DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2: 100% Achievement Guide

A detailed guide on how to obtain all 50 achievements in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Note: Players will be able to experience thrilling battles with the upcoming characters from Legendary Pack 2. The impressive characters from Dragon Ball in this pack are Gogeta from Dragon Ball Super, both Caulifla and Kale in their Super Sayian 2 form and finally Jiren (full power).


Story Achievements

The following achievements are unlocked simply by completing each of the main story missions. These missions deal with iconic fights from the series, along with some twists. They are very straight-forward so I won’t go too deep into them.

Prologue to Battle!

Complete “Raditz’s Attack.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

Simply beat up Raditz in the first mission.

The Saiyan Legend Reborn!

Complete “The Saiyan Threat.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you beat Great Ape Vegeta during the Namek arc.

Dawn of the Fierce Battle…

Complete “Ruckus on Planet Namek.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you beat the powered up version of Dodoria.

Frieza’s Secret Weapon!

Complete “The Ginyu Force Strikes.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you beat Captain Ginyu at the end of the Ginyu arc.

Awaken Warrior of Legend…

Complete “The Galactic Emperor.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you beat Frieza and Cooler when Namek is exploding. I actually had a tough time with this fight at first (for some reason these two felt stronger than most other enemies). Just remember to block and think before constantly attacking them. Focus your attention on one of the brothers before going after the other.

Successor of the Strongest

Complete “Android Warfare.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you defeat Perfect Cell while with Gohan.

The Spirit of Goku is Forever!

Complete “A Desperate Future.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you defeat Perfect Cell while with Future Trunks and after the Future Gohan cutscene.


Take Care of Your Mom for Me…

Free all allies who were put under mind control.

This achievement and the one below this one are actually required for the main story. After you beat the Future Trunks story missions, you will be forced to complete the first expert quest. The first part of the quest will teach you the basics of dealing with mind control. Once you complete the tutorial you’ll get the achievement.

See You Later!

Successfully repel a super Ki Blast.

As soon as you complete the mind control tutorial, you’ll immediately learn how to deal with super Ki Blasts. Just fly towards the opposite side of the ki blast Nappa sends out and send it back to him as instructed to get the achievement.


Seize the Future!!

Complete “Decisive Battle with Majin Buu.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you defeat kid Buu along with Goku and Vegeta at the end of the Buu arc.

The Battle of Gods Concludes!

Complete “God of Destruction’s Anger.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You’ll get this when you beat Beerus after he eats the terrible pudding.

Despair Once More!

Complete “The Emperor’s Return.”

Story related, can’t be missed.

You should get this when you beat Whis (might be a bit earlier when you beat Gold Frieza, I don’t remember).

Goku’s Dream is Super-Huge!

Watch the ending sequence.

When you beat Towa and Mira you’ll have to watch numerous cutscenes, including a 2D animated cutscene about food and a regular cutscene after that. When they’re all over you’ll get the achievement.

Defiance in the Face of Despair!!

Complete “Unknown History.”

Once you’ve completed the main story, you’ll be able to access a secret story mission. You’ll need to obtain 5 distorted time eggs first. Here’s how to get them:

  • Frieza’s Ship: Keep training with Frieza until one of the guards outside of Frieza’s room has a marking above his head. Talk to him to get the egg.
  • Hercule’s House: Clear all of the Great Saiyaman missions, then talk to Hercule to get the egg.
  • Guru’s House: Keep clearing Nail’s missions until Guru gives you the egg.
  • Capsule Corp: Beat Vegeta four times (you’ll be able to have the fourth and final fight once you’re level 60), then talk to Bulma to get the egg.
  • Majin Buu’s House: Keep giving Buu food until he has 6 kids, then talk to Buu to get the egg.

Now that you have all of the eggs, go talk to the Supreme Kai of Time in the Time Nest to gain access to the new missions. Clear them to get the achievement.

Conton City Achievements

The following achievements can be earned by doing various tasks around the main city area.

In a Rocket Built For One Person?

Ride a vehicle.

After you clear the first mission against Raditz, you’ll be able to ride vehicles around the city. Just press the vehicle button (X on 360 controller) to get the achievement.

