Dual Family: Character Relationship Guide

Dual Family is a 3DCG adult game developed by Gumdrop Games, Here is a simple guide for the relationship between each character.

Note: The latest version of the game is 1.10.0ce Legacy ( [Act I – Part X] CE Airing) , Act 2, DOLL HOUSE, LESPERIENZA, POOL


Character Relationship Guide

Status: done & tested. Don’t forget to pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.
For example, Q4 = “dad” is only used at the end of a sentence, while Q5 = “Dad” is only used at the start of a sentence.
When filling text, make sure your mouse is pointed in the filing box., no need to click it. After filing the box, click next.
On the last question, the NEXT button will be grey out. No worry, just filing the text box, then hit MENU to complete it.



Thanks to Benn Swagger

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