Dungeons of Aether: All Items List

A list of available items in the game as loot from chests, dropped from enemies, or found in the shop.

About The Guide

This guide will act as a resource for players to see what items are available as loot, what the item does, and how much the item costs/sells for in the shop. I’ll be adding in my own comments/opinions on certain items and how they synergize with certain characters, but feel free to make your own judgments.

Common and Rare quality items will drop from enemies like thieves, bandits, miners, and the map specific enemies. Rare and Epic quality items will drop from chests, boss enemies, and crystal ledges. Legendary quality items are found on the dungeon level map or in the mine vaults.

The character is able to hold 6 items in their inventory, equip 3 pieces of armor, and have 1 gem stone equipped to their weapon. You can also only equip one of each type of item, so no stacking bonuses for multiples of the same equipment. The bank holds 3 items, with an additional 2 slots for each upgrade, for a total of 7 slots. The shop will sell 4 items that change with each floor, and an additional item for each upgrade, for a total of 6 items. The quality of items also increases with each upgrade. In story mode, each character has a different shop list, and can swap items using the bank. In challenge mode, the bank retains items from the last previous run deposited into it.

Items will sell for half of their buy price, rounded up. When selling an item, you can buy back the item at the price it was sold. Equipped gems will always sell at half the sell price. You can buy back items from the shop as long as you do not leave the current floor.

This may not be an exhaustive list of all potential items, just the ones I’ve documented in my play time, and a few assumptions I’ve made.


Name – [Sell Price] – Quality

Amulet of Protection – [20g] – Rare
Grants one [2] Sta die at the start of the next turn after getting any stat decreased.
Useful against enemy trap skills that lower stats, but often doesn’t fully prevent the stat loses especially in later dungeon floors and against bosses.

Bandana of Chance – [15g] – Rare
Pay 2 Sta in exchange for a random [x] Sta die.
Useful when needing to use more than 2 stamina points for one stat in a turn, though in practice, I found that there’s a weighted average towards 1-3 numbered die. Extremely useful on Hamir, as he has no other way to spend Sta for stat points.

Brass Knuckles – [23g] – Rare
Grants a [2] Atk die at the start of the next turn after discarding an opponent’s die.
Only viable on Fleet and Artemis who can use it in combination with their Stun ability.

Crab’s Claw – [28g] – Rare
If the opponent used Sta this turn, grants 2 Sta at the beginning of the next turn.
Becomes useful in lower floors in dungeons especially when you start encountering enemies with Relentless passive abilities, and will use Sta liberally.

Cursed Mask – [20g] – Rare
Grants a [4] Acc die and a [1] Sta die at the start of the turn if HP is equal to 1.
Viable on all characters, with the drawback of having to play risky with 1 HP. Synergizes very well with Artemis, as she already has a play-style that centers around being at 1 HP.

Torch – [20g] – Rare
See opponent’s loot from the map.
Useful in challenge mode dungeons to determine if enemies have good loot, however useless in battle. Takes up at least 2 inventory slots if you plan to carry it and equip/unequip while on the map.

Shoppers Card – [15g] – Rare
Get lower prices at shops.
The discount is around 10%-15%. Can save you gold in the long run, but the opportunity cost of keeping it in the inventory is too high comparatively.

Spike Shield – [15g] – Rare
Grants a [6] Atk die on the next turn after receiving damage.
Only really viable with Artemis, as her play style centers around trading blows. Pair with Burn for a +12 point die advantage.

Viking Helm – [20g] – Rare
Grants a [2] Sta die at the start of the next turn after connecting and reducing opponent’s HP to 1.
Usable on all characters, nearly every enemy reaches 1 HP. Only activates once per battle, so overall value is low.

4-Leaf Clover – [25g] – Epic
Enemies and chests drop better loot.
Takes up an equipment slot space as a drawback, it’s useful when trying to find specific Epic quality items.

Armor – [28g] – Epic
Can’t receive more than 1 DMG per turn.
Decent against bosses and lower dungeon enemies, however seasoned players aim to not be hit at all. Viable on Artemis, as her Engage ability triggers this and prevents additional damage by the enemy.

Bracelet of Power – [25g] – Epic
Instantly grants 2 Sta after connecting a (7) Acc ability.
Extremely useful/required on Fleet, as it turns her Snipe ability into a crazy snowballing mechanic. Also useful on all other characters, lessening the cost of Hamir’s Quake and Artemis’ Engage.

Chef Apron – [30g] – Epic
Grants 1 extra Sta after using a food item.
Viable but the draw back of only being used once per battle, means this takes up an equipment slot for very little value.