Focus Hard – Not on a Place, But on a Person

Interact with Time Miniatures in all Bases.

For this achievement, you just need to talk to all of the time transfer clerk robots around Conton City. They look like regular robots you’d see at one of the stores, and are marked with a [color=#FF0000]red dot[/color] on the map. All of the robots can be accessed right away, except for the northern-most one that is on top of a mushroom. You’ll have to wait until you beat the Frieza arc so you can fly up and talk to it.


Pay a visit to Kame House.

Go to the Resort District on the south side of the map (you can use a transfer shop to get there or you can just fly up). Talk to the Kame’s House robot and answer yes to go inside a Kame house.

Tra La La La La La!

Complete 10 of Krillin’s training sessions.

Krillin will be outside of Orange Star High School with tutorial missions to give. After you’ve cleared some of them, Krillin will now be offering a job in front of the accessory shop in the city. You need to deliver milk to people marked with a yellow milk icon on the map. Do not bump into anything or you’ll drop the milk and have to restart. You can speed up by pressing a button when your foot hits the ground, but messing up will cause you to drop the milk so just deliver it normally. Krillin will offer this job randomly so just do missions and wait for the Krillin message to pop up. Do the job 10 times for the achievement.

That Stone Might Be a Decoy! Let Me Check It

Complete 10 of Yamcha’s training sessions.

Up the steps past the Time Nest is Yamcha, who will give instructor lessons to you. Complete them, and Yamcha will now be offering classes in the Resort District. His mission consists of finding blue orbs which have turtle stones around the city. When you find the stones, return them to him. Every once in a while after doing missions you’ll get a notification that he’s having a lesson, so keep doing them to get the achievement.

Prepare to Die!

Pass the Easy Class test.

Go to the robot in front of the Orange Star High School. Talk to the robot and it will offer a placement test into the easy class. Clear the mission (which consists of fighting Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Piccolo) to get the achievement.

It Won’t Be Enough to Kill Me!

Pass the Kai Class test.

Once you’re in the easy class (see above), keep taking the lessons that the robot gives you and try to finish with a Z rank. The best way to finish with a Z rank is to end each mission with an ultimate attack while transformed. Doing so will unlock the next class. The order of classes is Easy, Intermediate, Kai, God, and Super. Once you’ve made it into the Kai class and have passed all of the Kai classes you’ll get the achievement.

Want to Be the Next God of Destruction?

Pass the Super Class test.

The Super class is the last class available from the robot at Orange Star High School. Like before, keep getting Z ranks by finishing with ultimates while transformed while receiving little damage in a fairly quick amount of time. Repeat this process and you should be able to pass the Super class.

We Better Use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber…

Complete all Challenge Quests.

Elder Kai will be in front of Orange Star High School to give you multiple challenge missions. They are easy for the most part, but challenge 13 is very difficult to complete. You need to perform some combos on your opponent and the timing is incredibly strict. If you’re having trouble doing the guard break punch (holding up + punch), trying doing left or right + punch (whichever direction the opponent is coming from) instead since the camera change causes the controls to be slightly messed up. Setting the control scheme so that LB/L1 on a controller to dashing/flying makes this challenge a bit easier in my opinion. Aside from that its all about being quick with your inputs.

Time Rift Achievements

These achievements involve performing various tasks in the time rift areas such as Hercule’s house and Frieza’s ship.

My Stomach Hurts!

Receive an SP Reward from Hercule.

When you clear the Ginyu arc, you’ll be able to go to Hercule’s house. Talk to Hercule and he’ll request that you clear any 5 quests. Do any 5, then talk to him and he’ll give you an award along with the achievement.

The Righteous Must Flourish!

Become a student of the Great Saiyamen and defeat all the villains.

To the right area of Hercule’s house is Great Saiyaman, along with GS2 and Jaco. Talk to them and you’ll be able to join their crime-fighting group and partake in their missions. If you can’t do all of their missions at once, go do other missions until you get a notification about an event at Hercule’s house. Once you clear the final mission where you’re getting ship parts while fighting the Shenrons, you’ll get the achievement.

Shut Up and Put This on Your Right Ear!

Create a QQ Bang.

