Dune: Spice Wars – “Squeeze Hard” Achievement Guide

In this very first guide of mine I will list all the specifics you need to get the “Squeeze Hard” Achievement for House Harkonnen for “Dune: Spice Wars”.
As this guide was made in May 2023 and the game is still in Early Access, its subject to change.
In hopes of helping others I put all my experience together but posted it first to the General Discussions forum in steam. I was then asked why not make a guide? And thats why I’m here…

PS: For everyone with no patience/need for details jump to the end point “STRATEGY” to see how to get the achievement quickly.


Achievement Description

Squeeze Hard
As House Harkonnen, produce at least 250 Spice in a single Village

Game Mode + Map Settings

  • Pick either Kanly Duel (1v1 mode) or a normal Battle for Arrakis start.
  • The Kanly Duel is easier to start with because it is a small map with extra resources and scouted villages BUT has activated Storm/Raid/Worm activity!
  • If you start the Battle for Arrakis mode I strongly suggest a small map size and you can deactivate Storm/Raid/Worms as well as set AI difficulty on easy if you wish to.
  • A winning condition is not needed for this achievement.

Faction Settings

  • Choose House Harkonnen
  • Pick Glossu Rabban as Councilor (to get the +1 Militia slot)
  • The 2nd Councilor is not important, pick whatever you fancy

Research Developments

The research you need:

  1. Composite Materials
    • Advanced Engineering (Unlocks the Spice Silos Village Building)
    • Modular Parts (Unlocks the Harvester Works Building in Carthag, +1 maximum assignable Crew in Harvesters)
    • Gridex Plane (+1 maximum assignable Crew in Harvesters)
    • Crew Training Program (+1 maximum assignable Crew in Harvesters)
  2. Local Dialect Studies
    • Natives Knowledge
    • Outpost Logistics (Unlocks the Investment Office Village Building)
    • Border Defense (+1 Milita slot; LOWer priority)
  3. Survival Training
    • Defense Systems (+1 Milita slot; LOWer priority)

Any other tech is not needed for the achievement and therefore subject to personal preference.

Special Region + Village Requirements

The most important thing you need is to find the Special Region WORM NEST with one of the following TRAITS:

  1. Ingenious Mind (+20% Economy Buildings resource production)
  2. Versatile (+10% resource production when the village has at least one Building of each type)
  3. Former Soldiers (+1 Militia slot) – READ THE FOLLOWING BELOW!

The Worm Nest gives a +25% spice production and EVERY game has one.
The first trait Ingenious Mind makes it super easy to get the achievement!
The second trait Versatile makes it still possible with a bit effort.
The third trait Former Soldiers ONLY WORKS WITH ALL BONI added together PLUS A VERY SPECIFIC SIETCH ALLY-BONUS called “Helping Hand”!!!! (see below)
So I actually suggest to start a new game, should you not have trait 1 or 2! (as the sietches are only discovered lategame and might not have the right trait)


If your Worm Nest has NEITHER of those traits it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the achievement on this map!!!


Sietch Traits

I only know of ONE Sietch trait that is actually helping for this achievement:
The Sietch trait “Helping Hand” gives “All faction Village production is increased by +10%”.
This Sietch trait in combination with the Worm Nest trait “Former Soldiers” (+1 Militia slot) makes it still possible to get the achievement but you need EVERY other possible bonus to make it actually work.
As Sietches are harder to find and quite the work to ally with (to get the bonus), it is suggested to not focus on such – because it is just not worth the effort.
If you still want to ally, keep in mind that you need to OWN the region the Sietch is located in, AS WELL AS constantly trade 10 water just to slowly improve relationships UNTIL it reaches 100 in Relation Level AND then still invest a Spy AND trade authority to get the +10% bonus!

There might be other Sietch traits I dont know of yet which could help with this achievement.

The Sietch trait “Arrakis Heart = +5% total resource production per controlled Special Region” does NOT WORK for the achievement!
It ONLY adds to the TOTAL spice production on the left upper spice pool!!!


The easiest way to guarantee the achievement is to do the following:

  1. Start a new game with Harkonnen + Glossu Rabban as Councilor on a small map.
    (The Kanly Duel is easier to start with because it is a small map with extra resources and scouted villages. Small map is suggested to save time.)
  2. Save the game right at the start!
  3. Build mass Ornithopter and spread them out with shift command.
  4. Find the Special Region with the name WORM NEST – it is often at the edge of the map therefore let your scouts check there first!
  5. Once you find the region, send an Ornithopter to scan the village.
  6. It is imperative that the Worm Nest has either the “Ingenious Mind” (+20% Economy Buildings resource production) or the “Versatile” trait (+10% resource production when the village has at least one Building of each type)!!
  7. If it has one of the aforementioned traits load the saved game from the beginning and start advancing straight to this region, so that you can take ownership asap.
  8. If it has NEITHER of those traits go back to point 1 (start a new game)!!!
    The Achievement is IMPOSSIBLE to get without one of those traits!!!

Once you made sure that the Nest Worm has the right trait, play a normal dune game while constantly advancing to the region.
It might help to have a peace treaty with the AI to focus entirely onto economy/expansion/research.
To get all boni and buildings you need the developments/research listed above.
While doing that you also need to get a Hegemony of 5000 so that you unlock the Experimental Alloy Furnace!

Required Village Buildings:

  • Refinery
  • Spice Silos (+20% Spice production)
  • Investment Office (+1 instance of the Village’s trait)
  • Experimental Alloy Furnace (+30% resource production of other Economy Buildings in the region)
  • LAST BUILDING, see following

The last building needs to be a military one if your Nest Worm has the “Versatile” trait!!!
If you have the “Ingenious Mind” you can simply add another economy building to boost the “Harvester Works” bonus from the capital.

Other Boni to add:

  • train the cheapest 6 Militia (3 + 1 Councilor + 2 Research); thanks to the Harkonnen trait you get “+5% Village resource production per active militia”
  • fill Harvester with 4 Crew
  • add Ornithopter support for the Harvester to get +5% Spice gathering rate (just simply rightclick with Ornithopter on the Harvester)
  • build the “Harvester Works” Building in the capital Carthag (+2% Harvesters gathering rate per Economy Building in their Village)

At this point you should easily have 125+ Spice income on the village overview.
So once you activate the Oppression skill, it will give you 250+ Spice income and therefore trigger the achievement.

I hope I could help some lost soul and wish you all happy achievement hunting! 😉

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