Earthen Earrings – [28g] – Epic
Grants a [2] Sta if you have 2 or more [2] Sta die at the start of the turn.
Extremely viable with Fleet. Use with her passive ability and Focus, or her bonus dice from Snipe,
to snowball with this item. Can also be used on Artemis with Burn, or Hamir with Extend, adding more die stat points.

Goggles of Focus – [23g] – Epic
Grants a [2] Atk and [2] Acc at the start of battle.
Synergizes extremely well with Fleet + Earthen Earrings, allowing a quick dice advantage to snowball. Very useful on all characters, and provides large value for the equipment slot.

Hungry Skull – [28g] – Epic
Grants 2 Sta after dropping any item.
Niche and situational item. Items are only thrown when maxed inventory space, and recovering Sta in this manner is extremely inefficient. Use only as last resort.

Magic Mirror – [25g] – Epic
When you receive DMG, reflect 1 DMG to the opponent (once per battle).
Extremely useful for any character as a last ditch effort for damage. Synergizes extremely well with Artemis and Engage, as it will deal a total of 3 DMG, one-shoting nearly all regular enemies.

Magnet – [25g] – Epic
Enemies drop more gold.
From observation, the extra gold is 3-6 per battle. Very useful in the early game when gold is scarce, becomes obsolete the more gold is collected.

Monocle – [28g] – Epic
Grants a [2] Acc die on the next turn after using a Technique.
Extremely useful on all characters, additional accuracy points are needed by all characters.

Phoenix Feather – [28g] – Epic
Prevents lethal DMG once, then breaks.
Takes up an inventory slot, but acts as an additional HP point. Opportunity cost is high.

Pirate Hook – [25g] – Epic
Grants 5 gold after blocking or dodging.
Item was nerfed in challenge mode, as it can only generate gold if you are below 20 gold, and it can only be activated 3 times per battle in story mode. Only use in Story mode, as getting more than 20 gold in challenge mode happens very early.

Winged Boots – [20g] – Epic
Grants an [2] Spd die on the next turn after blocking or dodging.
Extremely useful, as avoiding damage is the most effective playstyle. Synergizes particularly well with Hamir, who needs the speed in order to Pivot properly, and Slade in order to activate Light-Footed.

Wizard Hat – [20g] – Epic
Grants one [2] Sta die if Sta is equal or lower than 2 at the start of the turn.
Situational item at best. Hamir and Artemis do not want to play with low stamina, and Fleet and Slade do not see much benefit in for having low stamina.

Energy Orb – [30g] – Legendary
Grants +1 to all non-drafted sta die.
Useful with Hamir’s Adaptive Armor, Fleet’s Hero’s Conviction, and Artemis’s Burn sta die. Unusually weak in comparison to other snowballing and die equipment for how rare it is. Does not work with draft die, but does work with potion die, and stolen die.

Medal of Valor – [30g] – Legendary
Grants +1 Sta for each defeated opponent.
For how rare it is, the value for the equipment slot is low. Not useful within battles, acts as a small recovery after battles.

Pan – [35g] – Legendary
Food items recover 1 HP in addition to effects.
Can only be activated once per battle. Situational, and the opportunity cost of both needing an equipment slot for the item and a food item to consume.

Ring of Attack – [30g] – Legendary
Grants a [2] Atk die on the next turn after connecting.
Solid equipment on all characters.


Name – [Sell Price] – Quality

Gem of Ember – [10g] – Rare
(on click) changes highest die draft to Atk type
Very useful when no Atk die are available in the draft, or to deny a die type to the enemy.

Gem of Lightning – [10g] – Rare
(on click) -1 to opponents Sta die
Situational. Useful against enemies that use Traps to gain sta die, but can only be used once per turn. I often forget I even have this gem ability.

Gem of Poison – [15g] – Epic
(on connect) causes double DMG but you receive double damage.
Very good for ending battles quickly, but is a double edged sword. Also has a very low durability, only lasting for about 5 or 6 attacks.

Gem of Smoke – [15g] – Epic
(auto) Opponent can’t draft Sta die
Very useful especially against late game bosses where sta die are more common. The sta die that the enemy is forced to draft are removed.

Gem of Wind – [15g] – Epic
(auto) Discards all opponents [1] die
Decent gem, but random if it’s impactful to the turn or not.

Gem of Frost – [20g] – Legendary
(on click) Freezes all dice still to be picked and ends the draft
Situational and not as useful as it sounds. Lower floors have enemies with higher stats, that require the full draft of dice. You also can not freeze the draft before the opponent draft’s their die, so you are often still on even ground.