Go to the Capsule Corp and go to the machine next to Bulma. Put in any random ingredients you’d like to make a QQ Bang and get the achievement. If you lack the ingredients you can easily buy some at one of the shops.

You’re Number 1!

Get Vegeta to acknowledge your strength.

To the left area of Capsule Corp is Vegeta. He’ll fight you multiple times depending on your level. Once you defeat him for the third time (available once you’re level 50), you’ll get the achievement.

You Wouldn’t Want to Work for Me, Would You?

Join the Frieza Force.

Head to Frieza’s ship and give Appule a M. med mix capsule (you can buy one at the item store) so you can go inside. Talk to Frieza and he’ll give you an easy mission where you must defeat 6 of his men within 3 minutes. Once you do this you’ll get the achievement and be able to do more missions for Frieza.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to go into Frieza’s ship if Frieza is taking over Conton City. If there happens to be an invasion event going on, you’ll have to wait until its over.

I’ll Make You Commander of the Frieza Force

Become Frieza’s second-in-command.

Once you’re part of the Frieza Force, you can start doing various missions inside Frieza’s ship, including a few from Zarbon/Dodoria and the Ginyu Force. You’ll also be able to train with Frieza. After you do a certain amount of missions for Frieza (should be around when he firsts turns gold), he’ll appoint you 2nd in command and you’ll get the achievement.

The Most Powerful Majin is Born!

Cause a Majin to be born.

Go to Majin Buu’s house and give Buu food. You can get food by grabbing the blue orbs in the hub world (best to get some near the Namek/mountain/river areas), or by buying some at the shop. Keep feeding Buu until the meter is full and he’ll give birth to a Majin.

I Feel a Little…Different!

Cause a Majin to change.

After Majin Buu has a kid (see above), you can start feeding his kid. Everytime you feed the Majin it will take a walk and come back later with an item. After feeding it a certain amount of times, the Majin will eventually start feeling sick and you’ll have to either guard yourself or calm it down. Choose the guard option so the Majin will change colors and give you the achievement.

Allow Me to Awaken This Power for You

Unlock an attribute boost.

Once you have access to Guru’s house, talk to Nail and he’ll allow you to do missions where you must deliver Dragon Balls to the time machine. When you can’t do anymore, go do other missions until you get a notification that Guru’s house is being attacked. After you do most of them, Nail will invite you into the house where Guru will give you an attribute boost along with the achievement.

Takkaraput Pop Porunga Pupiritt Paro!

Power up Shenron’s wishes.

Keep doing the missions for Nail with the dragon balls until you get invited into Guru’s house again. Eventually when you come in, Guru will allow you to have access to more wishes for Shenron. I know doing Guru’s missions is very tedious, but once you can power up the wishes and get the achievement then you don’t really have to do them again.

Parallel Quest + Online Achievements

These achievements deal with either parallel quests or online modes.

How About a Little Warm-up?

Played Online Battles for the first time!

Go to the online battle area next to the PQ area and either join or host a match. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose: you’ll get the achievement when the match ends.

Victory is Mine!

Won online 7 times!

See the achievement below for more detail.

Of All My Fights You’re My 2nd Strongest Foe

Won endless battle 7 times!

Create an endless battle lobby, grab a friend, and set the slots to private. Take turns winning matches to get the achievement. This will also unlock the “Victory is Mine!” achievement.

If you don’t have any friends and know that you’ll always lose, you could try setting it to 2v2 in hopes that a good player will join your team and carry home the win. Otherwise its all about being the better player.

You’re Not Worthy of Fighting Me!

Parallel Quest completion rate is over 50%!

Parallel Quests are missions where you must complete various tasks, usually dealing with defeating certain enemies. There are 100 PQs, so for this achievement you’ll have to clear at least 50 of them. The ranking you get for them does not matter.

You’re the Second Foe to Push Me This Far!

Cleared all Parallel Quests!

There are 100 PQs in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (some more have been added though for this achievement you only need to do the first 100). For this achievement, you simply need to complete them so don’t worry about what rank you get. Most of the PQs can be started by going to the PQ area, although there are a few that can only be started by talking to some people in the city (for example you have to talk to Android 18 to unlock one of them).

Make sure you have healing items on you just in case, and choose good partners like Beerus, Bardock, Whis, etc.

