required titles, so the purchase of the Deluxe Edition or DLC characters is not necessary at all for the 100%.

Offline Mode

You can do these in what order you desire. I recommend a bit of the grind for a while, then do the Story and Trials for some change of scenery, before going back to the pit.

Story Mode

Before completing the story mode, you need 30 Memoria, a sort of currency you use to unlock every stage of the story mode. You gain them every time your P. Lv. goes up, which happens no matter what you play. If you want to focus it, look on the “The Grind of all Grinds” section. If you did the Online mode stuff completely, you should be way above P. Lv. 30.

The story mode itself is quite easy, not much too explain really. It can help a lot if you go for the “The Grind of all Grinds” a bit, to unlock certain attacks and moves for a lot of characters, but not a must. If you struggle with a certain fight, there are a lot of videos on YouTube. You also need to beat every single Summon boss (including Shinryu, the last boss) on Hard at least once (possible after beating the full story mode). Nothing too hard, but there are better guides for help on that out there. Patience and perseverance will be important for this game, you will barely remember this small part here, once you are done.

Trials (Story and Summons)

After completing the Story mode, you are able to tackle the five Story Trials in offline mode, as well as the Summon Trial. The former is a breeze, the latter less so. Keep your cool, play a character you are familiar with and you will get through all the boss battles in a single go. Let’s be glad it’s not on Hard.

Refreshing your memory via YouTube videos can help, to dodge all the bosses heavily telegraphed attacks. The Summon Trial was the hardest part of the whole game, but you don’t need to be a god at this game, don’t worry.

The Grind of all Grinds

Here we are, end of the line. Nothing but despair from here on out. You will gain a lot of titles here, but the main reason we are doing this, is the fact that you need to gain a lot of levels. How many? Let’s try P. Lv. 247. You might look into your stats after all the gaming you have done and be a bit shocked how much away you are from it. Yes, yes you are. You might ask: “Hey, why do I need to grind this?” You need to, to get this silly goose of an achievement:

You have gathered a lot of treasures while getting here, from the story mode and gauntlets. Also every time you gain a P. Lv. From the experience of two other achievement hunters as well as myself, after you have done everything else required for the 100%, P. Lv. 247 will get you the remaining treasures, one at each level up.

So, let me tell you what life has in store for many hours. You will start a Core Battle in Offline mode. You will play as Y’shtola and your AI companions will be the characters you still need to get to C. Lv. 10 (for their titles, remember?). You will always pick the highest difficulty available, the choices of difficulty will go up with the rank of your Y’shtola over time.

Once you select a map with enemies and the highest possible difficulty, your match starts. Your goal is to destroy the enemy core. Nothing more. So, make a beeline to it, but keep some distance to its border. Y’shtola has a simple Bravery attack called Stone, which throws three rocks at the core, from quite a large distance (3 rings on the radar, iirc). The core is only vulnerable while no enemy combatant is inside the dome surrounding the core. That is the main reason why a match can take only 30 seconds, 2 minutes or even fail (Rarely, thankfully). You are relying on the enemies being too stupid to defend their core, as well as your AI companions not going for the core as well, because that will attract the enemy closer to it as well.

You will have to do 6 of those matches, the total score will be added up and a certain calculation will then net you Exp towards your P. Lv. Depending on how much of the story mode you have done, you will get asked at the end of the 6 matches if you want a bonus encounter, which means fighting one of the bosses for extra Exp. The fights take way too long and don’t give enough Exp to be worth it. If you are close to 43,000 points for the title, you might go for it, besides that, never worth it. Nothing else comes close to the speed in terms of getting Exp for this, so this is your life now.

Here some advice from hours of pain:

– Y’shtola unlocks a certain HP attack called React. Use that one, it creates a circle right in front of your feet. Stand in it, and when an enemy gets close to strike you, they will get hit, stunned and pushed away for even more stun. Which is helpful time to have the core undefended.

– Because of this tactic, you want to avoid ANY kind of ranged / spellcaster enemies, if y
ou can. Melee enemies are your friend. Characters like Golbez, Rinoa, Ultimecia and especially Emperor will eat at your nerves if you don’t try to avoid them.

– Over time you will experiment and find places on all the stages, where you have an easier time going for the core without being interrupted or the enemy defending it less. Thanks to your react circle, you can pretty much go straight at it, set your circle, and get on with it. Be willing to try out different spots, but luck is always involved.

– Certain stages are absolutely awful for this strategy and you will start to consider your life choices if you don’t avoid them. The ones I would always avoid if possible are: Interdimensional Rift, Midgar, Royal City of Rabanastre and Orbonne Monastery.

– If you can not avoid nasty enemies AND nasty stages, I would always choose a bad stage over one or two bad enemies. Your choices are limited, but you can any combination done, even if it takes longer and frustrates more.

That is all the help I can give you, the rest is up to you. If you beat this game 100% you have my respect, as I know the pain you endured. Good luck. And please play something really awesome after this, you deserve it. I would be remiss to stoke the fires, so I recommend my favourite Final Fantasy games FF VIII and XII as a perfect palette cleanser after this tiring escapade.

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