Gem of Growth – [20g] – Legendary
(auto) Grants a random [x] Sta die at the start of each turn.
Free extra Sta die, no drawbacks at all. Extremely good.

Gem of Thorns – [20g] – Legendary
(auto) Acc die can be used as Sta Die
Excess Acc die points can be used in other stats, also extremely good with no drawbacks at all.

Food and Potions

Name – [Sell Price] – Quality

Peach – [5g] – Common
Grants 2 Sta

Apple/Fish – [6g] – Rare
Grants 3 Sta

Cheese – [10g] – Epic
Grants 4 Sta

Meat – [13g] – Legendary
Grants 6 Sta

You can give any food item to friendly miners in the dungeons for 20 gold. They are adorable when they are eating.

Bottle of Water – [3g] – Common
Grants one [1] Sta die
Empty bottles fill with water from the map automatically when stepping on a room with a stream.

Potion of Attack/Defense/Accuracy/Speed – [10g] – Common
Grants one [3] Atk/Def/Acc/Spd die

Potion of Might – [8g] – Common
Grants one [3] Sta die

Gr. Potion of Attack/Defense/Accuracy/Speed – [8g] – Rare
Grants one [6] Atk/Def/Acc/Spd die

Potion of Rage – [8g] – Rare
Grants three [1] Sta dice

Gr. Potion of Might – [10g] – Epic
Grants one [6] Sta die

Elixir of Attack/Defense/Accuracy/Speed – [10g] – Epic
Atk/Def/Acc/Spd x2 during the turn

Potion of Chaos – [12g] – Legendary
Grants 3 random [x] dice

You can give any potion or water to friendly miners in the dungeon for 20 gold. They are also adorable when they are drinking.


Name – [Sell Price] – Quality

Scroll of Dodge – [8g] – Rare
If you Speed is higher this turn, avoid contact damage.
Gives you the ability of those Topaz Stingers. Situational, but useful.

Scroll of Endurance – [8g] – Rare
Keep one of your die until next turn.
Useful for strong 5-6 Sta die.

Scroll of Equality – [8g] – Rare
Opponent’s dice are set to three
All dice, 1-6 are set to three, which on average does nothing or makes it worse for you. Extremely situational.

Scroll of Reprisal – [8g] – Rare
Your Attack is equal to your Defense for the turn.
Be aware, your Defense stat is copied into the Attack stat. Situational when no attack dice in draft.

Scroll of Haste – [10g] – Epic
Simultaneously pick your whole draft
Situational for when the dice draft is favorable. Does not override enemy passive Commander ability.

Scroll of Courage – [13g] – Legendary
All your dice become Sta dice.
For a late game scroll, not too powerful as enemy stats are overwhelmingly high. Situational.

Scroll of Discord – [13g] – Legendary
Relocate all your opponent’s dice
Extremely powerful at disrupting the enemy stat calculations.

One-time Use and Utility Items

Name – [Sell Price] – Quality

Bottle – [2g] – Common
What remains after drinking a potion.
Can be filled with water to make a bottle of water.

Smokebomb – [5g] – Common
Escape from a fight (enemy remains)
Useful for bypassing an enemy to get to a chest, stair, or elevator.

Geode – [15g] – Rare
Maybe someone can break it?
Give to the rock breaker in the caves. Typically contains Gems or Equipment.

Golden Watch – [15g] – Rare
Sell for Gold
Only for selling.

Grindstone – [15g] – Rare
Restores a Gem’s durability
Restores to full. Useful for good gems, don’t bother with bad ones.

Lockpick – [10g] – Rare
Opens any chest
More useful at later chests when it gets harder to open them, but useless at early levels.

Shuriken – [10g] – Rare
Discards and opponent’s die.
Can really turn a battle around. Just hard to come across.

Bandage – [25g] – Epic
Recover all your HP (once per battle)
Very useful and one of the only ways to self heal.

Boomerang – [13g] – Epic
Steal opponent’s die
A stronger and better shuriken.

Throwing Knife – [15g] – Epic
Inflict 1 DMG to the opponent.
Straightforward and powerful.

Pearl – [25g] – Legendary
It seeks a home…
Take to a clam in the oasis to create an amsidian.

Amsidian – [35g] – Legendary
Grants 10 Sta
Used to upgrade the shops in town. Fills Stamina stat to full. There is an achievement in story mode where the objective is to not use any amsidan for upgrading shops or filling your stamina. You can still sell it and get the achievement. On the final boss in Story Mode, you can give an amsidian during the Tempt phase, and it will reward the hidden achievement and remove all dice from the boss.

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