Drug Dealer Simulator: An Easy Path From Home To The Club 2021

A very simple guide on how to get from your main apartment to the club on the other side.



First of all, you will need at LEAST 2 lockpicks , depending on how good you are at it.

Once you have them, start by going to your main apartment that you start in. When coming out of the apartment, take a left towards the road. In the road slightly to your left there is a manhole. This is the easiest access point and the one I like to use as it is close to the apartment. Go down into the sewers. 

Once you’re down in the sewers you should be facing a stack of crates If not, simply face the wooden crates. You should also be able to see 2 porta potties, one of which are tipped over, and the word “yeah!” spray painted on the wall to your left. If so, simply start moving in the direction of the porta potties. If not, turn around. Then move toward them. Just past the porta potties, you should see the word “kennel” spray painted on the wall to your left with an arrow and your first, probably locked door Pick the lock and run forward.

You will come to a boarded up door  in which case, There is only one direction to go. Turn right and run on down the long hallway with red lights on either side You’ll want to run all the way down this hallway until you come to an intersection. (FYI, at this point you are already on the other side of the wall, just a little ways to go til we’re at the club.)

There will be a path to the left with a group of blue barrels, a closed door in front of you with the word “creepy” spray painted in green and a stack of boxes on a pallet, and to your right will be a boarded up door. We wanna go straight forward and continue through the door ahead, which may be locked and you will have to use your 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 20th lockpick here

Once you’ve picked the lock on the door, continue forward. The path will wind right, then left and you will see a ladder in front of you

 That’s the ladder to the club.

Just follow that path on the way back and you have an easy way between sections 🙂

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