DRAGON QUEST XI S Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition: Tickington Tockle Locations

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition Tickington Tockle Locations.


DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition All Locations
There are a total of 25 Tockles that give Pastwords in the World of Dragon Quest
XI. Below is a listing of their Location and the place that it unlocks

1. Southern Gallopolis Campsite – Unlocks Moonahan (DQ2)
2. Laguna di Gondolia in a small cave section – Unlocks The Observatory (DQ9)
3. Warrior’s Rest Inn – Unlocks Erdrick’s Future Home (DQ3)
4. Dundrasil Region – Ruined Home – Unlocks Colorstone Mine (DQ7).
5. Lonalulu – Unlocks Chateau Felix (DQ8).
6. L’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles – Unlocks The Neverglade (DQ5)
7. Sniflheim Castle – Unlocks Room of Revival (DQ10)
8. Royal Library – Unlocks Alltrades Abbey (DQ6)
9. Arboria – Unlocks Imperial Pantry of Parthenia (DQ4)
10. Octagonia Casino (Act 2) – Unlocks Briscoletti Mansion (DQ5)
11. Sniflheim Region right outside the Gyldenhal – Unlocks Rosa’s Room (DQ4)
12. Insula Algarum (Island SE of Sniflheim) [Requires Dragon Mount in Act 2] –
Unlocks Ruby Path of Doom (DQ9)
13. Luminary’s Landing – Unlocks Roamer Encampment (DQ7)
14. The Battleground B8 – Unlocks Damdara (DQ1)
15. Havens Above – Unlocks Pegasus Tower (DQ6)
16. Zwaardsrust Whale Way Station – Unlocks Quester’s Rest (DQ9)
17. Mount Huji (Atsuo and Atsuko’s hideout) – Unlocks Cannock Castle (DQ2)
18. Mount Huji (Requires Crucible Key) [Not needed in 2D] – Unlocks Baramos’s
Castle (DQ3)
19. Puerto Valor (Requires Ultimate Key) – Unlocks Weaver’s Peak (DQ6)
20. First Forest Whale Way Station – Unlock Hidden Valley (DQ4)
21. Cobblestone (After rebuild) [In Gemma’s House] – Unlocks Trodain Castle
22. Gondolia (Requires Ultimate Key) – Unlocks Tenton (DQ10)
23. Cryptic Crypt (Act 3) [Requires Ultimate Key] – Unlocks Whealbrook (DQ5)
24. Trial Isle – Unlocks Tantegel (DQ1)
25. Luminary’s Trial – Citadel of Spite 2F – Unlocks Cave Leading to Rendarak

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