Encased: How to Take Relic Triskele. Prologue

Here is a simple guide on how to get Relic Triskele. Prologue.


How to take relic Triskele in prologue on base Nashwill

Artifact gives u +3 mas OD +3 saved OD +3 Iniciative

You can find parts in prologue on base Haswill? it contains 3 parts
1) on 1st floor, in armor room in safe near exo
2) in ventilation grill on same floor, first come to the grill that messenge you about steps, use, then follow steps to next, on 4 ventilation u will take choise dialog – i take sneaking.
3) on 2 floor(living sector) in conor medicine room i broken toilet – use it, u get 3d part

Scan parts in inventory for exp and points

Press CRAFT(J) and craft relic

By Lonely Fatalist

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