Dyson Sphere Program: Auto Hotkey Rebind (WASD to ESDF)

A Gruide (or more like a script) to use Auto hotkey to rebind the E key, so it’s possible to use ESDF for movement


I made this code due to a longer time waiting for the developers to make ‘E’ rebindable.
More about the discussion can be found hereThis code will do 3 things:
1) remap WASD to ESDF
2) remap F (fabricator) to Tab
3) make sure Alt+tab still works

Change WASD to ESDF in auto hotkey

Do the following:
– Download and install Auto hotkey (open source) (i will not link anything here. Find it via google)
– Rightclick in a folder on your computer
– New -> Create auto hotkey script
– Paste in the following code bellow the already written code:
#IfWinActive ahk_exe DSPGAME.exe
KeyIsDown := GetKeyState(Alt , Mode)
if (KeyIsDown) {
  Send, Tab
  Sleep 10
} else {
  Send, f
  Sleep 10

–If you don’t want to move the fabricator to Tab, but instead keep it at ‘A’, remove everthing from “a::Tab” to the end, and instead write “a::f”
– Save and run the script
– Success!

By Konrad

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