For videos on how to complete each specific PQ, check out this guide

If I Don’t Do It, Who Will?

Complete 7 Expert Missions.

See the achievement below for more detail.

You Really Are a Hero!

Complete all Expert Missions.

Expert missions are missions that are started by going in one of the purple orbs around the city. There are 17 expert missions in total, and unlike PQs you must complete expert missions in order to unlock the next one. If you are doing expert missions online, you will only receive credit for completing them if you were the one hosting the match so its best to do these by yourself.

These missions are not easy so its best to gear up: get the right equipment and make sure you’re high level. Here are some general tips:

  • When leveling up, make sure you have a lot of points for ki power since using ultimates is very useful, especially for challenge 15. If you feel that you’re lacking in ki power, you can always wish to Shenron to reset your boosted attributes and redo where you want your points to go.
  • Have a good super soul equipped. A good one to have is “I’m neither Kami nor Piccolo” (obtained via PQ #30) since it regenerates health when your ki is maxed.
  • Know how to step vanish (or Z vanish), since it’ll help you avoid incredibly powerful moves.
  • Revive allies only if you aren’t being attacked (or your super close to reviving them).
  • Have the “Energy Zone” ultimate skill (available for 100000 zeni at the skill shop after you beat Mira’s final form). Its an incredibly useful move that heals you and anyone else near you.
  • For the giant super ki blasts that you have to repel, fire strong supers at it like kamehameha to push it back. Otherwise just try manually pushing it away.

For videos on how to clear each specific expert mission, please see this guide.

Collectible Achievements

These achievements for the most part involve collecting a certain amount of things or otherwise going through a lengthy process to complete.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

Reach level 80.

You should get this naturally if you do every mission/lesson in the game, but there are ways to make this process faster. When you beat the main story, fly up to the roof of the PQ area so you can enter a small room. Talk to the green NPC named Nit and she’ll give you the 40 tons weights super soul that gives you more exp when equipped. Now start doing high level PQs (such as PQ #83 where you just have to collect Dragon Balls) and you should get a ton of exp.

You Really Get Around!

Visited all stages!

There are 28 stages in Xenoverse 2. If you play through the story and all of the PQs you should have played on all of them at least once and you’ll get the achievement. If you’re missing some stages, they could be Tree of Might (playable via Turles or Lord Slugs mentor lessons), Planet Tuffle (can be played in the last Great Saiyaman mission), or Time Rift (playable in the secret story mission). You can create a VS match to see the stage select to see which stages your missing.

I Summon You Forth: Shenron!

Gathered 7 Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron!

There are two well-known ways to farm for Dragon Balls:

New character profile: This method is a 100% guaranteed way to get Dragon Balls. Go to the main menu and create a new character. Clear the mission with Raditz, then head to Orange Star High School and find the female time patroller named Sanud. Beat her and you’ll automatically get a Dragon Ball. Once you have 7 DBs and make your wish, you can delete your new profiles.

Parallel Quest #4: Start PQ #4 “Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!” and defeat Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien. Once you defeat them, three time patrollers will spawn in the area you’re still in. Talk to them and defeat them. When you defeat them, you’ll get a message saying that you got an item (material, equip, etc.). If at least one of the messages says “key item,” that means you got a Dragon Ball which means you should finish the mission. If you didn’t get a key item, retry the mission until you do. Depending on the chances, this method might be quicker or slower than the new character method.

Once you have 7 Dragon Balls head to the dragon pedestal in the city to summon Shenron for a wish. I suggest wishing for a new character so you can get the all characters achievement.

The Bad Guys Always Wear the Coolest Clothes

Collect half of all equipment.

Equipment are items such as clothes. To check your progress on this, go to your play data in the pause menu to see the total percentage of clothing you have. The best way to get clothes is to simply purchase as many as you can at the clothing store. If you want to get a lot of zeni, purchase the “now gimme 20 million zeni” super soul at the TP medal shop on friday and equip it so you can earn more zeni after quests. You can also sell items such as Hercule badges to get a lot of zeni. Parallel Quests and other missions can be good for getting clothes as well.

