DRAGON BALL THE BREAKERS: 100% Achievement Guide

This is my guide to help you obtain all achievements for Dragon Ball The Breakers.


Lobby Achievements
Achievements you can only get from the Lobby

Time for a Makeover!

Change your costume.

Head over to the shop and buy any clothing related item you would like to customize your character with. Should be able to get this achievement along side First-Time Customer

First-Time Customer

Buy something in the shop.

Purchase any item you would like. Should be able to get this achievement along side Time for a Makeover!

Lend Me Your Strength!

Obtain a transphere from a Spirit Siphon.

Head to the Spirit Siphon and summon on any banner that interests you.

Training to Survive

Train any skill up to +20.

This will take a while since you’re gonna need a lot of super warrior spirits. Head over to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and focus on training on one skill you think would be the most useful.

Your Suffering Starts Now

Power any raider skill up to +20.

While in the lobby press ESC to enter the menu screen and press E to view all raiders. Here you can customize and upgrade your raiders. You need to level up your raider in order to get skill points so this will take a while with how low your chances are of getting raider every time. For whichever character you main I would recommend upgrading the skills that increase your evolution energy.

Survivor Achievements Part 1

Achievements you can only get by playing as a Survivor

My First Skill

Use an active skill as a survivor.

Pretty self explanatory. You most likely already have this achievement before reading this guide, unless you somehow unequipped your skills which I would recommended reequipping them.

You’re a Lot Braver Than Me

Reach survivor level 30.

A little time consuming but since leveling up is fast you’ll get there in no time, just keep doing what you have to do to earn the highest ranking medals at the end of the match.

Hey, You’re Pretty Good at This!

Finish 50 matches as a survivor.

Also time consuming. I’m most likely wrong but I don’t think time machine escapes count for this achievement as it seems like this achievement took me way longer to get then I originally thought it was going to take. Not really much evidence either but got this achievement during a win from the super time machine.

Am I a Genius or What?

Find two super time machine power keys in one match.

Shouldn’t be too hard as long as you are actively looking for keys. Finding a Key Radar makes it even easier especially if you get one early game.

Puttin’ in the Work

Place two super time machine power keys in one match.

Another pretty easy one although from my experience it seems you need to be the one that places the key first since it didn’t count for me when I went to go help someone speed up the process.

A Real Time Machine!

Successfully start up the super time machine.

Pretty easy as long as you and your team knows what you’re doing. Take turns distracting the raider while someone boosts the machine. If you’re boosting the super time machine try to always be on the opposite side from where the raider is as you can use the super time machine as a shield. This makes it easier to not get hit from a stray blast or if a raider tries and attack you from the other side.

Thanks a Bunch!

Rescue five civilians in one match.

This one may take a while since you, your team, and the raider are all actively looking for civilians. You may have to game throw a bit by only focusing on finding civilians, don’t open any containers unless you’re looking for a civilian radar. Listen careful for any calls of help. It also seems just like the Puttin’ in the Work achievement, it doesn’t count if you’re helping someone speed up the process from saving a civilian.

A-Time-Travelin’ We Will Go

Escape in the time machine with three or more allies.

You need to be the one who is piloting the Time Machine for this Achievement. The Time machine will spawn whenever a raider destroys the Super Time Machine or if there’s only 3 survivors left. Look for the blue beacons in the sky and make sure to go to one where the raider isn’t at. Once you’re inside the Time Machine try to pick up the nearest 3 survivors and book it. It would be risky to go for more as once the raider lands an attack on the machine it’s an instant lost for all survivors who haven’t escaped yet.

Life Is a Precious Gift

Escape the raider’s pursuit and survive three times in one match.

Honestly don’t really have enough info on this as I’m not sure if this means escaping the raiders sight, getting hit and then running away without getting hit again after a certain time, or getting downed and revived 3 times as the raider can finish you off from the game once you get downed a 2nd time. Either way this achievement shouldn’t really be too hard especially since I got it on the 1st day I played but it could’ve also probably been luck.

You Ready for Me?

Gather Change Power and reach Dragon Change Lv. 3.

Focus on only gathering change power. Shoot/Run over every breakable objects you come by and rescue any civilians you see to guaranteed drops of change power. If you want to make this process a little faster go to the shop and buy the Power Change passive skill and equip it. This makes it so you slowly charge up at 0 charge level.

You’re Going Down!

Defeat a raider with an attack during an Ultimate Dragon Change.

