EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: How to Fix Game Stuck on Name Entry (Steam Deck)

A guide for people stuck at the “Name Entry” menu when trying to start/rename an EDF 4.1 save on Deck! TL;DR Bind one of the Back Grip buttons to “Enter” and use that after typing in your name.

The Problem

You’re here, you’re ready to play, you’ve punched out your name, and… you can’t do anything else. You press every button, switch to a different controller configuration template… you’re at the end of your rope. Suddenly, inspiration! Like a flash of lightning across a dark expanse, a solution lights up your world.

The Solution

Step 1:
Choose the method that suits you.

METHOD A: If you’re doing this from in-game, go ahead and hit the Steam button. You’ll see this:

Navigate to controller settings and hit “A”.

Now go to Step 2.

METHOD B: If you’re doing this with the game closed, open the game’s profile in your library and select the controller config button highlighted in blue here:

Now go to Step 2.

Step 2:
Whichever method you used, you’ll now see this menu:

Go down to “Quick Settings” and make sure Back Grip Buttons are enabled. Select “Add command” next to one of the buttons.

Navigate over to “Keyboard” and select the enter key. Remember that L4 and R4 correspond to the higher Back Grip Buttons and L5 and R5 correspond to the lower Back Grip Buttons.

Step 3:
Navigate over to the “Name Entry” menu, enter the name that pleases you, and hit the Back Grip Button you bound “Enter” to. You should now see the end to your endless frustrations:

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