Another good method to getting clothing is to have yellow Buus at Buu’s house and give them food so they take a walk. When they come back they’ll give you some clothing. If the yellow Buu says that its feeling weird, choose the calm it down option so that it keeps its color.

People of Earth, Please Lend Me Your Energy!

Collect half of all skills.

Similar to other achievements of the same manner, just do a bunch of PQs so you can get a ton of skills. Completing lessons from different mentors is also another great way to get skills. You can also buy skills from the skill/TP shops which makes reaching 50% even easier. You can check your progress on the percent of skills you own by going to your play data.

You Can’t Destroy What I Really Am!

Collect 50% of nicknames and view the nickname list.

Finish the main story and do a bunch of other quests (completing the mentor lessons is a great way to get nicknames). When you think you have enough, go to play data in the pause menu, click the “edit nickname” button, and scroll through all of the nicknames. If you have at least 50% you’ll get the achievement.

I’ve Come for You!

Unlocked all characters and variations!

If you complete all of the story missions and parallel quests, you should have almost every character and variant. However, there are 4 characters that can only be obtained through wishes (Hit, Eis Shenron, Nuova Shenron, and Omega Shenron). Keep farming dragon balls and wish for characters in order to get them (see the “I Summon You Forth: Shenron!” achievement on how to farm Dragon Balls).

DLC characters such as Goku Black are not required for this achievement.

Collectible Achievements (2)

You’re Like the Son I Never Had…

Complete all the instructors’ lessons.

There are 25 mentors in Xenoverse 2 that will teach you various moves (there are more mentors if you count DLC, but you only need the regular 25 for this achievement). Each mentor gives you 4 lessons (intro test + 3 regular lessons) that can usually be completed right away. Unlike in XV1, you don’t have to raise each mentor’s friendship level to keep training with them. Certain mentors will require you to be in specific classes in order to take their lessons. You can advance through classes by taking the tests in front of the school (see the “It Won’t Be Enough to Kill Me!” achievement for a bit more detail on advancing through classes). To check your progress on all of the lessons, go to play data in the menu to see a list of all your mentors.

All mentors can be found by looking at the map. Some might not appear until you progress through the story. Three mentors are not on them map at first and require you to do something to make them appear.

  • Broly can be found flying above the area between the PQ place and the steps leading to the tournament place. When you reach him he’ll immediately fight you, and when you beat him you can find him on one of the big mushrooms north of the map.
  • Dodoria will be flying around the Namek part of the map near Frieza and will fight you when you get near him. Afterwards you can start taking his lessons near where Frieza is.
  • Adult Gohan/Videl will appear at the Orange Star High School once you clear the Great Saiyaman mission at the resort area.

For videos on how to complete each specific lesson, check out this guide.

As stated before, there are DLC mentors who give lessons that are not required for this achievement. These mentors are Android 16, Bardock, Cooler, Future Gohan, Whis, and Hit. Again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THESE MENTOR LESSONS FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT!!!

Over Here, Slowpoke…

Learn all possible Awoken Skills for each race from the large time rifts.

Awoken skills are special abilities, most of which are unique to each race (super saiyan for saiyans, gold form for Frieza race, etc.). As such, you can’t earn a race-related awakening skill unless you are part of that race. For this achievement, you must obtain all race-exclusive skills as well as two skills that everyone can use. To do this you will have to create multiple profiles and essentially play through the game multiple times. Once you obtain the skill for your race, you can stop playing and create a new profile for another race (unless you’re a saiyan, in that case you still have to get the three transformations mentioned below). Here is how to get each skill:

The following skills ARE exclusive to a certain race.


SSJ: Train with Vegeta at Capsule Corp when you’re level 40 and after the second fight you’ll get the SSJ skill.
Super Vegeta: Defeat Vegeta at the Capsule Corp for the final time when you reach level 60.
SSJ (Future): Clear the secret storyline (see “Defiance in the Face of Despair!!”).


Nimbus: When you’re level 35, keep doing the Great Saiyaman missions at Hercule’s house until you get the transformation.


Purification: When you’re level 35 and feed Buu enough so that he has 3 kids, talk to him and he’ll fight you. When you win you’ll get the purification skill.


Giant: When you’re level 35, do about 4 or 5 of Nail’s missions at Guru’s house until Piccolo gives you a mission where you have to fight him to get the skill.

