Dungeons 4 Maps: Gold, Diamond, Enemies and More)

Like the title says, Dungeon 4 maps with the gold/Diamond veins and enemies.



After I completed the game, I decided to use the Dungeons map editor to make an image of each map so I could have easy reference for gold and diamond veins. The editor also shows the enemy locations, as you can tell. It doesn’t always show the Dwarves, mainly spiders and the lava lumps.

The yellow areas (Not the gold veins already visible on map), obviously, will give you gold when mined out. The light blue areas are mana. I also haven’t marked off any potion areas or any artifacts you can find aside from 1 level I remember but if enough requests are made, I can go back and do that. Hope you all enjoy if you want to use the maps!

Lvl 2- Hammer Timer

Lvl 3 Hellwoods

Lvl 4 The Plains of Strothalm

Lvl 5 Bad Elves Go Everywhere

Lvl 6 Heroes Gorge

Lvl 7 The Ascent

The Chalice on the bottom right of the map is for the quest and will protect your creatures from the storm.

Lvl 8 The Big Eaty

Lvl 9 Like Son

Lvl 10 The Cathedral of Light

The Red circle you see is the artifact that keeps the horde happy no matter what. Right behind the room where you stock beer to blow up the Cathedral.

Lvl 11 Tanos’ Crusade Against Thalya

Lvl 12 All’s Well That Ends Evil

Lvl 13 The Duel

Lvl 14 If Looks Could Kill

Lvl 15 The Finitude Drill

Lvl 16 Doom Hill

Lvl 17 Raiders of the Lost Stone

Lvl 18 Rune Sockets of Finitude Part 1

Lvl 19 Rune Sockets of Finitude Part 2

Lvl 20 The Last Stand – This time For Real!

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