Eden’s Last Sunrise: Beginners Guide

Feeling confused? This guide might just help alleviate some of the growing pains



Eden’s Last Sunrise is a complicated game in a complicated genre. Here’s a quick guide to get you started on the path to victory!

This is still a work-in-progress, so bear with me as I add to it over time!

Class Roles

I find it easier to divide classes between four general roles:
Fighters – DPS, usually high EVA
Tanks – High HP, usually comes with a Lure ability
Mages – ELEM DPS, usually low HP
Supports – Buff/Debuffs or healing, usually average statsCheck this guide out for a more detailed look at each class’s abilities.

 Agent – Fighter – Mobility and pistols. Works best when in cover.

 Ascetic – Mage – Barehanded, versatile magic. Can use all elements and summon an astral ally.

 Bloodthrob – Fighter/Tank – High-risk DPS tank. The lower their HP, the more damage

 Bodyguard – Tank – Pure HP tank. Specializes in regenerating HP.

 Challenger – Tank – Absorption tank. The more damage they take, the more damage they deal by stacking Kinetic.

 Demolitionist – Fighter – AoE explosive expert. Spreads Havoc tiles.

 Enforcer – Support/Tank – Evasive tank. Specializes in debuffing EVA and being evasive themselves.

 Engineer – Tank – Anti-Mage tank. Builds objects, such as turrets.

 Flightblade – Fighter – Anti-mage rogue. Avoids enemies and disables SP classes.

 Geneticist – Support – Debuffer. Can buff and debuff allies and enemies in many ways.

 Gravbender – Mage – Close-range Energy caster. High vertical mobility and PBAoE attacks.

 Journeyman – Support – Jack-of-all-trades. Debuffs Heat/Cold RES. Deploys a buff zone.

 Medic – Support – Pure healer. Can also debuff enemies.

 Miasmatist – Mage – BIO caster. Debuffs Energy/Bio. Inflicts Sick.

 Neophyte – N/A – Filler class. Swap off of it as soon as possible.

 Steelmage – Tank/Mage – COLD magic tank. Stacks Icebound to debuff and inflict greater damage.

 Sunspell – Mage – Glass cannon, but great magic damage.

 Tactician – Support/Fighter – Long range sniper with support skills.

Unit Stats Glossary

 HP – Hit Points – The amount of damage before a unit is defeated. Use healing to keep it topped up. Pain will damage it per turn.
 SP – Special Points – Lets you use various skills. Without it, you cannot use these skills. Sick will damage it per turn.
 SPD – Speed – Dictates the turn order of the unit. Bigger SPD means their turn comes up sooner. >60 is considered high.
 EVA – Evasion – Chance to dodge an attack. Negative EVA means greater chance to be hit. >30 is considered high.
 MOV – Movement – The amount of tiles an unit can move. ~4.5 is average.
 JMP- Jump – How high a unit can traverse a height. 7 is average.Combat Skills:

Resistances (RES):
Reduces damage taken by an attack Positive RES means less damage taken (capped at 200). Negative RES means more damage taken (capped at -50)

 Impact – Can be debuffed by Engineer  and Tactician 
 Slash – Can be debuffed by Engineer  and Tactician 

 Heat – Can be debuffed by Journeyman 
 Cold – Can be debuffed by Journeyman 
 Energy – Can be debuffed by Miasmatist 
 Bio – Can be debuffed by Miasmatist 

Quick Class Stats

 Best HP: Bodyguard , Challenger, Steelmage 
 Best SP: Gravbender, Steelmage , Ascetic 
 Best SPD: Ascetic 
 Best EVA: Flightblade , Enforcer 
 Best MOV: Agent , Ascetic 
 Best JMP: Gravbender , Tactician 
 Best Melee Skill: Bloodthrob 
 Best Gun Skill: Tactician 
 Best Magic Skill: Ascetic , Gravbender , Sunspell 
 Best Throw Skill: Demolitionist 

Status Effects Glossary

Pain: -15% HP lost on turn start. Cannot eliminate a unit.
Sick: -10% SP + -10% total SP lost on turn start. -25% Magic accuracy
Stun: Lose -2 AP on turn start (-1 on expert). -EVA penalty. Removed when taking damage.
Blind: -25% Melee, Gun, Throw accuracy
Nausea: -50% healing received
Disable: Unable to use skills that cost SP or Tension
Regen: Regen % of HP per turn
Refresh: Regen % of SP per turn
Lure: Enemies more likely to attack target
Repel: Enemies more likely to ignore target

Tile Effects

 Havoc – Demolitionist: Fire damage, -MOV on tile, reduced cover bonuses

 Freeze – Steelmage: Cold damage, 1 Icebound, -1 MOV

 Shock – Gravbender: Energy damage, -5 JMP, -10 SPD, -10 EVA

 Miasma – Miasmatist: Bio damage, nausea, -30 Bio res

Abilities Overview

 Active: A class’s attacks, heals, debuffs, summons, and whatnot. These are the only abilities subclasses can use (aside from Reactions and Bonuses).