This one will definitely take a while as you need to find all the dragon balls and wish for Shenron to make you stronger. Once you’re in Ultimate Dragon Change you need to defeat the raider. This can be hard as you may have to worry about the Super Time Machine as all keys are placed by the time you summon shenron and you need backup because you being in Ultimate Dragon Change doesn’t mean you’re stronger than the raider. From my experience it seems like you need to be the one who deals the final hit to the raider as it didn’t count for me when someone finished off the raider before I could. It also seems like you need to deal basic combat damage since I was trying to help my friend get the achievement and he didn’t get it when killing the raider with a beam attack.

I’ve Had My Fill of Bad Futures!

Prevent a raider from finishing off an ally.

You need to use your Dragon Change to attack a raider as they’re doing the finish off animation. It seems like using items such as the rocket launcher to stop the raider from finishing off a survivor didn’t work when I tried it.

Wanna Run Away? Now’s Your Chance!

Attack a raider whose lvl is higher than your DC lvl while they are destroying the startup system.

Charge your charge power to level 1 and don’t go any higher. Once you have all keys set and the Super Time Machine starts, try to stay back and hope the raider doesn’t see you or ignores you. Once the raider starts the process of destroying the Super Time Machine attack him quickly before he stops to defend himself.

Miraculous Special Ultra Super Megaton PUNCH

Without using Dragon Change, attack a raider trying to destroy the time machine startup system.

Pretty much the same as the Wanna Run Away? Now’s Your Chance achievement except you don’t want to charge your charge power at all.

Here’s a Senzu Bean!

Revive three downed allies in one match.

Revive any teammates you see who are down if you can. Be sure the raider isn’t nearby or camping the body. Senzu beans should count. Seeing how other achievements don’t count if you help someone make the process go faster I’m going to have to say this won’t either.


Send an emote.

During the loading screen where you can see the raider and survivors hold down tab and select any emote you would like to do while you wait for the game to start.

Survivor Achievements Part 2

This Is for You!

Send a stamp.

When the game starts, your emote tab from the loading screen are now stamps. Select any stamp you would like to send your teammates.

Check This Out!

Send a signal to an ally letting them know where an item is.

Hold down Q, point on an item, then let go to mark an item you would like teammates to know about.

Y-You Got It!

Respond to an ally’s signal.

When a teammate marks an item, hold down Q and mark the item with “Copy That”. You must be near the item and can not do it far away.

Find the Power Keys!

Open five red item boxes in one match.

Pretty self explanatory and easy to do with how many red boxes spawn per match.

What Are You Buyin’?

Make a purchase at a vending machine six times in one match.

Shoot/Runover every breakable object you can as this grants you zeni. Once you have enough Zeni buy an item from a vending machine. Rinse and repeat until you do it 6 times. If you want you can use super warrior spirits on the VIP Special passive skill in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to make items cheaper.

Invaluable Friends

Successfully start up the super time machine with all survivors having survived.

Honestly not as hard as it sounds as I’ve gotten a ton of games where everyone has survived. Just be sure to look after your teammates, give them the items they need such a Barrier Recovery Device if you noticed their barrier is down, helped down players, If everyone is fighting the raider help out, or focus on the Super Time Machine if your power is on cool down.

Raider Achievements Part 1

Achievements you can only get by playing as a Raider

You Mad?

Destroy the super time machine startup system.

Once the Super Time Machine has spawned focus on destroying it. If you’re getting attack defend yourself if you need to but be sure to keep an eye for any survivors trying to boost the Super Time Machine.

I Will Rid This Place of Every One of You!

Destroy the time machine.

The Time Machine spawns whenever the Super Time Machine is destroyed or there’s only 3 people left alive. If you see someone summoning a Time Machine try to time whenever you get to them as if you get too close the survivor may stop trying to summon the Time Machine and run away. Once a survivor has spawned in the Time Machine attack with a Ki Blast as a basic melee attack does nothing to it. Once the Time Machine is destroyed you win and any survivors who haven’t escaped yet lose.

So Many People, So Little Time…

Finish off five civilians in one match.

Just like the Thanks a Bunch! Survivor Achievement you want to focus on finding as many civilians before Survivors save them. This one should be a bit easier since you can stop a survivor from saving one and take the civilian for yourself.

It’s Time to Create Perfection!

Finish off four survivors in one match.

Just like any game you would play as Raider, down any survivor you find then finish them off. If you get attacked while trying to finish of a survivor defend yourself if needed but be sure to come back and finish the survivor you downed quickly before someone revives the person you downed or they bleed out.

