Edge Of Eternity: Crystals Guide (All You Should Know)

Description of grades of crystals, what stat bonuses and spells they give, and how to upgrade them.



I. Grades of crystals, overview
II. Stat bonuses
III. Spell availability
IV. Crystal upgrading guide

I. Grades of Crystals, Overview

There are five crystal grades in the game:

Gemstone /
Shining Shard *
Power Stone,
Lesser **
Power Stone,
Greater **
Apex Stone

* In the very beginning of the game you might come across a few crystals called “Shining Shards”. Apart form the name, I found no difference between Shining Shards and Gemstones, therefore in this guide they are treated as the same grade, under the common name of Gemstones.

** There are two grades of Power Stones, a weaker and a stronger. They have the same name and same picture, but they are clearly different, because of their stats, and because they are not compatible with each other, when you try merging them. The qualifiers “Lesser” and “Greater”, as well as the little up and down arrows in the corners, are my own inventions, which were added only for the purpose of this guide.

II. Stat bonuses

The stat bonus numbers depend only on the level (e.g. +5) and grade of the crystal, so the same numbers apply to all colors. The numbers reported here are the results of long experiments. It’s possible that once in a leap year you can get higher or lower bonuses.

1. Gemstone

• Stat bonus: +1

When upgraded to Gemstone +5

• Stat bonus: +2 to +3

2. Superior Gemstone

• Stat bonus: +3 to +5

When upgraded to Superior Gemstone +5:

• Stat bonus: +4 to +7

3. Power Stone, Lesser

• Stat bonus: +5 to +8

When upgraded to Power Stone +5, Lesser

• Stat bonus: +7 to +11

4. Power Stone, Greater

• Stat bonus: +9 to +13

When upgraded to Power Stone +5, Greater:

• Stat bonus: +10 to +16

5. Apex Stone

• Stat bonus: +12 to +20

When upgraded to Apex Stone +5:

• Stat bonus: +14 to +23

III. Spell availability

The ? marks mean that I was not able to keep Myrna in the party long enough to learn about these.

IV. Crystal upgrading guide

In each bigger settlement you will find a workbench where crystals can be upgraded. (Actually, grades do not change, so maybe ‘leveling up’ would be a more correct term. But ‘upgrading’ sounds better.) The workbench is indicated by a yellow icon with a crystal and a wrench.

You can add up to 5 crystals to the input (left) side, and merge them to get the output (right) side.

  • The Shuffle button in the right side rerolls all the attributes and spells of the output crystal. If you are a maximalist, then be prepared to spend half of the play time with rerolling crystal attributes.
  • The range of stat bonuses is determined by the grade of the output crystal. See Section II. for details.
  • The pool of spells is determined by the color and grade of the output crystal. See Section III. for details. The number of spells, and which spells they are, is random.
  • The color of the first input crystal determines the color of the output. The colors of the rest of the input crystals are irrelevant.
  • The input crystal of the highest grade determines the grade of the output. For example:
    • only Gemstones added -> Gemstone will be created
    • Gemstone + Apex Stone (in any order) -> Apex Stone will be created
    • Gemstone + Superior Gemstone + Power Stone + Apex Stone (in any order)-> Apex Stone will be created.
  • Merging 2/3/4/5 pieces of crystals of the same grade will result in a level +2/+3/+4/+5 crystal of the same grade. E.g., as in the above picture, merging five normal Gemstones will get you a Gemstone +5


Tricks and Tips:
  • As a consequence of the rules: If you are not satisfied with the color and/or the current stats of an Apex Stone +5, it’s not necessary to sacrifice another Apex Stone to change them. Just merge a normal Gemstone with the +5 Apex, and you are good to go. In order to change the color, place the Gemstone (of the desired color) into the first input position.
  • If you do the upgrade in 2 steps, you can get to level +5 by using only 4 crystals. For example, create a level +2 stone first, then by adding 2 more you will get level +5
  • The same principle applies when you start with a level +1 crystal. (These ones cannot be created by upgrading, but sometimes you find them in chests or monster drops.) Merge a normal stone with the level +1 one, to get level +3. Then, in a separate step, merge the +3 with another normal stone, to get level +5.
  • Power Stone, Lesser grade crystals can be upgraded with Superior Gemstones of at least level +3. This is the only crossbreeding possibility that I found between the different crystal grades. Might come in handy when you first visit Tyr Caelum.
  • In the PC version of the game, you can use the left/right arrow keys to navigate between the pages of crystals. Just let go of the mouse while you are doing that.
  • Don’t recycle (all of) your lower grade stones. You never know when you might need them for recoloring or restatting a higher grade one.

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