 Reactions: Abilities that activate upon being attacked. Can be used on other classes.

 Innate: Passive abilities that serve as a class-defining trait.

 Uniques: Aka Tension abilities. Abilities that can be used when reaching 50, 75, and 100 Tension.

 Bonus: Passive abilities. Can be used on other classes.

 Adept: Passive abilities that serve as a class gamechanger. Unlocked after purchasing 10 class skills.

Weapon Unlock Skills

 1H Melee: Scrappy Fighter, Journeyman 

 2H Melee: That’s A Knife, Bloodthrob 

 1H Gun: Arms Master, Agent 

 2H Gun: Peace Through Force, Tactician 

 Dynamo Gun: Handle With Care, Engineer 

 1H Focus: Jewel Master, Sunspell 

 2H Focus: Big Bang, Steelmage 

 Flasks: Trained Chemist, Miasmatist 

 Missiles: Knife Person, Flightblade 

 Grenades: Grenadier, Demolitionist 

Random Tips

This section will be dedicated to just random facts you should know or might find helpful. More tips will be added over time.

  • The advisors on the map screen can give useful tips. You can cycle through them by clicking the speech bubble.
  • You can undo moves, so long as you don’t stop on a pickup or perform an action. Useful for when you’re trying to get in range, but don’t know how close you need to be.
  • Even if you don’t want or plan on using custom recruits, you should make a few anyway. Customs can be used for Dispatch fodder so the main cast doesn’t have to be preoccupied. Your first custom will also give you a load of starter gear which may help early game.
  • You’ll struggle with weapons for a while, but hang in there. You’ll be swimming in weapons by the end of this. Keep an eye out for Battles and Dispatches that give weapons as rewards.
  • Even if you don’t care about a certain character, you should do their Social Scenes anyway since they’ll give you gear, and unlock a new ability. Hey, you might even end up liking them?
  • Yes, 85% shots can miss.
  • Don’t bother upgrading the starter weapons; they can only be upgraded to level 3. Power through and save your money for upgrading the weapons you get later that can go up to level 5.
  • Consumables are refreshed after every battle; they are not one-time use. Level a Journeyman if you really like using Consumables!
  • Bring a healer every fight or you’ll regret it. Healers include: Medic, Geneticist, Journeyman, Miasmatist
  • Training is a quick and easy way to level up skills, which are needed to unlock classes and perform better at Dispatch missions. Boot Camp is used to level up lower level units in your roster.
  • No matter how much you try, you cannot rotate the camera.
  • Continuously click the XL or XS buttons on the custom character screen for a surprise.
  • Tile effects do not stack and will overwrite one another (ie Can’t stack Freeze with Havoc. It has to be one or the other).
  • Summonable guest units such as the Drone, Wisp, Ally can serve as great distractions when outnumbered.
  • The ranged Close Quarters penalty only applies when within 2 tiles of the unit. Standing 3 tiles away should be optimal.
  • Status effects stack, so long as they’re from different sources. (ie: Inflicting Pain from two Concentrated Shots won’t work, but Fire Strike will stack with Concentrated Shot’s Pain DoT)
  • Both the main class and subclass will earn Mastery, but the subclass earns it slightly slower.
  • Unlocking a class will give you complimentary Mastery to help you get started with it, depending on what level the character is. The cap is 1000 free Mastery at level 20
  • Attacking from the side or back inflicts greater damage and accuracy. Be sure to protect your back and sides as well!
  • Be sure to face enemies after ending your turn to make it harder for them to attack from the side or back.
  • The Pain status effect and tile effects cannot eliminate a unit. They will be left with 1 HP.
  • You don’t have to spend all your AP every turn. Ending your turn with some left will give a boost to the unit’s turn order, letting them act sooner.
  • You can’t back out if you choose to End Turn+Defend. Be sure you’re committed before you select
  • Buying all 18 abilities for a class will give them 1 additional AP, giving them 7/8 AP in total. Buying all subclass abilities will not grant another AP.
  • A Reaction icon blinking yellow above an enemy indicates that attack will trigger their Reaction. If it blinks red, then their Reaction will kill your unit. (Provided the enemy survives the attack)
  • Everyone gains equal rewards from Battles and Dispatches, no matter how well they perform. Don’t worry about ‘grinding kills’ on certain squadmates; everyone is rewarded the same.

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