Draw a Stickman EPIC: Lad of Los Guide (How to Catch)

Here is a simple guide on how to catch all Lad of Los.


Pirate Lad
First, next to the house in pirate’s plunder, you’ll find barrels with a robot. Make the robot go into the water!

Bee Lad
There will be a well in the northwest and it will have wood in it. Chop the wood with an axe
Next to the well there will be coins! Fill the well with water, use thunderclouds to get the coins in the
well. then there is a barrel in the well. Get more water in. Last, destroy the barrel.

Lava Lad
First get to 2 pointy rocks and a helmet. On the rocks do rain, rain, lightning, rain. Then go south. You will find more pointy rocks. Rain, rain, lightning, rain. Then you can go south more and find the lad!
Then, go east. You will find some dynamite. Use lightning to explode it. You found the armor pencil!

Winter Lad
On the way to king penguin, there is a tree with a star. Chop it down and freeze the walruses that come after it.

Trophy Lad (this one has no achievement)
In the trophy room, go south and stand on flowers (You’ll know you did it right if you here a sound and see yellow sparkles). Then go to the lake in the middle.

The End
Well there’s the guide!

The Trophy Room

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