Really Really… HATE YOU!

Finish off a survivor with a special finisher.

A special finisher is when you down someone twice and kill them off for good. Such a Cell fully absorbing a survivor with his tail or Frieza lifting up a survivor in the air and blowing them up.

Did You Think I’d Let You Get Away?

Destroy an area and down two survivors.

Pretty self explanatory but this one will probably be the most annoying one to get and may take some time. Did find a video though where someone downed 2 survivors in one area then destroyed it and gave them the achievement so try it out yourself to see if it works.

OMG! He Said the Thing!

Use a line as a raider.

During the loading screen where you see both Raider and Survivors hold down tab and select a phrase you want the raider to say. This should also work during a match.

Raider Achievements Part 2

Care to Help Me Warm Up?

Reach Lv. 4 as a raider.

Do whatever you need to do to reach your final form. Kill all civilians you run into and finish off anyone you can before they bleed out.

Killed all Earthlings!

Finish off all survivors and win the game.

You must kill ALL survivors you can not let anyone escape with the Time Machine. My strategy is to only let 4 survivors live as once it gets down to 3 survivors the Time Machine spawns. Let the 4 survivors place down all the keys to summon the Super Time Machine. Once the Super Time Machine spawns in DO NOT destroy it, only destroy it once it reaches 70%-80% as this will give you enough time to hunt down the last 4 survivors. The Time Machine won’t spawn in as long as the Super Time Machine is up. Be sure to not let the last survivors gang up on you and if you notice someone is summoning Shenron destroy the area they’re in to prevent them from summoning Shenron. If you couldn’t kill the other survivors in time and have to destroy the super time machine your last resort is to prevent the others from escaping by knocking all of them down in time or destroying a time machine someone is in.

I Guess I’m Too Strong for You

Reach raider level 30

Due to low chances of getting raider this one will take a while, just do what you need to do to earn the highest ranking medals at the end of the game.

The Day Has Finally Come…

Finish 50 matches as a raider.

This one will probably be the one that takes the most time to do due to low chances of getting raider. Be sure to do whatever you can do to prevent the survivors from lowering your health or fully powering up the Super Time Machine. Not certain if Time Machine escapes prevent progress to this achievement as you still technically win if any survivors escape.


Uncategorized achievements that don’t really fit in with the Lobby or both Survivors and Raiders can get them.

We’ll Survive If We Work Together!

Complete the prologue.

You won’t get the prologue achievement if you skip it. However you should at least be able to still get it since you can replay the prologue in the Game Mode Selection menu.

Come Forth, Shenron!

Have Shenron grant your wish

This could take a while. Focus on finding the Dragon Balls. Pray and Hope you can find a Dragon Radar early. If you find a Dragon Radar don’t open any containers unless one contains a Dragon Ball. Try and be the one who finds the most Dragon Balls as it seems like everyone will only give the Dragon Balls to whoever has the most. If you notice everyone has collected 7 dragon balls combined, use the Dragon Ball Stamp to let everyone know that your team has all seven Dragon Balls. Once you send out the stamp go to your teammates and hope they drop the Dragon Ball for you, Use the Trunks beg emote to tell them you really need it. If a raider picks up a Dragon Ball wait for someone to attack them and drop the Dragon Ball. Once you have all 7 Dragon Balls find the nearest Shenron Altar and Summon Shenron. Do whatever wish you think would be better for you or your team. Be very careful as the Raider can also summon Shenron to make themselves more powerful. The Raider can also prevent you from summoning Shenron if you’re using the Shenron Altar in an area that’s about to be destroyed which causes you to lose all the Dragon Balls you and your team gathered. If you want to try and risk to counter the destruction, summon Shenron in Area X, this makes it so if a raider tries to destroy the area to prevent you from summoning Shenron they can’t do anything since Area X cannot be destroyed and they can’t cancel out of the destruction phase giving you as much time as you need to summon Shenron.

Hey, That Was Pretty Cool!

Land a vanish move against an opponent using a Super Attack.

Right Click on your mouse to perform a vanish move. When using the vanish move on a locked on player the Survivor/Raider will teleport behind the opponent and attack. Although the achievement tells you to use it against an opponent using a super attack it seems to still count even if they don’t use a super attack.

The Breaking Point

Obtain all achievements.

Whether you followed this guide or did things on your own I would like to congratulate you on getting all the achievements!

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