Drones The Human Condition: 100% Guide and Tips

This guide will help you 100% the game and some general tips to finish the main story.


Before we start…
fairly difficult game, nothing rage inducing but it will take you some time, if you want to just 100% the game a recommend these settings

  • 1) Don’t stop moving
  • 2) Don’t stop shooting
  • 3) Avoid staying on top of enemy spawns
  • 4) Don’t hesitate not to spend your smartbomb, especially if you get cornered
  • 5) Touch any enemy = instant death

  • Health: 10
  • Lives: 3 ( 6 on Easy and 2 on Hard)
  • Starting Smartbombs: 4

  • Your only job is to save them if you want some extra points, they cannot get killed so don’t worry

  • Weak, it can be disarmed with one shot, be careful while running around, it takes one life away.

  • Weak, single shot robot.

  • Weak, the description in-game says it shoots 2 missiles but it’s actually one shot that ricochet in the walls.

  • Very strong, creates a energy beam between an other transistor, just shoot the hell out of one of them and be careful, a slight touch can melt your health away.
Da Tank

  • Medium, another one that shots a small projectile that ricochet in the walls.
Money Man

  • Medium, throws gray dollars? they stay in the ground for a while.

  • Strong, smartbombs are the quickest way to get rid of them
Trojan Sheep

  • Weak but fast, shoots in very quick succesion
Dr Synapse

  • Strong, shoots a bigger projectile that follows you.

  • Invincible, ocasionally shoots 2 small projectiles, easy to dodge.

  • Invincible? hard to say.. at level 9 two of them can be destroyed, at level 11 they are completely invincible.

  • Medium, creates a energy beam same as the transistor at medium distance.
Final Boss

  • Okay, so how to defeat this thing is still a mistery to me, what i did do is survive until the final wave (Hulks and Dr Synapse will appear) one of them will get stuck on the top right side of the screen, shoot them and then shoot the boss, NOTE: The health bar will not go down, but he is taking damage, take cover in the barrels and destroy the turrets quickly.
Field Items
Weapon Upgrades
Triple Shot

Triples the lazer of your starting weapon in a tight spread

4-Way shot

Shoots in 4 diferrent directions depending on where you looking at

Wave shot

Powerful upgrade that changes your projectile for more damage

Toxic barrel

Wait for enemies to get close or just destroy them to clear your path


Indestructible, wait for the robots to get close and then destroy it.

Smart Bomb

Extra bomb

Extra life

Gives you full health and a extra life.

All achievements except the ones I’m quoting here can be obtained by finishing story mode normally.

Just keep replaying Level 6 until you get it, you don’t need to finish the level, i recommend dying in the last wave for a quick restart

Same as the previous achievement, play Level 12 again and again until you get the achievement.

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