Don’t Knock Twice: Achievement Guide 100%

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.



Estimated difficulty: 1/10.

Estimated 100% time: ~1.5-2 hours.

Offline/online achievements: 28 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 2.

Glitched achievements: None.

Missable Achievements: 19. Everything in the Collectibles and Misc. sections, as well as the endings, technically.


Note 1/25
As soon as you start the game, grab the magazine on the couch to your right.

Russian Doll 1/13
Looking at the fireplace in the starting room, 180 and you’ll spot a laptop. To the left of the laptop is a lamp, chair, and box on the floor. The doll is hidden behind the box. Pick it up and toss it to break it.

Matricide Destroy a Russian doll.

Note 2/25
Exit the room you’re in and hook a right. You’ll find the next note under a set of coats in the hallway.

Note 3/25
Go down the left hall this time and follow it through until you spot a mirror. You have to go this way so you shouldn’t miss it. The note is on a table right next to said mirror.

Note 4/25
Go through the door to the left of the mirror and walk forward a few feet. Spooky lightning will go off outside and you should spot the note on a table to your right.

Russian Doll 2/13
Exit outside into a courtyard and look to your right to spot an iron gate. To the left of the gate on the stone wall is a basketball hoop and a turned over flower pot underneath. Pick up the pot to find the doll.

Russian Doll 3/13
Continue through the linear set of events until your candle gets blown out and you have to relight it. Go back down the hall with the mirror from note 3, but this time enter the door to the left, just before it. Inside you’ll find yourself in a living room of sorts. Head right and open the closet next to the fireplace to find the doll nestled between the boxes.

Note 5/25
Turn 180 degress from the doll in the closet to spot this note on the table in front of you.

Note 6/25
Now head upstairs. As soon as you’re at the top look to your right to spot this note on a table under a large painting of a forest.

Note 7/25
From the last note, head down the hall to your right and you’ll spot this only a few feet away in a tiny alcove on the left.

Note 8/25
Continue forward a few more feet and you’ll spot an open door on your right with a lit fire. Go inside and look on the bed.

Confessions of a Teenager Read Chloe’s diary entries.

Note 9/25
Next to the laptop in the same room.

Note 10/25
On the left bedside table in the same room.

Pass Find 40% of collectables.

Russian Doll 4/13
Open the closet next to the last note to find the doll inside.

Note 11/25
Exit the bedroom to spot a swinging light to your right. Head down this way and things will get too spooky. The note is on a table at the very end of the hall just before the next door.

Russian Doll 5/13
Go through the door to find yourself in the creepy dungeon that everyone has in their house. Make a right before going down the stairs to find a table near the end of this balcony. The doll is on the table. It is extremely small so look closely.

Note 12/25
Go downstairs to find a photo on the table in the middle of the room.

Russian Doll 6/13
Head into the other section of the cellar with all of the statues hanging out. The doll is on a shelf to the back right. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see a window and a mirror to the left of it.

Note 13/25
Head into the opposite corner from the doll (back left) to find the note on a table.

This Is Your Life Read Jess’ diary entries.

Note 14/25
After grabbing the water chalice, head back to the pentagram and the door on your left will open. Head through to find the note and the flamethrower on your right.

Russian Doll 7/13
After burning the first wall of ivy, look behind the wooden beam to your left before turning the corner to your right. The doll is on the floor.

Mother Russia Destroy half of the Russian dolls.

Collectibles (cont.)

Note 15/25
After exiting back into the courtyard you’ll see aliens the witch pull Chloe through a doorway. Head into that same room to find this note on the pool table.

Merit Find 60% of collectables.

Note 16/25
On the same pool table.

Note 17/25
On the same pool table.

Note 18/25
In the same room as the pool table is a lit fireplace. The note is on the table in front of it.

Note 19/25
Head back to the room where we found the 2nd doll and instead of going upstairs, head through the doorway to the back left of the bottom floor. The note will be on the kitchen table.

Russian Doll 8/13
Head around to the opposite side of the table and crouch down to spot the doll. (If you’re looking at the burning stove, make a 180 and crouch)

Russian Doll 9/13
After collecting the fire doll from the stove, head through the crawl space and smash the wall at the far end to find yourself back in the first hallway. Go back to the pool room and open the closet to find a brick wall. A brick near the bottom is loose and can be pulled out. After doing so, walk through the wall?…The doll is inside.

Note 20/25
Head back into the piano room and look on the piano itself to find a photo.

Distinction Find 80% of collectables.

Russian Doll 10/13
Use the axe to break open the piano cover. Press the bloody key and a secret door will open to your right. Head inside and look between the boxes near the window to find the doll.

Russian Doll 11/13
Head back upstairs from the piano. At the top of the stairs, break open the door to your immediate left to find a bathroom. The doll is next to the toilet.

