Don’t Chat With Strangers: 100% Achievement Guide

Due to the lack of English achievement-guides I decided to create my own guide to help get the last remaining achievements to reach the game to 100% perfection! 🙂
Feel free to comment if you’ve found any short-cuts for some achievements.


Let the gas leak. After a while, a ghost will appear.
You can try to speed up the event by being rude to Lucy in the beginning of chatting with her until she says “Gas is leaking”.

Related to the “Hug” achievement. Let Lucy haunt you for a couple of times. After the third or fourth time she will run up on you and stab you in the throat.

Step outside by clicking on the window and then click on the car.

Call 911 or any other number and just wait. You will eventually get electrocuted by the phone.

I’m Free
Complete the game.

Usually happened to me after stopping the gas leak for the third time in one playthrough.
At last, the character will sit down on the bed and take a bunch of pills, go to sleep and then a scene will follow where you’re driving the car again.

Turn the cross upside-down by clicking on it. You’ll then need to wait for about 40-50 seconds.

At the beginning of the game, get back into the bed until a monster drops down from the desk and crawls under your bed sheets. Click the chair and let it kill you.

This achievement involves a bit of luck. When chatting with Lucy in the beginning (before playing buttons/calling her) you need to wait until she messages you “I’m full”. Proceed to answer with the following- “What did you eat?”; “I am not into pasta.”; “No”; “Sure”

Almost there
You have to play through the game normally until you have to choose the location of Lucy’s body. Intentionally pick the wrong place to drive to first and then move to the correct place. Dig the grave for Lucy and push her body into the whole. She will grab you and pull you down with her.

Out Of This Place
When playing through the game normally, you will get this achievement when you need to drive the car at the end.

Little Robot
Lose six times at Mechs vs Fruits. Click the door on the left and then back on the chair. The robot in the shelf will kill you with its lasers.

Short Circuit
Activate the lamp first and then click onto the radio. An explosion will happen.

This is the most common death which you will get whenever you ignore Lucy for too long or do something which will make her log out of the chat.

There is a step-by-step guide made by another person on how to get this achievement. [It involves changing the games’ code and then doing the “cruicify”-achievement to get this one.]

Smashed by car
Call 911 and listen for someone speaking at the other end of the line. Then sit back down and wait.

Mechs vs Fruits
Get to level 10 in MvF. – Probably the most annoying achievement to get…

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