Frieza race:

Gold form: Keep doing Frieza missions at Frieza’s ship. When you’re level is around 50 – 60, you’ll be able to do missions where you rebel against Frieza (when you have the option to do this, do so). Eventually you’ll get a mission where you’re taught the gold form skill by Cooler and Frieza.


The following two skills are NOT exclusive to a certain race, [color=#FFFF00]but are still required for this achievement:[/color]

Kaioken: Do Parallel Quest 8 “Invade Earth” and make sure Nappa survives so you can fight revived Goku. When you beat the mission you should get Kaioken, but if not redo the PQ.

Potential Unleashed: Earn a Z rank on all of the advancement tests at the Orange Star High School. The best way to get Z ranks is to finish the mission while transformed in a quick amount of time while taking as little damage as you can.

Bye Bye, Xenoverse

Obtained all achievements!

The last achievement you’ll get. Hopefully this guide assists in getting this achievement.

Hero Colosseum Update Achievements

The following are the achievements that were released alongside the Hero Colosseum mode.

The Power of Super Saiyan Blue and Kaioken!

Reach level 99.

When you reach level 80 with your character, you can talk to Guru in the Guru’s House hub area so he can increase your level cap to 85. Upon reaching level 85, he’ll increase the cap by 5 more levels and so on until you can reach level 99. You can level up by doing missions, but an easy method is to summon Shenron and make the “I wish to grow!” wish which will level you up quicker.

Once you are level 99, you need to go in front of the steps to the dragon pedestal and talk to the old guy wearing golden saiyan armor named Oshi. This will activate the achievement.

This is the New Super Saiyan Blue!

Collect 70 different Hero Colosseum figures and talk to Oshi.

Along with the new update comes the Hero Colosseum mode, where you can unlock figurines and use them to fight others. You can get figurines by going to the floating Hero Colosseum CC machine and purchasing random figurines via TP medals (which you can earn from completing PQ’s and expert missions). The figurines you get are random so just have patience. Once you have 70 unique figures, talk to Oshi near the dragon pedestal for the achievement.

I am Only Following a God’s Sense of Justice

Complete all of Zamasu’s lessons.

Zamasu is available as mentor in the DLC 5 pack. Once you clear all of the other free mentor lessons, you can find him sitting on top of the mountain between the Namek area and the dragon pedestal. His mentor lessons are much more difficult than the other ones.

For the first lesson, just kill Goku Black and keep hurting Zamasu until the timer runs out. You do not need to kill Zamasu so don’t worry too much about his regenerating health.

For the second and third lessons you’ll need to perform some combos that’ll appear on screen after a while.

The final lesson is the most difficult, as you need to kill Zamasu with his super attack all while he regains health. The best thing you could do is break his stamina then hit him with his super, which will deal a ton of damage. Otherwise it’s all about fighting him with whatever moves you know.

This Pain Will Make Me Stronger!

Complete Parallel Quests 113 to 117.

Parallel Quests 113 to 117 are a part of the DLC 5 pack (the one with Dabura and Buuhan). You just need to clear them, your rank does not matter. See the achievement below for more detail on the missions.

I’ll Take My Time With You. Watch Your Back.

Complete Parallel Quests 113 to 117 with a Z Rank.

Requirements for each mission:


  • Defeat all enemies
  • Clear the quest with Buuhan’s health over 50%
  • Defeat all Majin Buu’s


  • Defeat all enemies
  • Clear the quest in under 10 minutes
  • Defeat Dabura and Kid Buu


  • Defeat all enemies
  • Defeat all enemies without losing any allies
  • Defeat Androids 13 and 17


  • Defeat all enemies
  • Clear the quest in under 9 minutes
  • Defeat Dabura and Omega Shenron


  • Defeat all enemies
  • Clear the quest in under 10 minutes
  • Defeat Future Trunks and Tapion

You must be extra cautious on stage 116, since you will fail the mission if Tapion falls. I recommend picking your best allies/friends and hitting enemies with as many projectiles as you can while your group hits them up close. The Energy Zone ultimate (which you can buy in the skill shop upon beating the game) can be very useful as you can use it to heal your group.

By BC and DietKofi

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