Note 21/25
On the bathroom counter.

Note 22/25
Leave the bathroom and head down the hall to spot another locked door on your left. Break it open and look on the bed inside.

Russian Doll 12/13
Exit the bedroom and look to your left to immediately spot a locked cabinet. Crack it open to find the doll inside.

Note 23/25
Head back downstairs and locate the locked door that leads into the basement (it’s near a door that leads to the courtyard). The note is on top of the drawer at the bottom of the stairs.

Note 24/25
After crossing the plank you lowered in the basement, hook a right to spot the photo on top of a table.

Family Album Find all of the family photographs.

Russian Doll 13/13
To the immediate right of the last note is a locked cabinet. Smash it open to find the doll inside.

Matryoshka No More Destroy all of the Russian dolls.

Note 25/25
After finding all 5 ritual items, head back to the pentagram and stand inside it to spawn a door. Go against the name of the game and knock twice. Once on the other side, look on the large rock to the left just before entering the cave.

Dead Clever Find 100% of collectables.

Bibliophile Find 100% of collectables in a single playthrough.

Tuppence a Bag Feed the crow.

As soon as you exit into the courtyard, head straight across to find a table with a box of bird feed on it. Pick up the feed and zoom in on it to be able to rotate it. Flip it upside down and pour a bunch out until the achievement pops.

Filet-O-Crow Cook the crow.

After pouring out the bird feed, walk away from the table, then head back to spot a crow eating. Ignite the poor thing with your candle.

Pot Black Pot the black snooker ball.

After burning all of the ivy and exiting back into the courtyard, you’ll spot a bright light in the window to your left. Looking inside you’ll see Chloe get pulled through a doorway. Go into the same room to spot a pool table. Grab the black ball and drop it into any pocket.

Alley-Oop! Dunk the basketball.

In the same room as the pool table is a basketball near the fireplace. Grab it and head back outside to the courtyard. Near the first iron gate you pass through is a hoop. You can stand under the hoop and toss the ball up to get the achievement without having to aim.

Wales Interactive Burn the whale.

After entering the basement, you’ll need to smash a few wooden boards and turn a crank to lower a plank to progress. Before crossing the plank, look to the left of the wooden boards you broke to spot a large painting. Walk in front of it to burn it.

Faster Than Light Complete the game without lighting any wall candles.

Simply complete the entire game without lighting any candles but the one you carry. I highly recommend holding your phone out the entire time and only using the flamethrower when necessary as it’s fairly easy to accidentally light a candle. If you’re struggling with vision you could try turning the brightness up.


Relight My Fire Light the candle.

As soon as you start the game you’ll be facing a lit fireplace. In the corner to the right of it will be a candle on a table. Grab it, and light it in the fireplace.

Water Complete the Water part of the pentagram.

After making your way to the cellar with the pentagram, enter the back part with all the statues. At the back of the room is a sealed well with a crank on it’s left. Crank it open and grab the chalice inside.

Pyrotechnic Find the flamethrower.

Immediately after grabbing the water chalice, exit through the door opposite the staircase to find the flamethrower on your right.

Soul Axiom Find the axe.

As soon as you enter the kitchen, look on the table to find an axe.

Here’s Johnny! Destroy a door handle.

Using the axe, aim at a door handle and swing to break it. You will need to do this to escape the kitchen.

Fire Complete the Fire part of the pentagram.

After using the axe to break the kitchen door, enter the crawlspace and look to your right. Turn the valve to shut off the stove, then grab the doll inside.

Spirit Complete the Spirit part of the pentagram.

After escaping the kitchen, head back to the piano room and smash open the piano cover. Press the bloody key to open a secret door to your right. Head inside and flip the breaker switch to drop a staircase down. Head up to find the necklace to your right.

Air Complete the Air part of the pentagram.

After escaping the attic, head upstairs from the piano room and smash open the door to your immediate left. Inside is a bathroom with a gore filled tub. After the tub bubbles and churns, turn the sink taps on to steam up the mirror and find a code. Go down the hall and break open the next door you spot to find yourself in a bedroom. Input the code into the safe and grab the ring inside.

Earth Complete the Earth part of the pentagram.

After making your way into the basement, you will spot a couple of wooden walls you can smash with the axe. Next to them is a crank that lowers a plank of wood for you to cross. After crossing over, approach the brick wall and look for loose bricks you can pull out near the middle of the wall. Behind a set of these bricks will be the tiara.

The Servant’s Curse Complete the ending with aggression.

At the end of the game, use the axe to kill the witch.

A Mother’s Love Complete the ending with restraint.

At the end of the game, don’t attack the witch at all. Let her rip the cage open and stand there.

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